Obama Gives Top-Secret Trident Missile Info to Russia

This story was added as a paragraph to my Obama article, but that article is rather long, and the paragraph rather buried,  so I thought I should post this separately. It is another indicator of Obama’s arrogant attitude that he is above the law, and an indicator of  his willingness to betray our allies, to gain some imagined favor of our enemies. President Clinton did the same thing, which I should write in another article. As a former military officer in an intelligence-related job, handling classified documents, I cannot express to you how much Obama’s foolish behavior disturbs me, and how much it violates military protocol and military honor. Obama is a disgrace to the great office he holds. Most military officers would tell you the same, if they could speak freely.  This story was a quick blurb on some TV stations, but it deserves a lot more attention than that:

In recent days, it was revealed that Obama agreed to give Russia the serial numbers of all the nuclear Trident missiles that America has supplied to England, without the knowledge or permission of the British. Obama asked England in 2009 for permission to supply Russia with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. The UK refused permission, but the US then agreed to give Russia all the serial numbers of Trident missiles it has transferred to Britain. Therefore, Obama could rationalize that he did not give performance data, but merely gave serial numbers, so what could be the harm in that? This type of reasoning is typical for psychopaths, but not for presidents.  This exposes Obama’s basic lack of ethics, to say the least. I would go further to say he betrayed a close ally, and  committed treason to his own country at the same time. His request for permission was a farce. He hoped the British would be foolish enough to say yes, but when they wisely said no, he did it anyway.  This is outrageous, and it has got to be against some law. I know it is against military regulations. The President has the highest security clearance, but he should not have the authority to disclose such top-secret information to other countries. This damages the national security of England, and damages the collective security of NATO countries. How nice for Russia….. the American president gives them top-secret information that their spies in the US and Britain would probably never have been able to steal.  If any military officer had done this, he would be thrown in prison! For details, here is a link to another WordPress blog that covered the story http://texan2driver.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/obama-gives-away-our-security-and-great-britains/ Apparently, the original source was Wikileaks, which is causing damage in all directions by exposing national secrets and should be shut down. Obama now shows us that he is no better than Wikileaks, and he should be shut down too. No telling what other secrets he is giving away to our potential enemies.


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