Way Too Little, Way Too Late for the Libyan People, Iranian People, and Donald Young

Scratch one dictator off the list! With no help from Obama (though he will spin it to take credit), but some help from NATO, the Libyans managed to find and kill their tormentor of the last 42 years, Colonel Ka-Daffy (my preferred spelling of his name). After Ka-Daffy’s escaping convoy was hit by a NATO airstrike, Ka-Daffy ran and hid in a drainage pipe, where the rebels found him, pulled him out, beat him and killed him. They have finally managed to do what Obama refused to do, just KILL the damn dictator!!!   So here is his body, just in time for Halloween:

If Obama had targeted and killed Ka-Daffy seven months ago, the rebels would have won much sooner, would have been grateful to us, and thousands of lives would have been saved. Which I strongly called for here:  https://goldenmeantx.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/the-insane-megalomaniac-in-libya-and-the-fool-in-the-white-house/ Now, with the drawn-out rebellion over, with the rebels victorious, another Libyan war will start, a war of Muslim retribution. Libya may simply trade one form of Muslim tyranny for another. In accordance with Sharia Law and tribal custom, the rebels will punish everyone who supported Ka-Daffy, as they have already punished his hometown of Cirte, a beautiful city of 140,000, by almost completely destroying it. If Obama had targeted and killed Ka-Daffy seven months ago, this Muslim wave of retribution would have been minimized. But now, the Ka-Daffy supporters who are unjustly punished by the new government, will then try to get their own revenge, sparking new waves of retribution by the new government….. and more will die….. like these already have…..

Ka-Daffy is now on display in a meat freezer until they figure out where to bury him in secret. Somehow, it has come to light that Ka-Daffy had amassed a fortune of about $200 billion dollars worth of money, gold, land, and other goodies which were stolen during his 42 years of tyranny. That made him the richest man in the world, as well as the evilest (the previous richest man in the world was Mexico’s Carlos Slim, at a mere $74 billion  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Slim….. add the fortunes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to equal Ka-Daffy’s ).  Thank God and the Libyan rebels that Ka-Daffy was not able to escape, and use that money to exact a terrible revenge on us and NATO countries, who deprived him of his own personal country to abuse. He could have picked up the phone, called Al Qaeda, and given them $10 or $20 billion to conduct a campaign of revenge in America and Europe. That mind-boggling amount of money would have bought a lot of destruction and death, probably more than 9/11, in even more clever ways. Let us hope and pray that the surviving sons of Ka-Daffy do not get their hands on that bloody money. One news report I heard, said that Ka-Daffy’s family may be entitled to some of the ill-gotten loot. They already have their shares hidden away, I am sure. It should all be confiscated and given to Ka-Daffy’s victims of the past 42 years.

In other news, I was completely disgusted by this news release  http://news.yahoo.com/us-reaches-iranians-warns-iran-government-214551046.html in which our pathetic do-nothing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks of her work to establish an internet-based “virtual U.S. embassy” in Iran, with whom we have no diplomatic ties. Clinton did do an excellent job in Libya, making Obama’s limited military action even possible, against a cartoon-like tinpot dictator. But in Iran, perhaps the strongest tyranny in the world, American policy (or lack of policy) has been a complete failure. It is not really Clinton’s fault….. she didn’t even get to pick her own deputy secretary….. Obama did…..  to keep Hillary in check. What can a Secretary of State do, under a President who is trying to apologize to the world for American “imperialism”, and roll back our influence in the world? Well, one thing to do is conduct internet diplomacy and outreach, and claim you are doing something really important, if you don’t have the capability or authority to do it on the ground.

Now Clinton says she wants to “engage” the people of Iran on the internet. What does she think will happen to Iranians who try to use such a U.S. website, when they are caught by the Iranian police? Then she issues a vague “warning” to the murdering Muslim tyrants of the Iranian government. Is this a bad joke? The tyrants of Iran will certainly laugh at it.  Two years ago, those tyrants slaughtered thousands of their own people in the streets, and we did nothing. Remember that major protest against the rigged Iranian elections in 2009, and how the Iranian government sent soldiers to murder protesters in the streets, and sent police to track down internet bloggers and throw them in jail? Remember how Obama said  “the Iranian people are engaged in an extraordinary debate”, and  how he issued statements saying that he did not want to be seen as “meddling” in Iranian politics, that he did not want to issue forceful statements that would be used as a “political football” by the Iranian government? He was concerned with losing a game of political football, while the real game, a bloody game, was lost in the streets of Tehran, and protesters who desperately needed our support, even just our verbal and moral support, were being shot and clubbed to death in the streets, and tortured in the prisons.

A few days ago, Obama proclaimed that he will withdraw all military personnel from Iraq by the end of this year, and the Iranian tyrants are plotting how they will replace our influence with theirs, and make Iraq their virtual colony or puppet state. Inside and outside of Iraq, many wolves are circling the fire of freedom that we have built in Iraq, and when Obama puts out our fire and leaves, the wolves will close in. Everything Obama does in the Middle East seems to be a disaster for freedom, and a victory for Muslim tyranny, which he seems to be blind to.  Now, Hillary starts a pathetic internet program in Iran, after the protesters of 2009 were betrayed and abandoned by her and her boss (Hillary claims that the protesters wanted no help)….. and while they do nothing (except talk and sanctions) to stop Iran’s extensive program to build nuclear bombs, which they will use to “wipe Israel off the map”. Pardon me while I barf.

  In other news, many protesters in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement are showing their true colors, marked by anti-Jewish rants, racism, vandalism, clashes with police, protesters stealing from each other, stinking piles of trash and human waste at their protest sites, and residents complaining of the constant beating of drums. The protest leaders in New York City graciously said they would limit the drum-beating to 4 hours a day. Wow, only 4 hours a day….. how nice of them, if they can even restrain the drummers. It is becoming apparent that their righteous claim of speaking for the 99% of “good” Americans against the 1% of “evil” Americans should be reversed. Most of the protesters I have seen on TV would fall in the evil 1%, the Radical 1%, or at least the weirdest 1%. They are wearing out their welcome even in liberal cities, such as Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon and others where they are being arrested for trying to set up permanent camps, and for trying to  spread to more parks. In Austin, the city had to clean up their protest site, finding feces, urine, and remnants of sexual activity (it seems they are doing more than protesting)…..  Contrast this with Tea Party rallies, which do not vandalize, do not clash with police, do not steal from each other, do not crap and hump in the park, and do pick up most of their own trash.

UPDATE 15 Nov 2011–I just discovered that, according to Time Magazine, the man most responsible for starting the Occupy movement is Van Jones, the ex-communist that Obama appointed as his “Green Jobs Advisor”, who was forced to resign when the country discovered his Radical past. He has now returned to his Radical roots when he called for “urban Marxism”, and has become a professional rabble-rouser. He started a movement called the American Dream Movement, traveling the country and giving a 70-slide PowerPoint presentation to the leaders of every progressive institution he could reach, from coast to coast. These groups agreed to organize protests, and started with small “Jobs Not Cuts” protests in the summer. Some kids decided to pitch tents on Wall Street, and “Occupy Wall Street” was born. Now Van Jones travels from city to city, camp to camp, to spur on the protesters. He is planning a major day of nationwide protest on November 17, to celebrate the second full month of the “Wall Street”  encampment in Manhattan. However, they will not be able to boast of that feat, because the NY police just cleared them all out of Zuccotti Park last night, starting at 1 AM, because their camp was declared a health and fire hazard. The city of Portland, Oregon has also cleared its camp.  These Occupiers are like a disease, and city after city is calling for medicine dressed in blue or black.


In other news, the Republican race for the Presidency is turning into a train wreck, with Rick Perry self-destructing and trying to take Mitt Romney down with him. Personally, I would like to see Herman Cain win the nomination and run against Obama. I have heard and liked Herman Cain on the radio for years, when he substituted for Neal Bortz, the mostly Libertarian commentator. Cain is the only Republican running who is not a politician, but a successful business executive.  I think Cain would crush Obama in 2012, and President Cain would bring a  reviving breath of fresh air to our nation, which is now being suffocated to death by Obama and friends. But now, an employee sexual harassment scandal has been dredged up, or possibly conjured up, from Herman Cain’s past, and he is conducting damage control.

But consider this, to understand the high level of hypocrisy of the left….. even if all the allegations against Herman Cain are true, they will amount to a joke in poor taste and a gesture that made a woman feel “uncomfortable”, which pale in comparison to the sexual and criminal misdeeds of democrats such as Senator Ted Kennedy (who probably impregnated secretary Mary Jo Kopechne and then killed her and lied about it), Senator John Edwards (who betrayed his cancer-fighting wife and had a love baby and lied about it),  Congressman Anthony Weiner (who sent nude pictures of himself on the internet and lied about it), Vice-President Al Gore (who ordered sex massages in hotels and lied about it), and President Bill Clinton. Clinton may top them all, with at least 8 sexual assault or sexual escapade accusations against him (Sally Perdue, Dolly Browning, Elizabeth Gracen, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski). Have you never heard of some of these women? Blame the liberal media for that, and research the names for yourself. The left wanted to excuse Bill Clinton for extra-marital sex in the oral… I mean Oval Office, but now they want to condemn Herman Cain for a gesture concerning a woman’s height.

I, on the other hand, condemn all extra-marital sexual escapades of all married men of any political persuasion, and Herman Cain’s behavior of the past did not qualify as a sexual escapade, but merely a joke or a gesture that made a woman feel “uncomfortable”. We are all made to feel “uncomfortable” by other people almost every day of our lives. Get over it!!!

The real motivation behind the left’s condemnation, or “technological lynching” of Herman Cain, is to punish him for being a great success without any help from liberals, and without supporting liberal causes.  He is an escaped slave from the Democratic party “plantation”, and they must make an example of him, before he becomes a role model for other blacks to escape from the plantation, and to vote Republican. I hope he shakes off the accusations now, and I hope he gets the chance to unseat the chosen, ordained liberal black Obama in 2012.

UPDATE 8 Nov 2011– Another woman, Sharon Bialek,  has come forward, and gone public with more specific accusations of more serious sexual advances by Herman Cain, in 1997. She says he put his hand on her leg in a car, after she asked for his help to find a job. She refused to take his advances, and he backed down, according to her. The Cain campaign said that this never happened, and that Cain has never harassed anyone. If it did happen, Cain should admit it and get it behind him.  If it did not happen the way the woman claims, then she is a despicable liar. But with four different women voicing complaints against Cain now, he probably did do or say something inappropriate to some of them. But it would still not approach the sexual misdeeds of the liberal Democrats mentioned above.

It also would not approach the alleged sexual misdeeds of our current president, Barack Obama, which I bet you have never even heard of. The accuser was Larry Sinclair, who initially accused Obama of using crack cocaine as recently as 1999, and then broke the story of Obama’s alleged homosexual affair with Donald Young, the gay choirmaster at Obama’s Chicago church. Donald Young was murdered in his Chicago apartment on December 23, 2007, after contacting Larry Sinclair about the affair. Check out this news video:  http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=5854125 .  It features our favorite America-damning pastor, Jeremiah Wright. This was in the midst of Obama’s campaign for the Presidency, and the alleged connection to Obama was never mentioned. Sinclair has written a book about it titled “Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies, and Murder”, available from Amazon here:  http://www.amazon.com/Barack-Obama-Larry-Sinclair-Cocaine/dp/0578013878#reader_B002PSD322 .   It is plausible that Obama had Young killed to silence him, but this story of alleged drugs, sex and murder never reached the level of exposure of Herman Cain’s alleged hand on a woman’s leg. This is a perfect example of the bias of the mainstream liberal media.

There is so much lying and distortion of the truth going on in these news stories and in the soap operas of my own life, that I must make lying the subject of my next article. It will be more in the direction of pure philosophy, which is sorely lacking in most of our lives.

But now to close, on a lighter note, after so many depressing news stories, here is a funny video to cheer us up:


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