The Battle at Kruger and Lion Charge (Epic African Video– MUST SEE THIS!)

After such a heavy and exhausting blog on the dark side of Obama, we need a break. Then we will return to weighty matters. Here is an amazing and delightful wildlife video. It is famous, and it is the best wildlife video I have ever seen. If you have never seen it, you are in for a great treat. And it holds lessons for humans on how to deal with human predators. Enjoy!!!

Then, here is a video almost equally amazing, of the buffaloes getting revenge on lions and their cubs in a big way:

Here is another, apparently recorded from Arabic TV, showing buffaloes killing a lone weak lion:

These buffaloes don’t need any Burning Spear to help them, and neither do we.

A new friend was telling me he has hunted in Africa, and the guide he used has been in a famous lion video. This one is truly scary, and it is amazing that the man was not seriously hurt, but the lion had been weakened by being gut-shot on the first shot. My friend’s guide is the one who delivers the final kill shot, I believe:

Even more shocking are the comments to this video. Most of them spew hatred toward the hunters, and wish them to be killed by the lion. They ignore the few comments that inform them the lion was a man-killer, and that is why the lion was being hunted. One of the hunter-haters even claims to see a fence behind the lion, making it a “canned” hunt. Any guesses who the hunter-haters may have voted for in the last presidential election?

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