Ed Henry’s View– Fox News: 1, Obama: 0

Ed Henry is a reporter who recently changed employment from CNN to Fox News, covering the White House. He attends the same press conferences he did before, and asks the same tough questions he did before, but the responses from the Obama propaganda machine have changed like a light switch,  becoming hostile. Ed Henry is upset, and just interviewed about it. I present the news article below. This is a rare expose’ of the raw bias present in the Obama administration, and all the crap rolls downhill from Obama himself. His staff’s treatment of Ed Henry is just scratching the surface of Obama’s hostility to anyone who criticizes his agenda. Obama’s philosophy is clearly anti-American and leaning toward Marxism, but any journalist or author who points this out is viciously attacked, by the Obama administration and by the loyal liberal media. The liberal media will not report on any criticism of Obama, and certainly won’t criticize him themselves. But criticism of Obama is vital, to get the truth out about him….. which is what I tried to do in the first post of this blog  https://goldenmeantx.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/hello-world/

By his own past words and writings, Obama thinks America is a selfish, racist, arrogant, imperialist country, and he is on a mission to cut our wings off (as he did to NASA) and make us pay for our crimes. He is trying to redistribute wealth, robbing Peter to pay Paul, while we are all going broke. Obama is a liberal/radical ideological robot, and he has no clue how to fix our economy. On his watch, he has increased the national debt from 9 trillion dollars to 14.5 trillion. On his watch, the credit rating of America has been downgraded. The national jobless rate has been above 9 percent, for the last 2 years, and local jobless rates have approached 20 percent in some areas. Obama is more interested in his Radical agenda (which he learned in college and in Chicago, the dark city that spawned Saul Alinsky and Al Capone) and righting imagined social wrongs. See this post about Radicalism https://goldenmeantx.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/radicalism-the-dark-side-of-liberalism/

Obama and his administration have made the economy much worse than it was under Bush, though they eternally blame Bush for everything. Every one of us is now suffering from Obama & friends’ wrong ideas, and we will suffer more until he is kicked out of office. He is trying to “transform” America into a socialist paradise where everything is “fair” according to his lofty liberal ideas of social justice, which do not work in the real world.

Barack Hussein Obama is also a Muslim sympathizer with a Muslim middle name, with policies that have advanced the aggressive spread of Islam extremism in the US and all over the world, at the expense of every other religion, and at the expense of freedom. From his bowing low to the king of Saudi Arabia while snubbing the queen of England, to his fanciful pro-Muslim speech in Cairo in 2009, to his failure to condemn the plans for a mosque near ground-zero in New York, to his absurd orders for NASA to conduct an outreach program to Muslim countries (???),  http://michellemalkin.com/2010/07/06/the-left-stuff-nasas-muslim-outreach/ , his bias for Islam is obvious.

And like Muslims,  he is hostile to Israel, the only democracy and the only beacon of Western values in a dark turbulent sea of Muslim theocracy and political tyranny. Israel’s Arab/Muslim neighbors have tried to destroy it ever since Israel’s creation in 1948, in 5 different wars (1948 – 49, 1967, 1969 – 70, 1973, and 1982). The Jews were fighting for their first homeland since the time of Jesus, and just after the horrors of the Holocaust. They won every war, and rightfully gained territory, paid for with blood, against an attacking Muslim alliance with superior numbers. The Israelis called the war of 1948 their “War of Liberation”, and the Muslims called it “The Catastrophe”.  Failing to destroy Israel outright in 5 wars, the Muslims have lowered themselves to tactics of propaganda, terrorism, missile attacks, and trying to steal Israeli territory through the sham of the “Palestinian” cause, which President Obama supports, against the interests of our ally, Israel. Israel deserves every square inch of territory that they won in combat, and they have already made extreme sacrifices and concessions for peace, long before Obama came along.  Obama has betrayed them, and sided with their Muslim enemies. Obama should call for Israel’s neighbors (Egypt, Lebanon, etc.) to give land for Palestine, because Israel has given more than enough already.

In the rest of the Middle East, that region of Jew-haters, Christian-haters and fellow America-haters,  our wise President Obama has  allowed the miraculous “Arab Spring” of rebellions to wilt into an Arab winter,  shifting heavily toward the oppression of Sharia Law and the mafia-like Muslim Brotherhood. Christians are being attacked and killed today in Egypt. In 2009, Obama allowed the massive Iranian protest of rigged elections to be murdered in its infancy, when he could have nurtured it toward freedom. Obama bungled our involvement in Libya, refusing to target the evil dictator Khadafi, while he rained smart bombs and missiles down on Khadafi’s hapless soldiers, killing them, but he wouldn’t kill their commander. I wrote about this outrage here   https://goldenmeantx.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/the-insane-megalomaniac-in-libya-and-the-fool-in-the-white-house/   I think Obama’s refusal to target Khadafi  was due in part to cowardice, because targeting a head of state (especially a Muslim head of state) for killing would invite the targeting of Obama in return. Khadafi has a gang of loyal Muslim murderers who support him, who would think nothing of killing a Muslim apostate who has forsaken Islam, which is how some of them view Barack Hussein Obama. Why would they view him this way, you may ask?

Obama’s grandfather was Muslim. Obama’s father was raised as a Muslim. Obama has a Muslim middle name. As a boy in Indonesia, Obama was taken to Muslim mosques by his stepfather Lolo, and as a US Senator he once recalled those times, recited the first lines of the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic and said that it was “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” The Muslim call to prayer would probably not be described as “pretty” by a Jew or a Christian. To an American, the Star Spangled Banner should be the “prettiest” sound on Earth, at sunset or any other time of day. But Senator Obama made it a point to praise the Muslim prayer call as a special thing in his childhood, that he fondly remembers, and he did it in a news interview that was reported world-wide.

However, the New York Times will not release the video of that interview with Nicolas Kristof (liberal self-censorship of their own news reports, because it would damage their hero Obama). I can’t even find a copy of the text of the interview. So here is another video reporting the issue:

Here is another video with news clips you probably have not seen, but you should see to be informed on the issue: UPDATE– the video I linked to below has been deleted by Youtube, which is fresh evidence of political censorship occurring on Youtube. The video only presented all the news clips available which show Obama commenting favorably about Islam or Muslims, and there were A LOT of them. He also proclaimed that America is not a Christian nation.

Obama has said other things to capitalize on his Muslim heritage. But now he says he is a Christian. Therefore, Muslim terrorists could easily think that he was raised as a Muslim, but has now forsaken Islam. Muslim terrorists are not philosophical chameleons like Barack Hussein Obama. To them, that is a crime punishable by death. If Obama targeted and killed Khadafi, that would greatly add to the motivation to target Obama.

Let us return to Obama’s disastrous policies in the Middle East, during the so-called “Arab Spring” of amazing rebellions. Obama did basically nothing in Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria. Those rebellions were either squashed, or are turning a fragile freedom into religious tyranny, by calling for Sharia Law, as is Libya. Christians and other non-Muslims continue to be persecuted, attacked and killed in these countries, which will worsen as Sharia Law is enforced.  But the loyal liberal media will not criticize Obama’s role in this cultural and political disaster. Instead, they praise him for “getting Osama Bin Laden”, when all he did was allow President Bush’s search for Osama to continue, and then OK the final raid. The same goes for the more recent killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American traitor who became a mouthpiece for Al-Qaeda.

Back to Ed Henry, who is one of the few reporters who will “ask tough questions” at the White House. I have strayed from his story, while thinking about all the tough issues that I would ask about at the White House. Even Ed Henry at Fox News would not be able to present the above information, and still keep his job.  Now let me return to Ed’s issue. Ed Henry  says in his interview that Fox News is fair and balanced in its reporting. When I tune them in, I see that they mostly are, far more than any other network. They present both sides of every controversial issue. They almost always invite liberals and conservatives to argue a political news item. CNN or ABC or NBC or MSNBC usually do not present an opposing view at all, but they do it occasionally, or on one program, just to say they are balanced. But they are not balanced. They are propaganda machines; they are preaching their philosophy as pure gospel; they are liberal/progressive bullhorns blasting in our ears. But of course, they cannot admit to being propaganda machines, so in classic skunk-type tactics, they spray acrid filth in the direction of Fox News, accusing them of being a propaganda machine.

Whenever a loud accusation is made, look where the accuser is pointing, but then look back closely at the accuser, for they are likely doing more of whatever evil deed they are accusing the other side of doing.

Please read this article about Ed Henry from AdWeek, and make your own judgment:

“Since jumping from CNN in June, Fox News’ chief White House correspondent, Ed Henry, has been the target of a few tongue-lashings from White House press secretary Jay Carney–including one during President Obama’s contentious debt reduction talks with Congress in late July.

In a Q&A with Adweek this week, Henry dismissed the notion that Fox News has a conservative bias.

“I know what people say about Fox and about what they say is a tilt to the right,” Henry said. “Meanwhile, the reporters I know, like Bret Baier, are right down the middle and are tough on everybody.”

Henry also scoffed at the idea that he’s changed since jumping to CNN’s rival. “I asked tough questions of the Obama White House when I was at CNN and nobody freaked out,” he said. “I start asking tough questions at Fox and everybody freaked out.”

He also denied that executives at Fox have been behind his line of questioning or feeding him talking points for White House press briefings.

“Absolutely not,” Henry said. “My first day at Fox, President Obama gave a primetime address to the nation. That would have been a great chance for Roger Ailes or someone to say, ‘Hey, Ed, there is going to be a lot of people watching tonight, maybe you should hit Obama on this or that.’ I didn’t get a phone call from anyone. I didn’t get an email from anyone. But what I did get was, we want you to be front and center tonight. I was on with Bret Baier, not Sean Hannity or some of the opinion anchors we have.”

He added: “Next morning ratings came out, and Fox had about 4 million viewers. CNN had about 2 million.”

In July, on his third official day with Fox News, Henry pressed Carney on the president’s debt reduction plan, asking if the administration planned to file a compromise proposal–the offer briefly accepted by Speaker of the House John Boehner–with the Congressional Budget Office.

“Look, I know you’re creating a thing here for Fox,” Carney shot back.

“That’s not what I’m doing,” Henry responded. “And you know better than that.”

The exchange followed a similarly testy one the day before, and underscored the Obama administration’s icy, often contentious relationship with Fox News.



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