My Battle With a Vicious Little Computer Virus

Some of you, my friends and associates, have been sent emails by a virus that infected my computer. Here is the story of what happened, so I don’t have to explain it 100 times, and so those who read this can know how to deal with this problem on their own computers. If you get a virus like this, at least you will know how I was able to kill it.

 First, the virus does not seem to be destructive, but sends emails out to the contacts it finds in your computer. The emails have a link, which seems to change with each email, which I have not clicked on, and I warned everyone else not to click on. They seem to be advertising for some product, but they may be a way to invade your computer with a virus.

 At first, that is how I thought I got the virus. A friend in my contacts list got a similar virus, that started sending out emails with links. One of the links said it was for a work-at-home website, and I clicked on it out of idle curiosity, the kind of curiosity that killed the cat, as the old saying goes. It was indeed a work-at-home website, but it may also have given me a virus, that was now doing the same thing on my computer. But I am not sure if that is what happened or not.

I do know that I got a “Trojan” virus on my computer called “Gen-Softonics Downloader”. This is how I think that happened. Ever since I did my blog article called “Philosophy In Motion (On 2 Wheels)”, I have become interested in finding good bicycle and moto videos to share with friends. Most of those videos are located on Youtube. I learned how to put links to those videos into emails and on this blog. Then I became interested in downloading those videos onto my computer from Youtube, and after searching on the internet, I found and bought a program that does that quite well. It is called “Replay Media Catcher 4” from Applian Technologies. It downloads the videos when you watch them, and converts them to Windows Media File format (WMF). These files can be played on your computer without the internet. So you can take your laptop on a hunting trip and show the videos to your buddies, or take them on a trip to Thailand.

 Then, with these videos on my computer, I tried to burn them to a DVD disk, so that I could play them with a DVD player on a TV screen. I discovered that Windows Media Center would not do it, so I started looking for programs on the internet again. I found several programs, some free and some I paid for, but one by one I discovered that they also would not burn the bicycle video files onto a DVD. This was very frustrating, after spending money and wasting time. I went searching again, and downloaded “Softonics Downloader”, a free program which said it would convert files from one format to another, and I thought it was worth a try. It put a cool icon on my desktop. When I tried it, it did nothing, EXCEPT PUT A *!@#$% VIRUS ON MY COMPUTER, which may be the one that started sending out these emails with links. I clicked on the cool icon, and it blinked a couple of times, and then nothing else. I may have clicked on it again, shrugged it off and went on to other computer tasks. Little did I know, those two little blinks were blinks of doom, like the fangs of a viper, like cyber-poison being pumped into the arteries of my computer.

 When I saw the virus emails in my “sent” folder, I sent warnings to everyone who received those emails. Then I ran 3 anti-virus programs: Spybot, Malwarebytes, and AVG. Spybot found several bugs and killed them (but it did not find “Gen-Softonics Downloader”), then Malwarebytes and AVG found nothing. I thought I was clean, but the next day, more virus emails were sent out. I sent warnings again to the recipients. I called a computer tech company I have used before, GeeksOnSite. They set up a remote connection to my computer and charged me for 2 hours of anti-virus work. Their program, “SuperAntiSpyware” found the Trojan program “Gen-Softonics Downloader” and various tracking agents and deleted them all. So again, I thought I was clean. But the next day, the virus emails were going out yet again. When I discovered that, I disconnected my computer from the internet. I ran the “SuperAntiSpyware” scanner again, and it found “Gen-Softonics Downloader” Trojan virus again!….. and I deleted it again. This Trojan virus was resurrecting itself from the dead like a zombie, every time I rebooted my computer. This was turning into a bad horror movie on my computer.

A computer expert friend had told me that the remote technique may not work, and I should take the computer to a local shop and have them clean the virus. He was right, and I took the computer to “Computer Nerdz”. The shop was not busy, so the Nerdz connected my computer while I was still there, and tried to start it up. All they got was the Blue Error Screen of death!!! Twice!!! But it had worked fine at my house earlier. The Nerdz picked me up off the floor and said don’t worry, we will find the problem, get it booted up and get the virus out. I spent the rest of the day wondering if they would. The Nerdz found and deleted the Trojan program and some other hostile stuff on my computer, and deleted them. They told me that the “SuperAntiSpyware” program was corrupted, as was my paid-for AVG security program. They thought the corrupted AVG program had caused the blue error screen.  They asked to delete the AVG program, because they have found that AVG and Windows XP do not play nice together. I said yes, delete it now!!! They gave me a free security program, Microsoft Security Essentials, that they think is the best. I never heard of it before, but I will give it a try. I have it doing a full scan of my computer right now.

 The Nerds also informed me that the email virus may be operating elsewhere, and accessing my email account because it stole my email password with a spy program. I said perhaps, but the emails are showing up in my “sent” folder, so doesn’t that mean my computer is doing it? The Nerd (Alex) said no, all of that is maintained on the browser company’s server, so it could all be happening on the server.

That seems to be the case, because the Nerdz had my computer turned off overnight. I checked my email at home with my laptop, and it showed some more virus emails in the “sent” folder, at a time that my infected computer was turned off and disconnected at the Nerdz shop. So I changed my password to my email account, and hopefully that will block the remote virus from sending out more emails. If it does not, I have another trick for the vile little cyber-bug. I deleted all the contacts on my contact list except one, which is no longer a valid email. If the remote virus tries to send an email to that invalid contact, I will know it, but none of my friends should get any more virus emails.

 I am sorry to all who received the virus emails. I sent warnings to everyone who received the first two, and I hope no one clicked on the links in those emails. In a few days, if no more virus emails go out to my one invalid contact, I will know I am clean and I can get back to normal email activity…..







Whoever writes these viruses and lets them loose to prey on complete strangers, are a sick and evil lot. They get some kind of twisted pleasure in doing harm to others, with no benefit to themselves or anyone else. I hope someday they get caught, or get what’s coming to them when they hack a hacker who is smarter than they are. Sooner or later, Bad Karma is coming to get them. They cannot escape that….. and it comes in many forms…..


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Truth seeker, fact finder, amateur philosopher, amateur historian, ex-soldier, ex-motorcycle racer, world traveler, rancher, hunter, gun owner, dirt bike rider, mountain bicycle rider, husband, father, grandfather, hard worker, good friend to all who put up with me, and even some who don't.

One Response to My Battle With a Vicious Little Computer Virus

  1. MacDillon says:

    Learn to use a Proxy Server to open questionable links, this way if can not affect your system. You can find many free Proxy Servers from any Search Engine. Simply enter the URI you wish to goto and that server load the page and shows you the page within a window.

    Another suggestion is Buy A Macintosh or convert your PC in a Linux OS. (I know you have to have Auto-Cad. I’m sure they have a version for those OS’s, just check with them.

    Which reminds me of my old saying… Do you know what IBM stands for?

    I Buy Macintosh’s (IBM)!

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