Tribute to Some Truly Great Music by Nathan Pacheco & Yanni

It is tough to write about politics or philosophy.  You see your world going to hell,  and all you can do is helplessly watch it happen.  When I get depressed by some of the monumental cultural and economic disasters hammering us,  I listen to the music of Yanni.  Did you ever see Yanni in the 90’s, with historic televised concerts in places like the Acropolis in Athens, the Taj Mahal in India, and the Imperial Palace in China?  He is still going strong.  I saw his Acropolis concert on PBS, but I did not truly appreciate his music back then.  Yanni is now cultivating some young musicians who are world-class sensations,  and the best of them is Nathan Pacheco.  My wife and I went to Yanni’s “Voices” concert last year,  and I was blown away by the entire performance,  but somehow my very soul was moved by Pacheco,  who was by far the best singer of the group.

Forget about rap-crap, rock-n-roll-n-scream, pop-corn, and country twang…..  when it comes to pure singing talent,  Pacheco leaves them all in the dust.  This music is the best of the best, and if you don’t see it that way,  then you need to look again…..

Here is a warm-up song of his, that makes my eyes water,  and my ears rejoice.  It is called “Enchantment” and this session was recorded at a world-class concert in Acapulco…..

The funny thing is, even though Pacheco is American,  he only sang in Italian,  so I could not understand what he was singing.  But the strength and beauty of his songs were such that I did not even need to understand the words.  I bought the Voices CD and listened to it many times before I had to know the meaning of the lyrics.  The best of his songs was “Tribute”,  and I had assumed that it was tribute to a woman,  just another love song.  But I was wrong.  I was intrigued enough to search for the lyrics on the internet,  and they blew me away again,  just like the concert had done to me.  “Tribute” is a song of celebration of the accomplishments and the potential of the entire human race.  It is a hymn to the nobility of  humanity,  as beautiful as any gospel hymn sung in church.  It proclaims that there is no limit to what humanity can accomplish,  if we choose to work together.  It praises and raises the human spirit.  It may be an idealistic fantasy,  but we all need to indulge in that from time to time.

The lyrics have universal appeal.  Somehow, they honor the gritty individual work ethic of the conservative,  and the altruistic utopia of the liberal,  and the spiritual vision of the faithful,  all at the same time.  Everyone can find something to celebrate along with Pacheco in this song.  I predict that Nathan Pacheco will someday be honored as one of the greatest singers in modern history.  Here is a link to the song “Tribute”:

Check out the comments below the Youtube screen….. I am not the only one who was enchanted by Pacheco.  Expect greater things to come from this amazing young man.

Here are the lyrics in both Italian and English.  Sorry, this is as large as I could make them.  If you click on the graphic,  it will become larger and easier to read.  I hope you will step away from your mundane path of the moment,  listen to the song, read the lyrics,  and enjoy it as much as I have.

The address of the lyrics website is shown at the bottom of the scanned page below:


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