The Intense Beauty of Texas

Here is a video from the website of photographer Wyman Meinzer, who was raised on a ranch in West Texas and wants to show the rest of the world its raw physical beauty.  In the presentation, he also manages to show us the rugged spirit of West Texas in the people and animals who live there.  Great photos and great music.  It takes you away from the worries of the day and soothes the soul.  It shows the intense, wide-open beauty of West Texas.  And this is just one part of the Lone Star State, which also has ocean beaches, cruise ships, and tall cool green pine forests in the East.

God Bless Texas!!!  Why would we need to go anywhere else?  Here is a link to the awesome video, with its haunting and winsome music:    (just click on the picture to start play)

…..this viewing of the video is in special memory of Francis E. Spurlin, wife of J.J. Robinson, 1861-1890, who died at the ripe old age of 29 and never dreamed that her tombstone would be viewed by you and I, on a computer screen, without being there in the graveyard, without investing in the land, without feeling the dirt under our feet, and under our fingernails…..  look for her tombstone in the video.

On Meinzer’s blog, he has a heart-breaking article on the current Texas drought, with some sad pictures:

Gray Fox in Blooming Agave

Meinzer offers special prints for sale on his website at the Select Image Club

This is the current image for sale, of a gray fox who climbed up into a huge agave plant to eat the blooms and also eat the bees buzzing around the blooms. If you like it, you should go and buy it!

You may have noticed my own background photo on this blog, which is a photo taken in Big Bend National Park in West Texas. To see the entire photo, just right-click anywhere on the screen, and then click on “view background image”. The full panorama is breathtaking, and worth some quiet reflection, without my crude words in the way.

In such spectacular natural beauty as this, God speaks to us, with no need for words…..


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