Philosophy in Motion (On 2 Wheels)….. with GREAT VIDEOS


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I would say that a video is worth a million words.  And so a good video with good music is “priceless”, as the commercial says.  So here are some videos for your entertainment.  They have entertained me immensely, and I recommend all of them to you.  They show people, most of them just regular people, doing amazing things on bicycles and motorcycles, that very few people are capable of doing.  I know, because I have tried to do some of these things, and I cannot.  These feats require superb balance (which I do not have), dedication, discipline, devotion, and lots of hard work and practice.  And for what?  Not for money.  Some of them get paid,  but these guys do this for the sheer enjoyment of doing something very difficult very well.  Just to prove to themselves that they can do it.  And with these videos, they prove it to the entire world.   I salute all of the people in these videos, and their awesome accomplishments.  Most of them get no formal recognition or award, but they deserve to be recognized as a cut above the rest of us, for what they are doing in these videos.  And also for what they are not doing… they are not causing any trouble, not harming anyone, not bothering anyone, not breaking any laws (well, maybe one guy is).  They are just following their passion, following their joy, with extreme dedication and discipline.   They truly could be described as philosophy in motion. Pick one or all, and enjoy!!!……  I certainly did……  so sit back and enjoy the cutting edge of skill on 2 wheels….. oh,  and turn up the volume on your computer speakers….. except on the last video, where you should turn them off, because of a totally disgusting song…..

There is an impressive photo of me about 50 videos down….. look for it!!!

First, here is a cool video about the awesome dirt-bike riding in “Skyfall”, the latest James Bond flick.  Robbie Maddison, dirt-bike jumper extraordinaire,  did the hard riding for Daniel Craig,  but Craig did do some riding himself:

Second, let me introduce a new Rube Goldberg video.  It was done very recently (November) by the extreme geniuses and tinkerers at RED BULL (energy drink), and it already has over 12 million views.  RED BULL sponsors an army of athletes of many different types, and they brought them in to do this delightful video.  Two of the extreme athletes are Danny MacCaskill, with cat-like abilities on a bicycle, and Robbie Maddison, dirt-bike jumper extraordinaire.  RED BULL calls this video “The Athlete Machine”,  which does not begin to do it any justice.  So enjoy:

As the helicopter lifts off, we must assume that the “kluge” continues on the ski slopes, in the next video?


Let’s go do some night riding….. LIKE THIS!!!


Here is a cool video of the “Isle of Man TT”,  which uses existing streets and roads.  It is perhaps the most interesting and challenging road race in the world, on any number of wheels.  These racers pass within inches of death many times on every lap.  I salute them, and greatly respect them for their skills.  This video has a GREAT song too.   I watch this video and turn up the volume whenever I am beat down by the world,  and needing a lift of the spirit.   This WILL get your heartbeat racing,   especially if you watch it in full screen:


Here is another great  TT video, of the race in Ulster.  It shows much more of the racing action between riders,  scraping and bumping and knocking each other off the track.  These racers put it all on the line to win, including their health and their lives.  This video shows 201 MPH in the dry, and 190 MPH in the rain.  Again, you should watch it in full screen:


This is not on 2 wheels, but it is so much better….. have you ever dreamed of flying….. these guys are doing it for real….. I want a wingsuit!!!

Here is a great video of the German round of the 2011 World Trials Championship….. some make it, some don’t. I wonder if we have a round of this in the USA? I would definitely go watch it!

I went riding with a friend and his son, who was on a BMX bike with no brakes, and bragging about his riding skills. I am going to send my friend this video, which shows stupid kids doing very dangerous things with absolutely NO PROTECTION…. no helmet, no pads, no common sense. If your kids ride, you should show them this. There is blood, and probably broken bones…..

The next video is one of the funniest motorcycle videos I have ever seen, but I feel so sorry for the poor riders whose bikes got tangled up and damaged by a freak accident….. but at least no one got hurt.  These riders were in 3rd and 4th place in a race in France.  This should be a classic and one-of-a-kind video, because this kind of crash will probably never happen again…..

This was in a news article about the “ambush” of a mountain biker in Africa, so I went to the video on Youtube, so I could put it here. This poor rider is incredibly unlucky to be clobbered by an antelope, but then again, the antelope could have been a HUNGRY LION!

That reminds me of the time I was in a hare scrambles race in West Texas, and a full-curl ram (about a third the size of that antelope) ran full-speed out of the brush, into the side of the motorcycle in front of me, which I was trying to pass. If I had passed, the ram would have hit me. Sometimes, holding back can be a good thing…..

Here is something I have been searching for….. a heed-to-head comparison of a trials bicycle and trials motorcycle:

And here is a head-to-head comparison that is even better, I especially like them riding on a jumble of boulders at waterside. It is AMAZING, but I suspect that they may have gotten wet a few seconds after some of the clips:

This video is a teaser for a production that will come out in 2012, claiming to show the origins of mountain bicycle riding. A team of professional bicycle riders travel to the Gobi Desert, placing them in either China or Mongolia. They do some incredible riding there, blazing their own trails. One segment, filmed from a helicopter at altitude, shows a tiny rider blazing his way down a desert mountain. The rider is a dot on the screen, and all you can really  see is his distant dust plume going down the slope. This is in stark contrast to the usual close-ups, zooms, and HD videos that put you in the rider’s lap. This video appealed to my sense of adventure and innovation. I would love to do something like this, but  I never will. But at least  I can watch someone else do what I can only dream of doing…..

I have been looking for decent urban motorcycle trials videos, and finally found one:

Here is video of young pros who talk about broken collarbones as if they were nothing, joking about a patch or a gum to prevent the problem….. but what if they had a real job in the real world, with no sponsor and no sugardaddy, and a family hostile to riding,  and then they broke their collarbone….. it would be a disaster….. like it was for me….. but these young pros took it in stride and kept their riding careers….. like I would have in their shoes….. but would they survive in my shoes….. I don’t know….. I raced motorcycles for 40 years without a broken bone….. that is the direct result of my own discipline and discretion….. and raised a family and ran a business….. and then broke a collarbone (no big deal, right?)….. and suffered the condemnation of my own family…..  and  had to sacrifice my racing….. so who is the wiser rider…. you make the call….. I don’t think these boys would have  made it with the restrictions of my life…. still, I salute them and wish them the best…. but the more bones they break, the more they will regret it when the arthritis sets in…..

A friend of mine found this new video of Danny MacAskill turning an industrial graveyard into his personal playground. This incredible rider does things no one else does. He has the balance of a cat, or better than a cat. I feel like an earthworm, or a mouse compared to these human cats who seem to defy gravity…..

Just for some perspective near the beginning of these videos, THIS IS MORE LIKE WHAT MOST PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET THINK IS EXCITING. Good for them, they have the right idea, but they have a long way to go.  Please join me in prayer for them:

Sorry about that. It was instructive, but  it was actually painful for me to watch (it did have a great view, though). I kept wanting to pour some oil on the slide in front of the lady, and then give her a hard push.  Now, back to the truly exceptional and inspiring things that people can do, on 2 wheels, near the limits of the laws of physics, instead of sliding slowly on their butts:

Here is a different video of a downhill bicycle race….. in a shopping mall!!! In Budapest. Would a shopping mall in the US do this? I doubt it. We can’t let people have fun….. some fool might get hurt and sue the mall….. then the stupid judge or jury might award the fool millions of dollars….. only in America. But in Budapest, these guys are having a blast, riding down escalators, going through a subway train car, and finally jumping down a floor onto a ramp. It reminds me of a fun video game, Mario Kart….. now they need to do this in the mall with dirt bikes, or pit bikes…..

This looks like a great pump track….. similar to our Walnut Creek pump track….. why didn’t we have these tracks, and the bicycles to ride them, when I was  a kid? My parents got me a banana-seat bicycle, I rode it around the street,  I said “this sucks”, and started riding dirt bikes. If I had a pump track to ride a bicycle on, things would have been very different…..

Here is another urban bicycle riding video, no race, but more freewheeling, doing some pretty amazing things…..

Here is another reward for checking back in….. the more complete video of Danny MacAskill riding that 1-inch fence….. he had some problems before he made it…..

HERE IS A VIDEO OF THE ALMOST UNRIDEABLE TRAIL….. do you think you could ride it without crashing……. I don’t think so……

If you liked the last video, you will love this one………. I call it “THE DANCE OF THE RAG DOLLS”….. or ….. “THE WALTZ OF THE CRASH DUMMIES”….. this is how NOT to ride a bicycle…..

This one is an on-board video from an interesting perspective….. I think the camera is on the rider’s chest….. he must be wearing a chest protector….. good for him…..

This video has another great song: DO YOU WANT THAT LOVE?? (did you marry a woman like this?) ….. and some great BMX tricks too, by regular guys…..

Added July 5….. I found another gem. This one is mostly in slow motion, so you can pick up details, and it has classical music….. finally a video with some class….. AND a double back flip too…..

Added June 10. Much of this one is “rogue” video. DO NOT TRY THIS ON PUBLIC ROADS IN TRAFFIC!!!

This one is a trials motorcycle playing in the city, doing awesome things we all wish we could do….. and with a cool song too…..

The next video is by far the most interesting to me. It was made somewhere in Eastern Europe by 2 good friends with trials bicycles. This by itself is exceptional, that 2 men would share such a rare sport. They probably practiced together, sharing an unusual passion for extreme bicycle riding, and they became very good at it. This is even more noteworthy. Then they got ahold of a video camera, and took turns taking video of each other doing their best tricks, which are completely incredible, though the video quality is poor. They posted their video somewhere on the Internet. Then someone else found their video, appreciated it for the gem that it is, added the soundtrack of a very provocative song in America, and posted it on Youtube.  So here it is, this amazing product of starkly different cultures. The amazing bicyclists in Europe have nothing in common with the American song that plays while they perform, and the American musicians who performed the “nigger” song have no link to the European bicyclists. But they are forced together by some unknown producer, to bring us this excellent video, for free. The video action and the music are both radical, for entirely different reasons. They clash, because both of them demand our attention, one distracting us from the other. Plus, it has some funny bloopers at the end, to show that they did not make it every time. They are tearing up their bikes….. which are old…..  too bad we cannot contribute to buy them some new ones….. I gladly would….. now enjoy their AWESOME RIDING and THE NIGGER SONG…..

In this next video, the amazing Jar returns, but this time on a bicycle, instead of a street motorcycle…..

This next video has become my favorite. It chronicles the love of riding of 4 kids in British Columbia, Canada. They take to the forest, fashion an incredible track with their own hands, and then show us their amazing skills, in a free video that anyone can watch. This is pure passion, pure love of performance on 2 wheels, shared by 4 friends. This video is unique in that regard, showing a collective effort of 4 friends of like mind, who did far more than one man could do by himself. They put in hundreds of man-hours of work on these ramps and trails, and then they show us 4 minutes of the rewards of their work. And the music flows with the video. (“Young Lovers” by Love Grenade) Very cool….. “let’s do this right”….. and they did…..

This is the one with the disgusting song….. but awesome riding…..

And now,  after all these incredible videos of incredible people doing incredible things on 2 wheels, THIS is what happens to me when I tried to do a little radical trail-riding today ….. there was this incredibly tiny squeezed-down trail on a rock cliff above Barton Creek, but 4 other guys had just made it, so I thought I could too….. WRONG….. I already told you my balance sucks, and my pedal scraped the cliff….. so there was this big SPLASH of about 220 combined pounds of rider, backpack, and bicycle hitting the water upside-down…..

But it cooled me off, I discovered that my bicycle floats but I do not, I was able to swim back to the cliff and my buddies helped me out of the creek, and this was the “coolest” trail ride of my life, so far….. there will be many more, God willing!!! Go forth now, and have your own 2-wheeled adventure. It is the most fun a human being can have, with your clothes still on.

I just  found a new video worthy of posting here. It shows a sport I knew nothing about, until 5 minutes ago. But now I love it. Urban Downhill….. what a concept!!!

And of course, not to be outdone, dirt bikers have their own distorted ideas of urban competition….. not content with existing streets, stairways, bridge arches, and retaining walls, they have to bring in logs and tires and boulders, and dump them on the street….. I think they could have found existing urban obstacles that are far more interesting….. but this is great fun to watch….. how would YOU ride this?

And here is a much better one…..

And here is a BMX video suggested by a good buddy, from an event that happened last weekend, in Austin, Texas:

The next video talks about the incredible drive, the incredible quest of the best riders in the world….. to do something that no one else has done before….. for this caliber of rider, their best ride of the moment is truly NEVER ENOUGH….. they must constantly hone their skills and do the next “impossible” thing….. it is NEVER ENOUGH for them….. and they will never cease to amaze the rest of us…..

And finally, here is the absolute best bicycle crash video I have found, to show what happens most of the time, when you try to get too fancy. This one features the freestyle riding and jumping that has become so popular. This shows how NOT to do it!  Try it at your own risk!! Or better yet, don’t try it at all!!! Lots of skin is lost in this video…..


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