Milton Friedman– A Strong Defender of Free Trade and Capitalism

As discussed in the last blog about Radicalism, liberals and radicals consider capitalism to be evil. They reduce capitalism to a practice of greed, selfishness, cruelty and abuse of the poor. They consider it to be a violation of social justice, a war of the “Haves” against the “Have Nots”. For the last 100 years, liberals and radicals and communists have been demonizing capitalism and its supporters. They link it to colonial exploitation and slavery. They link it to the military/industrial complex, and to the starting and running of wars. To hear them tell it, capitalism is the root of all evil. Never mind that free trade and capitalism produced 18 of the top 20  economies in the world, and allowed the people in those economies to accomplish much to help the poor. Without the taxes collected from capitalist profits, we would not be able to offer the poor of this country so many benefits, and we would not be able to send billions in foreign aid to help the poor and hungry in other countries.

I don’t know enough about economics to properly explain or defend capitalism, but I ran across someone who can. Milton Friedman (1912-2006) taught at the University of Chicago for 30 years. Barack Obama should have taken some of Friedman’s classes while he lived in Chicago, instead of studying the Radical garbage of Saul Alinsky. Milton Friedman was a great economist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976, and served on President Reagan’s Economic Advisory Board. I suspect that Friedman’s advice had a lot to do with our recovery from the economic disasters of the 1970’s under Jimmy Carter.

Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman enjoyed not only teaching, but public speaking and debating. He appeared on TV a lot. Amazingly, PBS had him produce a TV series, “Free to Choose”, presenting his economic teachings. He also appeared on the Phil Donahue show.

Phillip John “Phil” Donahue (born December 21, 1935) is an American media personality, writer, and film producer, best known as the creator and host of The Phil Donahue Show, also known as Donahue, the first tabloid talk show. The show had a 26-year run on U.S. national TV, preceded by three years of local broadcast in Dayton, Ohio, before ending in 1996. His shows have focused on issues that often divide liberals and conservatives in the United States, such as abortion, consumer protection, civil rights and war protests. His most frequent guest was Ralph Nader, for whom Donahue campaigned in 2000.[1] Donahue also hosted a talk show on MSNBC from 2002–2003. (from Wikipedia)

Wikipedia fails to mention that Phil Donahue is a flaming liberal. When Friedman appeared on the Phil Donahue show, Donahue tried to attack capitalism, reducing it to greed and selfishness. He used Saul Alinsky’s language, pitting the “Haves” against the “Have Nots”. But Friedman was ready for it, and took command of the debate, demolishing Donahue.

Here is the video clip of the exchange   I wish it showed more of the debate.

Here is another video of Friedman answering a young liberal/radical, who could have been one of  Barack Obama’s radical “carefully chosen friends” in college,  trying to blame capitalism for the evils of colonialism and slavery. Friedman was ready for that too, even with a hostile audience, one of whom thought Cuba had been an American colony.  Check it out

Here is another video of Friedman debating a young skinny liberal named Michael Moore, who we all know today as a fatter and even more extreme liberal activist/author. It seems that Moore learned nothing from his encounter with Milton Friedman, who pointed out a few fallacies in Moore’s thinking:  However, if the young Michael Moore was correct and complete with his facts (which I doubt), I agree with his moral point that Ford Motor Company should have spent $13 more for each Pinto to make it safer….. AND ….. I think Friedman initially avoided that issue to point out the true economic principles involved, which Moore ignored, but Friedman did later state that Ford should have been sued in the courts and that is an important part of the market. Overall, Friedman’s position was much more intelligent and complete and realistic, and equally as moral as Moore’s position was. Watch the clip and judge for yourself.

I wish Milton Friedman was alive today, to debate Barack Obama and his Radical, anti-Western, anti-European, anti-American comrades. Friedman’s genius and spirit lives on with the help of , a website honoring his work and offering his lecture series for sale, among other things.


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One Response to Milton Friedman– A Strong Defender of Free Trade and Capitalism

  1. kotzabasis says:

    It’s good to see from far away Australia an American praising the much maligned Milton Friedman by Leftists and Liberals. Friedman long ago had exposed the fallacies of government intervention, and like Ludwig von Mises, was a trailblazer in the field of economics. I doubt, that the ideologically bigoted ‘community organizer’ Obama would have learnt anything from the great economist.

    I love your sub-title.

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