Che Guevara– A Fool’s Hero

There I was last week, minding my own business, waiting in the bank to get some help, when the newspaper on the table caught my eye, and this is what I saw:

This was a picture of the East Side College Prep Academy in Austin, Texas, which will get the use of its city-owned campus for $1 for 99 years. Look at the pictures of the heroes on the wall of this school. The face on the far right is Che Guevara. With our tax money, this pathetic school is putting Che on equal footing with Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa. The quote under Che’s picture says “Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Coming from a mass-murderer, this is not just ridiculous, it is hideous and disgusting.  I have another quote from Comrade Che, that they should put up on their wall:

“If the nuclear missiles had remained (in Cuba), we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.”  (Humberto Fontova, Fantasies of Nuclear War,  2010).

Here we have a mass murderer thinking fondly of murdering millions more.  I am sick and tired of the pop-culture glorification of a Communist terrorist/ tyrant.  In a recent issue of National Review magazine by Jay Nordlinger, I saw a report about the current epidemic of products with Che Guevara’s famous beret-clad photograph on them.  I myself have seen Che posters and T-shirts for sale in big-name department stores and various gift shops.  The major clothing retailer Burlington Coat Factory recently ran a TV ad with a teenager in a Guevara shirt.  The ad was titled “Values.”  Many people disagreed with such values.  When protesters organized boycotts, picketing, and letter-writing, the company stopped selling the shirt, but called the protesters “provocateurs, fanatics, and extremists.”  This is what happens when people with integrity come between an immoral company and its only REAL value:  profits.

In L.A. a store called La La Ling is selling a Guevara shirt for babies (a “onesie”).  The ad text proclaims: “Viva la revolution! Now even the smallest rebel can express himself in these awesome baby onesies. This classic Che Guevara icon is also available on a long-sleeve tee in kids’ sizes….. long live the rebel in all of us….. there’s no cooler iconic image than Che!” Apparently the infamous thug/boxer Mike Tyson agrees, for Tyson sports a Che Guevara tattoo on his torso.

The New York Public Library was selling Che Guevara watches in its gift shop until good people stopped them. Cuban Americans and a few others were outraged. One of them told the library managers, “Would you sell watches with the picture of the Grand Dragon of the KKK?” They also told the dismayed librarians that Communist Cuba, where the Communist Guevara won his fame, is especially hard on librarians. The independent-library movement has been brutally repressed, and some of Cuba’s most inspiring political prisoners are from that movement. Now I must pose the question: How can Americans and Europeans be so naïve, foolish and offensive? How can they be such idiots? The popularization of the terrorist Guevara is an offense to truth, reason, morality and justice.

Especially nauseating is the recent movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” by executive producer Robert Redford.  His fine piece of propaganda got a standing ovation at the Sundance Festival. It follows the idealistic adventures of a young Che Guevara before he became Castro’s bloody henchman, murdering many innocent people.  But of course, the later crimes of Che Guevara are not mentioned in the movie.

“Heroic Che” (pardon me while I barf)

This is the infamous picture of the dark but handsome figure that started all the trouble.  It is called “Heroic Che”. But Che Guevara was no hero;  he was a villain and a monster.

When I and my wife were in Thailand in 2010, we had a young neighbor named Pong, about 18 years old, helping us around the house.  He was a very good worker and I grew to like him, and I paid him well.  One day he came to the house wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt.  I was alarmed, but said nothing.  When he showed up the third day with the same shirt, I pointed at his shirt and asked him, in Thai, if he knew who Che Guevara was.  He pleasantly said no, but he thought the shirt was cool, so he was wearing it.  So he thought the shirt was cool…  OK, I had a fix for that.  I went and got one of my super-cool motocross T-shirts out of the closet,  came back and asked Pong to sit down.  I said I was sorry, but I must tell him the truth.  I proceeded to tell him that Che Guevara was a very bad man who was a Communist, who personally killed hundreds of people, by shooting them with a pistol.  He put thousands of people in jail, and helped to enslave the country of Cuba.  Young Pong was dismayed by this, saying he did not know.  I offered to swap him the Che Guevara shirt for my motorcycle shirt.  If I got my hands on his shirt, I was going to shred it, but I did not tell Pong that.

Pong was somewhat dismayed by my shocking revelations, and sheepishly said that his mother had given him the shirt, so he could not swap it.  So I gave him the motocross shirt anyway, and told him not to wear the Che Guevara shirt at our house.  I was not able to take the evil T-shirt out of circulation, but at least I educated its owner.

My young friend Pong, a dirt-poor youth in the Asian country of Thailand, had an excuse for not knowing the history of a Communist murderer in Cuba.  We in the Western Hemisphere, with education, computers, and instant Google searches on the Internet, have no such excuse.  But still we have young idiots wearing Che T-shirts, we have foolish Obama-appointed government officials praising Mao Zedong, the greatest murderer in human history, and we have a young fool of a president who associated with known Communists and Marxists, who is trying to turn America into a socialist country.

Earlier, when I was in Thailand in 2004 I saw Muslim toughs wearing T-shirts with the smiling saintly full-color visage of Osama Bin Laden.  At first I was shocked, then it made me fighting mad, but at least I could be fairly certain that they knew what Bin Laden had done, and if they wanted to glorify a terrorist, then at least I knew where they stood, and I could count them among my enemies.

I have no desire to count ignorant Che Guevara fans as my enemies, so here is a short resume of his accomplishments, to enlighten the young, the ignorant and the foolish. I realize that the misty fog of time can erase the ugly realities of history, for those who want to gloss them over, like Robert Redford. But the truth of history must be honored. Most of this is based on the historical work War In The Shadows by Robert B. Asprey (1975):

— Che Guevara (real name Ernesto Guevara Lynch) was the son of a left-wing (Communist) architect in Argentina. Che prized the books of Marx and Lenin. He abandoned a medical education to serve as a minor official in the short-lived Communist government of Guatemala. Then he took part in several unsuccessful attempts to overthrow Juan Peron. When the Guatemala Communists were overthrown, Che fled to Mexico, where he met Castro in 1955. He joined Castro’s movement to overthrow the Cuban dictator Batista. He became one of Castro’s chief henchmen. Castro and Guevara both concealed their Communist leanings, instead inciting the Cubans to support their power-grab by promising the peasants “Land for the Landless!” — a promise they would never keep. Even so, it was all Castro and Guevara could do to keep the peasants from turning them in to the government. They never gained popularity among the peasants as they later claimed incessantly. Like all Communists, and all murderers, they considered the lie to be an important tool in their bag of tricks to gain power.

— In the struggle against Batista, Guevara became a formidable guerilla fighter. After the victory, he was completely inept as president of the Cuban National Bank and as Minister of Industry. He almost ruined the Cuban economy, magnifying the misery of the Cubans under the iron fist of Castro. This is perhaps because Che was more interested in presiding over executions of special prisoners at his plush villa, La Cabana. He liked to personally deliver the pistol shot to the back of the neck. He also loved to parade visitors past El Paredon, the blood-soaked wall against which hundreds of prisoners were shot by him or his henchmen. Guevara also neglected his economic duties while he established the Cuban labor-camp system (no Communist country is complete without one) in which countless citizens— dissidents, protestors, artists, homosexuals— suffered and died.

— Through his bungling of the economy and his inflated egotistical self-image, Guevara fell out of favor with Castro. Castro feared him as a possible rival, and sent him to ignite Communist revolutions elsewhere. In 1965, Che took 125 Cuban fighters to help the rebellion in the county of Congo (Africa). This effort failed completely, and Che returned to Cuba to select his next target, which turned out to be Bolivia. It turned out to be his last target.

— Arriving in Bolivia disguised as a traveling salesmen in 1966, Che and a few other Cuban terrorists recruited a small group of about 50 Bolivians. They ambushed and killed two Bolivian Army patrols on separate occasions. They briefly “liberated” a town, until the Army showed up and they had to run away. It seems they couldn’t get the peasants to buy the lie that had worked in Cuba, “Land for the Landless!” You see, he did not do his homework, for the Bolivian peasants were already landowners. The Bolivian government had given them plots of land starting in 1953, and had begun a process of legal reform that made the peasants feel like respected citizens. They were opposed, if not openly hostile, to what Che was trying to do to their country. The Bolivian Army was helping them far more, devoting 20 percent of its time to civil works in rural areas. Also, Che and his Cuban cronies had studied and learned the Bolivian Indian language, Quechua, but in their chosen area of operations, a different language, Guarani, was spoken. None of Che’s men, including the Bolivians, could speak the language of the people they were trying incite to revolution!! So Che was exposed as a fool, as well as a egomaniacal murderer.

—With such monumental blunders, and with peasants reporting his movements to the Army, it didn’t take long for the Bolivian 2nd Rangers, advised by American Special Forces, to surround Che’s pathetic band. In the fight, Che was wounded. Then he was captured, and presumably shot on the spot, a small injustice perhaps, but a fitting end for the former Cuban executioner of La Cabana. He was not a noble, romantic revolutionary with “great feelings of love”, as the liberal school memorializes him above. He was a murdering Communist thug, an intellectual psychopath who cared nothing for the common people, and killed the ones who disagreed with him.

Now, any liberals reading this have become educated about the true legacy of Che Guevara. I say liberal because no conservative-minded person would be caught dead with a Che Guevara poster or T-shirt, and neither would their kids. If you are a young trendy adolescent or liberal/pacifist college student who has such a monstrosity in your possession, I hope you are duly horrified. But please use a knife on the cursed thing before you throw it away, so some un-educated, airhead liberal does not dig it out of the trash and display it proudly in your place.

After the sugar-coated bilge that Robert Redford produced, some noble Hollywood producer should take the challenge to produce another movie about Che Guevara. It should begin where “The Motorcycle Diaries” left off, and show the monster he became, with all the horrific crimes and atrocities he committed, and the fitting way he died, while trying to spread the poison of Communism to another country. There will be no “great feelings of love” in evidence from Che, except love of power, love of money, love of torture, and love of killing. A hero or heroine could be found for the movie, as I am sure many good people opposed Che, in secret if not openly. George Lucas, are you listening?


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