“Dark Man in the White House”… This is my first post on WordPress. It is a fact-finding, critical article on President Obama. I hope you enjoy it…

The Dark Man in the White House

There is a single episode in the first days of his Presidency that speaks volumes about the true agenda of Barack Obama. When Obama occupied the Oval Office, he noticed there a bust of Winston Churchill, which upset him greatly. The bust was presented by Prime Minister Tony Blair as a symbol of solidarity between our countries following the attacks of 9/11/2001. In an incredible snub and insult to the British, Obama contacted British officials and insisted that they take back the bust. Somewhat shocked, Prime Minister Gordon Brown advised the President that doing so would make the President look bad, embarrass the British, and be perceived as an insult. He suggested that Obama could display it in another room. Obama said no, and demanded that they take it back. Highly annoyed, the British took the bust back and put it in the residence of the British Ambassador in Washington.

partially from Dinesh D’Souza, The Roots Of Obama’s Rage (2010)

You should now be wondering: why would Obama object to a bust of Winston Churchill? Churchill is one of the most famous leaders in the world, who rallied his country to repel Nazi attack and was instrumental in winning World War II, liberating Europe from murderous tyranny. But none of that matters to President Obama, who sees Churchill as an evil colonial oppressor. Churchill said he did not want to be the Prime Minister who saw the end of the British Empire. Churchill also violently put down the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950’s in Kenya, Obama’s second country by his father’s heritage. The Mau Mau rebels massacred European families by hacking them to pieces with machetes, among other violence. The British Army was somewhat harsh in their response, declaring martial law and putting over a million Kenyans in detention camps. Obama’s father and grandfather were jailed as suspected sympathizers, and the grandfather was allegedly tortured in some way. Therefore President Obama holds a blood grudge against the leaders of England today, from three generations ago. But as we shall see, his smoldering grudge is much larger and deeper than that, spanning entire cultures, continents, and centuries.

President Barack Hussein Obama is a dark man, but not because of his skin color. I would not be writing this warning if Colin Powell were in the White House, or Condoleeza Rice, or Clarence Thomas, or any of several other prominent blacks in the country. He is a dark man because of his disturbing past and his hidden agenda, which is only now coming to light.

Obama’s bias against England is not limited to condemning Churchill. He has snubbed the British in other ways as well. He has also snubbed the French government and the Israeli government. He was extremely hostile to BP during the Gulf Oil spill of 2010, with more to come as federal lawsuits will probably destroy the company, perhaps rightly so if they are found negligent. But Obama made it a point to call them “British Petroleum”, even though the company long ago changed its official name to BP. He wanted to be sure to link this disaster to the British in the minds of his listeners.

Another example….. in recent days, it was revealed that Obama agreed to give Russia the serial numbers of all the nuclear-capable Trident missiles that America has supplied to England, without the knowledge or permission of the British. Obama asked England in 2009 for permission to supply Russia with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. The UK refused permission, but the US then agreed to give Russia all the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transfers to Britain. Therefore, Obama could rationalize that he did not give performance data, but merely gave serial numbers, so what could be the harm in that? This type of reasoning is typical for psychopaths, but not for presidents.  This exposes Obama’s basic lack of ethics, to say the least. I would go further to say he betrayed a close ally, and  committed treason to his own country at the same time. His request for permission was a farce. He hoped the British would be foolish enough to say yes, but when they wisely said no, he did it anyway.  This is outrageous, and it has got to be against some law. I know it is against military regulations. The President has the highest security clearance, but he should not have the authority to disclose such top secret information to other countries. This damages the national security of England, and damages the collective security of NATO countries. How nice for Russia….. the American president gives them above-top-secret information that their spies in the US and Britain would probably never have been able to steal.  If any military officer had done this, he would be thrown in prison! For details, here is a link to another WordPress blog that covered the story http://texan2driver.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/obama-gives-away-our-security-and-great-britains/ Apparently, the original source was Wikileaks, which is causing damage in all directions by exposing national secrets and should be shut down. Obama now shows us that he is no better than Wikileaks, and he should be shut down too. No telling what other secrets he is giving away to our potential enemies.

Obama has a bias against Europe in general. After working as a community organizer for 3 years in Chicago, he toured Europe for about 3 weeks in 1988, on his way to visit his father’s family in Kenya. But he was not impressed. In Dreams from My Father he wrote: “By the end of the first week or so, I realized that I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t that Europe wasn’t beautiful; everything was just as I’d imagined it. It just wasn’t mine.” It wasn’t his? As fair-minded observers, we may rightfully inquire: WHY NOT? His mother and all her family are white, of mostly English descent, also Irish and German. So he has just as much European heritage as African heritage. With all his talk of equality and togetherness, he should embrace them both equally, should he not? He rejects his European heritage because his head was filled from childhood through college with anti-European, anti-American, anti-colonial, anti-imperial doctrine from family, friends, and teachers, and he agrees with it. He sees Europe as the original source of colonial exploitation of the world, so Obama looks down on the leaders of Europe and snubs them. He forgets that Europe is also the original source of democracy and individual freedom, from Athens to the Magna Carta to the French Revolution to parliamentary government, which it has spread throughout the world, including its former colonies.

President Obama should heed the advice of Mahatma Gandhi, who won independence for India from the British Empire, who said “we have come a long way with the British….. when they leave, we should part as friends.” Gandhi had great wisdom, but Obama is continuing to show us that he has nothing but contempt for the British.

But when Obama deals with the heads of non-European countries, most of them dictators, he treats them with extreme honor, bowing low to the King of Saudi Arabia, giving a passionate pro-Muslim speech in Cairo, looking the other way when Iranian blood flows in the streets of Iran, and accepting an anti-American book from the Venezulean dictator Hugo Chavez. Obama is an angry man, and he is angry at his own country, which he describes in The Audacity of Hope as having an “imperialist culture.” He hides this anger well, but it is the source of his dark agenda. How many other Americans think of our country as “imperialist”? Do you? I do not. America has its faults, but it is by far the greatest country in the history of planet Earth, and it is not “imperialist.” America liberates countries, we do not colonize them, with the closest historical exception being the Phillipines. The Phillipine Islands were actually colonized and ruled by Spain. America fought Spain, took over control of the Phillipines, and then granted it independence at the end of Word War II, three generations ago. When we won World War II, we could have colonized Germany, Italy, Japan, and all the countries they had invaded and colonized. Instead, we helped them rebuild their infrastructures and their governments, making sure only that those governments were peaceful representative democracies. That projection of American power and influence worked out rather well… Germany and Japan became strong democracies with thriving economies, thanks to us. America liberates countries from tyranny and gives their people freedom, gives them the ability to shape their own destiny again. But incredibly, our president thinks that America is “imperialist,” and as a concerned American citizen, I strongly object to this.

Obama’s adoring throng of supporters still see him as a white knight, taking the reins of America to lead us to a bright, shining peaceful future. They have been seriously hoodwinked, and they are not following these latest revelations. But Barack Obama has puzzled many of his supporters as well as his opponents. The campaigning Obama wore a delightful mask of Hope and Change, and put on colorful costumes of different character traits, just as easily as actors change their roles and costumes from one movie to another. For example, in Selma, Alabama, on Martin Luther King Day, he slipped into a southern Black language and persona, to make himself one with the southern Black voters (and told a string of lies to them as well). But this is a guise, or disguise, that Obama avoids most of the time. Normally, he talks with no accent and with sophisticated language, highly articulate, to get the support of the much larger white voting block, as his own Vice-President Biden observed during the Democratic primaries. This is just one small example of how Obama had to lie about himself, keep much of his past hidden, and misrepresent himself, in order to get elected.

When elected, he morphed into almost a different Barack Obama as President. The healer of wounds, the centrist, bipartisan, let’s-work-together, “can’t we all just get along” candidate  Obama was replaced by a stern, detached, vengeful, even menacing President Obama. He appointed extreme liberals and Radicals to his administration, many of them tax cheats, socialists and Marxist sympathizers, with no intention of compromising on issues of race, welfare, health care, taxes, fighting terrorism and other major policies. They have ignored many polls that showed the majority of the American people did not support their policies. They arrogantly pressed on, until they were defeated by proxy in the 2010 elections. President Obama led their partisan war against the will of the majority, and the majority rejected him by voting Democrats out. To many, Obama is deeply disturbing, sinister, and even racist. He and his black attorney general, Eric Holder, are quick to overlook or minimize the crimes and mistakes of black people. Obama has triggered alarms in thoughtful people on all sides of politics. He has written two books about himself: Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. Researchers have read these books and then dug further into Obama’s past, to try to understand his views, his beliefs, his philosophy.

It seems there is one main obsessive theme in Obama’s life, and that is helping the poor against the rich, helping the powerless against the powerful, helping the “have-nots” in their struggle against the “haves” (which is standard Radical/Alinsky/Marxist language). This could be seen as a noble cause, though it is based more in fantasy than reality.

He sees this as a global fight, with America in the wrong, and it affects almost everything he does and says. He sees America as the inheritor of European colonial evils, with us wrongly disrupting or invading many countries as the Europeans did. He thinks that America uses far too much of the world’s natural resources. He sees America as the most powerful bastion of the rich, who use their money and power to exploit and bully the rest of the world. Thus he is hostile to his own country in many ways. There are two main elements to Obama’s development of this anti-rich, anti-European, anti-Caucasian, anti-colonial theme, which support each other as nimbly as one hand supports the other.

First,  Barack Obama is a dark man because he is on what could be called the “Dark Side” of liberalism, beyond liberal or progressive doctrine. In Chicago, he was exposed to the unethical teachings of Saul Alinsky, perhaps the most important writer and trainer for the Radical movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Obama is a Radical himself, and a Marxist in some ways, who dismisses ethics and will use unethical means to achieve his sacred, ethical ends. He is a prolific liar, with many lies from his books and speeches being exposed now. He never met Saul Alinsky (Obama was 11 years old when Alinsky died), but he learned of Alinsky’s radical teachings when he moved to Chicago, taught them to others as a “community organizer” in Chicago, and used Alinsky’s unethical deceptive tactics, such as lying and misrepresenting oneself, which fueled Obama’s quick rise to political power. His rapid rise to power marks a dangerous shift in the American liberal left, a shift from ethical Liberal to unethical Radical. Traditional Liberals are ethical people who tell the truth, do not misrepresent themselves, and do not seek to destroy their political opponents. A Radical is an unethical person who lies freely and skillfully, misrepresents everything, and seeks to destroy his or her opponents by any means necessary (see the next blog for more discussion of this). It could be said that all politicians lie, but Obama takes lying to new highs, or lows. He is far more deceptive than Bill Clinton, who became known as “Slick Willie” and who was impeached and dis-barred from practicing law for his lies. Obama must lie because his Radical agenda means the weakening of America’s role in the world, the regulation of every aspect of our lives, the raising of taxes, the confiscation and redistribution of America’s wealth, and the destruction of every American’s capacity to generate “excessive” wealth, so he cannot be honest about that.

The second element of Obama’s dark character is his adherence to an anti-Western, anti-American doctrine that he learned in the dysfunctional family of his youth, and that was nurtured in his adulthood by various mentors, which has its roots in the colonial exploitation of Africa by Western powers in previous generations. Obama was poisoned by the extreme anti-Western, anti-American prejudices of his mother, his father, his stepfather, his grandfathers, his professors, and his “carefully chosen friends.” If you want to learn the details of this poisoning, then you should read The Roots Of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza (2010). But let me forewarn you….. if you read this book and give it a fair hearing, you will never see President Obama in a favorable light again, and you will be very afraid for the future of our country. First, you will begin to question, and then you will find the answers to this question: Who is the real man behind the mask of Hope and Change?

Obama was born in 1961. I don’t know where he was born, and I don’t really care.  I do know and care that a US Army Lt. Colonel, Terry Lakin, has sacrificed his career to find out where Obama was born, by refusing to deploy overseas. He was tried by court-martial in December 2010, and found guilty. He is now serving 6 months in prison, stripped of all rank and benefits.  He probably sacrificed himself for nothing, because his court-martial was an outrageous sham. He and his counsel were denied legal discovery, denied subpoena power, denied any witnesses, and no new information was forced out, concerning Obama’s birthplace. If Obama had any integrity on this issue, he should give LTC Terry Lakin a Presidential pardon now, and release his long-form birth certificate to the public.  I have seen photos of birth certificates from both Hawaii and Kenya. Both of them look authentic. One of them is a vicious lie, but I do not know which one. Researchers have been blocked in both Hawaii and Kenya. As a practical concern, it does not matter to me where Obama was born.  What really matters is  how he was raised. And we do know how he was raised, partially from his own books.

Obama had an extreme liberal American white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan Muslim-turned-atheist father, Barack Obama, who met each other in a Russian language class in Hawaii and, no doubt, discovered that they shared an anti-Western bias. They married in Hawaii, although his father already had a wife and two children in Kenya, a fact he did not disclose to Obama’s mother. This did not bode well for the marriage, nor did the father’s alcoholism, nor did the father’s departure a year later to attend Harvard University. Young Barry Obama spent his infancy mostly without a father, then gained a Muslim stepfather when his mother married an Indonesian man in Hawaii in 1964. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was recalled back to Indonesia in 1967, taking his new family with him. Obama then spent 4 years in a Catholic elementary school in a Muslim country (Indonesia), and was there exposed to a Muslim culture that generally criticized and condemned America. His Indonesian stepfather was initially anti-Western and therefore anti-American, in harmony with Obama’s mother. But after moving to a nicer area of Jakarta, with more Europeans, Lolo became more pro-Western, befriending his neighbors, which upset Obama’s mother, who was an extreme liberal. In his book, Obama describes fights between his mother and Lolo, with her accusing him of being a “sellout” and Lolo pleading that there was nothing wrong with hanging out with white people because “these were her own people.” Obama writes that “my mother’s voice would rise to almost a shout: They are NOT my people!”

Obama’s mother then sent him back to Hawaii to live with his maternal white grandparents, who took the active roles of mother and father. Stanley Ann Dunham soon divorced Lolo in 1972, but stayed in Indonesia to do anthropological work. Incredibly, she never returned to Hawaii to raise her young son, though she visited a few times. She basically abandoned her son to be raised by her father and his wife.

The grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was liberal and perhaps anti-American to some degree. He thought his young grandson needed a black mentor and role model….. how sensitive and considerate of him. So he looked around and found Frank Marshall Davis, a former active member of the Communist Party, who moved to Hawaii because he found the American mainland to be too racist. Davis also wrote a hard-core pornographic novel. Dunham took Obama on regular visits to Davis’s shack. Dunham and Davis found common ground in that they were both raised in Kansas. The two men would drink and play Scrabble, and little Barry Obama would sit alongside and listen to Davis’s communist rants and racist ravings against America. Davis would sometimes lecture Obama when the grandfather was not present (paraphrased from The Roots of Obama’s Rage).

As we can see from the above highlights, Obama was raised in a highly dysfunctional family and was deprived of an active father. His father left when he was 1 year old, and divorced his mother when Obama was 3 years old. But his mother had constantly praised the father, which led young Obama to idolize his absent father. Then the father came to visit him in Hawaii when he was 10 years old. Before his father’s unexpected visit, Obama tells us of the lies he told in his own book titled  “Dreams from My Father”, published in 2004:

“I explained to a group of boys that my father was a prince. ‘My grandfather, see, he’s a chief. It’s sort of like the king of the tribe, you know… like the Indians. So that makes my father a prince. He’ll take over when my grandfather dies.” When the boys asked him if he was next in line, Obama responded, “Well.. if I want to, I could. It’s sort of complicated, see, ‘cause the tribe is full of warriors. Like Obama… the name means Burning Spear. The men in our tribe all want to be chief, so my father has to settle these feuds before I can come.”

Which was all a pack of lies, including the Burning Spear. Then Obama’s lies were in danger of being exposed. When one of Obama’s teachers, Miss Hefty, learned that Obama Sr. was coming to visit, she invited him to come and speak about Africa to the class. The prospect filled the son with dread: “I spent that night and all of the next day trying to suppress thoughts of the inevitable: the faces of my classmates when they heard about mud huts, all my lies exposed, the painful jokes afterward. Each time I remembered, my body squirmed as if it had received a jolt to the nerves.”

However, the young squirming Obama’s fears proved groundless. His father arrived at the school and delivered an impressive speech to the class. He spoke of the wild animals that still roamed the plains, the tribes that still required a young boy to kill a lion to prove his manhood. He spoke of Kenya’s struggle to be free, how the British had wanted to stay and unjustly rule the people, just as they had in America; how many had been enslaved only because of the color of their skin, just as they had in America; but the Kenyans, like all of us in the room, longed to be free and develop themselves through hard work and sacrifice.

So young Obama dodged a bullet. His father did not say anything to expose his lies to his classmates. The students and teachers alike were highly impressed with his father. Obama himself was completely enchanted by the persuasive speaking skills of his father. Also, he suffered no penalties for his lies, which may have set him on the path to Radicalism and many lies in his adult life, his campaign and Presidency. Many of these lies are documented in The Roots of Obama’s Rage. The senior Obama returned to Kenya, and resumed his pathetic life as a polygamist with more than one wife, alcoholic, minor government official and socialist/anti-colonialist writer. He was an extreme alcoholic, and had several car crashes in Kenya, killing at least one other person. One drunk car crash deprived him of his legs, and his final drunk car crash killed him in 1982.

Obama’s idealistic worship of his father, spurred on by the adoring worship of his mother, later prodded Obama to write Dreams from My Father, in which he described how his mother praised and defended his father whenever young Obama expressed frustration or hostilily toward his absent father: “the stories I heard about my father painted him as larger than life, which also meant that I felt I had something to live up to.” But he also writes about the confusion and hostility of his childhood, extending into his college years. He writes of a growing distrust toward whites, which he grew out of later, of course. Starting early, in high school, Obama indulged in alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, continuing into his college years. He wrote that he would get high to avoid the confusion he felt about himself:

“Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man. Except the highs hadn’t been about that, me trying to prove what a down brother I was. I got high for just the opposite effect, something that could push the questions of who I was out of my mind.” (Dreams from My Father, 2004)

Obama was a member of the Black Students’ Association and was involved in the divestment campaign to pressure his college (Occidental College in Los Angeles, 1979-1981) to pull its money out of companies doing business in South Africa. To make their point, the students camped out in makeshift shanty towns on the campus. Obama gave speeches to support the protesters. In his book, Obama wrote that his role in the divestment push started out as kind of a lark, “part of the radical pose my friends and I sought to maintain.” So he admits that he wanted to maintain a radical image, perhaps even before he fully understood what that meant.

Here is another benchmark quote from Obama’s book: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets…..at night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Frantz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.”

When I was in college, I did not often discuss any -isms with my friends. I was either studying for the next test, looking for my next girlfriend, or doing something fun, like playing tennis or riding my dirt bike. Most college students do not discuss political ideology, but Obama actively sought out such fringe extremist students. You may not know what a structural feminist is, but you should know what a Marxist is. Obama’s choice of the word “sellout” is just as revealing as his choice of friends. “Sellout” is the hateful word that Obama’s mother had flung at her husband Lolo in Indonesia, in front of Obama, for befriending white people. In Obama’s chosen liberal socialist network, being a normal, hard-working, money-making, capitalist, patriotic American was considered “selling out” or betraying the liberal network. Obama was seeking out the black activists, the liberal extremists, the Marxists, the non-Americans, the anti-Americans, the political rebels. To them, the average American is the enemy, especially white capitalist Americans who own and run their own businesses, small or large. To them, the upper class of income and business makes its money and power by taking it from the lower class. To them, capitalist owners and executives climb to the top by cutting others down and trampling on them.

Even if Obama rejected all the mistakes of his youth, and was a completely reformed man, I would not want him for president. Frankly, I would rather have for president a man who was never confused about who he was, never took drugs to avoid the truth or escape reality, and was never hostile to the country he is now leading. Obama is a poor choice for president, in this regard alone.

But apparently, Obama’s anti-American, anti-capitalist view continued after college. It is next documented, as well as his fondness of lying, in who he himself described as “the enemy,” as described in The Roots of Obama’s Rage with the following paragraph:

“After graduating from college [Harvard] in 1983, Obama hoped to become a community activist. But first he went to work for a company to make some money. He described himself as a “spy behind enemy lines” in a “consulting house to multinational corporations”…”I had my own office, my own secretary, money in the bank.” [He also wrote to his mother “I’m working for the enemy.”] But Dan Armstrong, a former work colleague, pointed out on his blog that Obama had no private office and no secretary. Nor was he employed by a major consulting firm, but rather worked as a copy editor for a small, low-paying newsletter company. Obama’s exaggeration is not important here [yes it is, blatant lies]; what is important is his attempt to portray even his service at this lowly outpost of capitalism as a kind of political espionage [against his enemy]”.

We have all seen on TV that Obama is a thoughtful, calculating, careful man. In college and afterward, Obama not only chose his radical friends carefully for their anti-American pedigree, he also carefully chose his enemies, which seem to be the broad class of Americans who run or own their own businesses, small or large, in order to provide a product or service, make a profit, and accumulate wealth. And when he was “working for the enemy,” he was living a lie, deceiving his employers and his co-workers at the newsletter company. You can be sure that he did not tell them that he considered them his enemies, but instead followed their orders, worked with them, chatted with them, ate lunch with them, smiled and laughed with them, and took their money, presumably doing an acceptable job. All the while he despised them as the enemy, like a good lying Radical should. Later in his writings, quoted above, he lied about the job to make it sound more dramatic, and to make himself sound more important. This is just an extension of the lie he was living while in the job.

The same ‘careful choosing of friends’ he described in college is how he later found his way into the Radical war camp of Saul Alinsky’s cronies and disciples in Chicago, when he accepted a “community organizer” job in Chicago in 1986. This was his dream job, and he excelled in it. He worked with the Gamaliel Foundation and ACORN, two activist groups that followed Alinsky’s radical unethical principles. He learned these unethical principles, trained others in them, and provided legal counsel to these radical groups.

Keep in mind that Obama has not indicated that his political philosophy of his college years or his community-organizing days has changed in any way, and he has not published any new information to revise or correct the Radical views expressed in his books. Thus we must presume that he is still a follower of unethical Radicalism. Just as he lived a lie when he was working for “the enemy”, a small newsletter company, now as President, he is living a much bigger lie, deceiving us all. But now his true beliefs and convictions can be pieced together from his own past that has come to light, his writings, his current speeches and behavior.

During his presidential campaign, Obama initially refused to wear an American flag pin on his lapel. He also failed to put his hand on his chest during the National Anthem. These refusals were considered by many Americans to be insults to America, and casted doubt on his allegiance and loyalty to the country he wanted to lead. Obama is a careful and calculating man, so he had to know the harm these actions could do to his campaign. He himself addressed the flag pin issue, saying “My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart.” His adoring staff shrugged off the Anthem issue, saying sometimes he puts his hand on his chest and sometimes he doesn’t. Consistency in character doesn’t seem to be any concern to Obama and his staff.

But his real motivation is likely more sinister. As a Radical, apparently he was so resentful of what he considers the great faults and crimes of America, he could not help showing his hostility in some trivial but telling way. Later he began to wear a flag pin on his lapel, and put his hand on his chest. It is likely that some Radical comrade scolded him and reminded him of Saul Alinsky’s teachings to blend in with your enemies and gain their trust, so that you can destroy them easier when you gain power. It is also likely that Radical comrades in his campaign advised him to disavow his Radical associations and conceal (or lie about) as much of his past as he could, except for that troublesome book he wrote about the dreams from his father.

Accordingly, Obama refused to release his medical records, educational records from Occidental College, and financial records. He later allowed his doctor, David L. Scheiner, to release a one-page summary of his medical status. He denied any close association with Radicals, despite the plentiful evidence to the contrary. He is a man with much to hide, and what little we know of him is highly disturbing. We know that he sought out radical students and professors in college. We know that he associated with Radicals in Chicago, even former terrorists such as William Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn, criminal leaders of the Weathermen, who participated in the “Days of Rage” riot in Chicago in 1969, and conducted several bombings in th 1970’s. We know that for 20 years Obama attended the church of a Radical racist black preacher, Jeremiah Wright, who famously screamed “God Damn America” from his bully pulpit. Obama claims he never heard the hateful radical racist rhetoric in 20 years of attending the good preacher’s church. Anyone who believes this claim, just because Obama said it, is a fool. The title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, was the title of the first sermon Obama heard Jeremiah Wright preach.  Obama left the church to improve his chances of getting elected, even though his sentiments no doubt stayed with Wright’s church.

It is also apparent that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, although he claims to be a Christian, and it is likely that he has no serious religious convictions at all. He views Muslims as part of the oppressed peoples of the world, who have been attacked, colonized, and bullied by the evil West. This is a theme he shares with Jeremiah Wright. This is why Reverend Wright screamed “God Damn America” in his sermon. Here again, Obama regards America as an evil imperialist country, this time in its dealings with Muslim countries. He needs to go back a little further in history and review how violent the expansion of Islam was, for at least 10 centuries, right from the exploits of the prophet Mohammed himself, who set a bloody example of raids, battles, conquests, slaughter, enslavement, kidnapping and holding for ransom. He needs to be reminded that Islamic Law, or Sharia, the same law that Muslims want to enact wherever they gain a majority, calls for the cutting off of hands and heads, the stoning of women, the killing of anyone who converts to another religion, and many other oppressive laws against women and infidels. Muslims in Europe, Canada, and America are working hard to establish local majorities so that they can enact and enforce Islamic Law or Sharia. Obama will probably do nothing to stop them. In the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Obama sides with the Muslim Palestinians, and has icily cooled America’s close friendship with Israel.

As a boy in Indonesia, Obama attended a Catholic school, but he sometimes attended Muslim services with his stepfather Lolo, and he heard the Muslim calls to prayer. These Muslim experiences were not eclipsed by his later life in America. We know now how much they impressed him, because he has told us. In March 2007, Nicolas Kristof of the New York Times interviewed Senator Obama, who recited the first lines of the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic and said that is was “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” The Muslim call to prayer would probably not be described as “pretty” by a Jew or a Christian. To an American, the Star Spangled Banner should be the “prettiest” sound on Earth, at sunset or any other time of day. But Senator Obama made it a point to praise the Muslim prayer call as a special thing in his childhood, that he fondly remembers, and he did it in a news interview made available world-wide. Later as President, he made an astonishing speech on June 4, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt, in which he attempted to be even-handed to all sides, but compromised many American principles to flatter and appease the Muslim world.

A strange sidebar to this Muslim appeasement  is the bizarre statement in July 2010 by NASA Chief Administrator Charles Bolden that President Obama told him to “find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science… and math and engineering.” This was “perhaps foremost” of three priorities Obama gave to Bolden, and the other two are equally inappropriate as missions for NASA, though at least they don’t involve outreach to a religious culture that has nothing to do with space travel. The other priorities were to “help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math” and to “expand our international relationships.”  This strange news came out after Obama cut the throat of NASA’s two main programs, the space shuttle replacement program and the back-to-the-moon Constellation program. Former Senator John Glenn and other famous astronauts came out in protest and opposition to Obama’s cutbacks. Three of John Glenn’s points of protest were 1)The U.S. will have to rely on Russia to take its astronauts to the International Space Station, 2) The U.S. will fall behind other countries, such as China and India, in developing hi-tech spacecraft, and 3) The U.S. will lose its reputation as a leader in space technology and exploration. But John Glenn’s protests had no effect on Obama, because those three things were part of the goal of Obama in cutting NASA’s missions and funding.  Obama regards the American space program as imperialism in space. The planting of the American flag on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969 was viewed as American imperialism in many countries of the world. This anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, anti-American view is Obama’s view. He is purposely stopping the American manned space program, to allow other countries to catch up and surpass us in space. In the meantime, he wants NASA to conduct an outreach program to Muslim countries.  This is bizarre and puzzling, until you think of it from a Kenyan viewpoint, a Muslim viewpoint, a Chinese viewpoint, or a Russian viewpoint. Then it makes perfect sense. Obama has slowed the American space program to a crawl, to advance the power and interests of other countries.  Instead of leading the exploration of space, NASA will strive to make Muslims feel good and hate America less, while other countries establish their presence in space. Some of them will surely weaponize space, and we will have their orbiting weapons aimed at us, to keep us from catching up with them. Space is not just something passive to study and explore, it is also the ultimate military high ground. So under the cover of saving money, Obama has sabotaged our space program, surrendered the military high ground, and reduced our proud space agency to a public relations department, reaching out to Muslim countries and school children. It is a stroke of Radical genius, and Obama has gotten away with it, but it is like an act of sabotage, with the stroke of a pen. It has done more damage to our space program and national security than bombs and bullets could ever have done.  Sabotaging our nation’s space program should be considered as treason, and I do consider it as such.  Obama should be impeached for this outrageous act alone, not to mention others that will probably harm America greatly. He cut funding on building new F22 Raptor fighter jets, while China is building their own high-tech, fifth-generation fighter jets (no doubt with plans stolen from us).

However, the saddest, most tragic example (so far) of the Muslim appeasement imperative is Obama’s behavior in June 2009, just after his Cairo speech, during the Iranian national elections. Iran is the most dangerous radical Muslim country in the world, one of the most oppressive tyrannies, and America’s greatest enemy in the Middle East. Iran gives tremendous support to Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and other Muslim terrorist groups. Iran is about to build its own nuclear weapons. In June 2009, just after his pro-Muslim Cairo speech, Obama had the best opportunity in 30 years to weaken or bring down the Muslim tyranny of Iran’s government. After the Iranian national elections, the Iranian people were outraged at the obvious corruption, fraud and rigging of the elections, and tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest. They were tired of 30 years of religious tyranny, and wanted a basic change in government. This was a golden opportunity for President Obama to embrace the rebel cause, support their bid for justice, give them strong verbal and moral support, and do everything he could covertly to give them physical or monetary support. So what did Obama do? NOTHING!  Instead, he issued statements saying that he did not want to be seen as “meddling” in Iranian politics, that he did not want to issue forceful statements that would be used as a “political football” by the Iranian government. When the Iranian Mullahs sent the police, army, and militia into the streets to arrest, beat, and kill the protesters, Obama said “violence directed at peaceful protesters… is not how governments should interact with their people.” Finally, he said “”The violence perpetrated against them is outrageous. We see it and we condemn it.” But there was never any condemnation of the Iranian government for the election fraud that caused the protest, nor any condemnation of the routine oppression, torture, religious and political purges, and general Muslim tyranny of the last 30 years.

So this detached finger-wagging is all the support that the Iranian people got from America, in their desperate bid to overthrow their tyrannical government. Obama remarked further that “they are in the middle of an extraordinary debate taking place in Iran.” A DEBATE? This was not a debate, it was a bloody, murderous attack on the people of a country by their own government. Most of the protesters who could be caught in the act, or identified later, were beaten or killed on the spot, or jailed and tortured later. Obama’s response was: “We are going to monitor the situation and see how this plays itself out before we make any judgments about how we proceed.” In other words, Obama was going to do nothing.

So the situation “played itself out” as all of the protesters were killed, or tracked down and jailed. To speak a word against the government was to risk your life; so as more protesters died, the protests soon died down, that is how the situation “played itself out.” It is the only way the situation could have possibly “played itself out,” when the protesters got no support. They died and their pleas for justice died.  The thick dark blanket of Muslim tyranny settled back over Iran to smother its people, and the Iranian government went back to being America’s greatest enemy, although our wise President deprived them of having any “political footballs” to kick back at us. How nice. But his inaction killed the spirit of freedom and democracy in Iran. His disgusting failure to act allowed the killing of thousands of good Iranians by an evil government. This will have a chilling effect on freedom movements all over the world, as long as Obama is president, for they know they will receive no help from America. This will have a boldening effect on all the tyrannies of the world, and more blood will flow, for they know Obama will do nothing to oppose them in their own countries. I would not be able to live with such horrible consequences of my actions or inactions, but obviously Obama can live with them, and a lot more injustices to come. He has condemned America as an “imperialist” country that meddles in other countries’ affairs, so he will not consider any action that could be interpreted as meddling, other than his half-hearted attempts to win the war in Afghanistan. He will issue stern statements, but he will not effectively counter the forceful actions of any countries except America, European countries, and Israel. This policy plays right into the hands of our enemies.

When one is dealing with liars, thieves, murderers, and dictators, words alone are worthless. Words alone will put you a a severe disadvantage, because the more unethical a person is, the more skilled they are at lying. Words are their most convenient weapon, to mislead, to conceal, to attack. When negotiating, they have no intention of keeping their words, but they will demand that you keep your words. The more unethical your opponent, the more pressure or legal action or  physical force is needed to deal with them, along with your strong words. This is a simple moral truth that President Obama will never follow, because of his liberal/radical/ pacifist/anti-imperial philosophy. Our only glimmer of “Hope” is that Obama may be a better liar than the dictators of the world. But if any more of those dictators want to conduct a bloodly purge or start a war with their neighbor, this is their best window of opportunity, while Obama is still president.

I think Obama uses the typical liberal/pacifist/isolationist philosophy as cover for the stronger motivation that is unique to his personal past: the anti-imperialist philosophy that casts America as the biggest villain in world affairs, seeks to punish us for our imperialist sins and cripple our international capabilities. He is a far more serious threat than the typical liberal/pacifist/isolationist person. Obama is the first American president who is anti-American. He is the enemy of some of the most basic and most important American values and freedoms.

In his campaign, Obama’s slogans were Hope and Change and “Transforming America”, with few specifics as to what that meant, though we now know it means turning America into a liberal/radical/socialist country. He also promised to restore America’s reputation with other countries. Little did we know that would mean traveling the world and apologizing for America’s supposed crimes at every stop. Little did we know that would mean coddling Muslim and Communist countries, and snubbing America’s democratic allies, such as England, France, and Israel. Little did we know that would mean disarming America and sabotaging America’s power and influence in the world.

Obama has appointed fellow Radicals to high administrative office, and they have shocked most Americans by doing such things as praising Mao Zedong, the greatest murderer in the history of mankind, and praising Fidel Castro, the lesser murderer and dictator of Cuba. They worked hard to advance a liberal/socialist agenda during our economic disaster, with Rahm Emmanuel saying that they could not let a good crisis go to waste. They have tried to take control of our economy, by taking away our freedom, choice, and profit.

Barack Obama is the first American president who is hostile to his own country, who wants to weaken our power and influence in the world, and who wants to limit the power of every American to succeed in life and accumulate wealth. Let us hope and pray that he is the last such president, and that his time in office ends as soon as possible.

We cannot vote against Obama until November 2012, but until then we can spread the word about his background, his hidden agenda, and his apparent true goals. If we are wrong, let Obama demonstrate to us that we have misjudged him. We can also see that our elected representatives have this information, and urge them to vote against Obama’s policies that will harm our people’s interests at home and our country’s interests abroad.

I will end with a quote I have seen attributed to Winston Churchill, which President Obama should heed… “If you aren’t a liberal when you are young, you don’t have a heart….but if you aren’t a conservative when you are older, you don’t have a brain.” President Obama is not young, but he is still following the obsessions and fantasies of his youth, the overpowering  “dreams from his father.” For the sake of America and the entire world, he needs to grow up and acquire some wisdom.


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14 Responses to “Dark Man in the White House”… This is my first post on WordPress. It is a fact-finding, critical article on President Obama. I hope you enjoy it…

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  4. goldenmeantx says:

    Aline– thanks very much for your pleasant comment on my blog. I get so few comments that I cherish each one. I will visit your website that is listed with your comment. If you come back and have any other comment– constructive, critical, or question– please give me your thoughts. Happy trails…..

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  10. goldenmeantx says:

    I see that a fellow WordPress blogger, Bydesign001, has clicked that she likes my Obama post. Thank you, Bydesign001. it is especially gratifying that you are an African American woman, and you like my somewhat critical article about the background and agenda of Obama. My best to you and your blog. I will visit it soon and provide a link to it here.

  11. goldenmeantx says:

    President Obama is now confronted with a crisis in Egypt, and this is a test of his true value as the President of the United States of America. Will he follow the ethics of our founders,who said “give me liberty or give me death”, or will he cave in to the liberal/pacifist/isolationist whispers of his liberal cohorts, and the Muslim whispers of his childhood? Remember now, how he responded to the crisis in Iran, with no support for the democratic protesters, who died in the thousands, and no condemnation for the Muslim tyrannical government? No call for the President of Iran to step down, after he stole the election, and a rightfully elected President was ready to take power? Now, Obama expects us to believe his call for Mubarek to step down in the name of pure democracy and goodness? Don’t believe his sugar-coated lies. And who will step up to replace Mubarek? There exists in Egypt a group called the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest Muslim terrorist organization, who assassinated Anwar Sadat, Mubarek’s predecessor, an honorable man who evolved from directing a war against Israel to signing a peace agreement with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood would love to take control of the Egyptian government, and Obama may actually support that outcome. The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed as a political party in Egypt since 1954, and Mubarek has tried to suppress them since 1981, when he was wounded in their assassination of Anwar Sadat, but they remain the strongest opposition to the government. Mubarek may be a corrupt leader, but the Muslim Brotherhood is a pack of religious criminals, who have been terrorizing Christians in Egypt for decades, who support all other Muslim terrorist groups. If the Muslim Brotherhood wins the fight in the streets of Cairo, and they pick the new leadership of Egypt, then America will have lost an important battle in the thoughts of the people of the world, and America will have lost its most important Muslim ally in the Middle East. All because of Obama and his psychotic “dreams from his father”. Obama will not condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, and will not prevent them from gaining power in Egypt. In fact, The Obama administration has welcomed the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in a new Egyptian government as long as it “renounces violence.” As if their words would mean anything. Muslims can lie to infidels to advance their religion… it is in their scriptures. God help the democratic protesters in Egypt, for Obama will not help them. Let us all hope and pray that the forces for democracy in Egypt will be able to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from taking over the government.

  12. goldenmeantx says:

    Mac, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I remember Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. They are dead, and now we have Obama to deal with. To quote Janis Joplin in one of her songs, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” I also remember Charlton Heston, my hero and favorite actor, who died last year. He never had any scandals, and when he was finished acting, he became the President of the NRA. Now there is a man who should have been President of our country.

  13. Mac says:

    Remember when we had Ronald Reagan as President?

    We also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.

    Now we have Obama with no hope and no cash!

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