Book Review: “Proof of Heaven”…..? or Proof of Something Else?

Date last revised:  15 April 2014


Quote of the day:   “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray…..  We don’t get fooled again…..  don’t get fooled again…..  No, no!”  The Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, 1971



I recently read an amazing book,  which is in its 45th week on the New York Times best-seller list,  currently #1 in its category.  The title is “Proof of Heaven- A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife”, by Eben Alexander, M.D.


Proof of Heaven and AuthorThis book tells of Dr. Alexander’s near-death experience, or NDE.  The book is quite remarkable,  because the author’s experience was so unique.  Most books about NDE’s,  spiritual encounters,  or the afterlife are written by people who already have spiritual beliefs,  or who are at least open to the concepts of spirits, souls, and God.  I have read many of these books,  being interested in this subject since my college years.  Many thousands of people have had an NDE and reported it,  but scientists tell us that they are impossible,  that they are just some concoction of the amazing human brain.  Dr. Eben Alexander,  neurosurgeon,  was one of those scientists.  The good doctor “knew” that NDE’s may feel real to the subject,  but they are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.  His beliefs were atheist,  rejecting any notion of metaphysical forces or spiritual existence.

The doctor’s experience is also unique because of the clinical,  medical certainty of his impending death.  After a week in a coma,  with his brain under constant attack by E. Coli bacteria,  the chances of his death were 95%.  Even if he survived,  his tending doctors “knew” that with all the brain damage they were observing,  he would be a vegetable,  deprived of all higher brain function,  unable to talk or move.  The fact that he not only survived,  but made a full recovery and returned to his own medical practice,  is a true medical miracle that cannot be explained.  But it is easily explained,  if you accept the metaphysical nature of life,  and the existence of soul or spirit.  There were many people praying fervently for him,  and telling others to pray,  more  every day of his coma,  and this helped to build up metaphysical forces which defeated the bacteria and healed his brain.  In his NDE,  he could actually feel or sense some of the people praying for him to come back.  And simultaneously,  but at cross-purposes, it is likely that the doctor’s spiritual guides,  for reasons we can only guess,  wanted him to survive, return to his body,  and to spread their message.  He is now  spreading their message quite well,  with a #1 book,  a website,  interviews,  a constant speaking tour,  and a contract for a movie with Universal studios.  He has spoken at a conference with the Dalai Lama.  He has been on many TV news programs.   He has even been on “Oprah”,  where that woman reinforced and broadcast his message to millions of other gullible women.

But the message he is spreading,  from the spiritual guides he encountered in his NDE,  is not entirely beneficial.  In fact,  I think that it is somewhat harmful.  The mysterious motives of his spiritual guides may become clearer to you,  by the time you finish reading this review.  I think that in his gripping drama of life,  death,  and afterlife,  this prominent doctor may have become an unwitting pawn on a spiritual chessboard of battle,  between  good and evil,  between liberators and dominators,  or between God and Satan,  if you want to see it in such religiously polarized terms.  It is a constant cosmic battle being waged across the universe,  and right down to where you and I live,  in our houses,  in our cars,  in our offices.  We are all potential targets of opportunity.  Normally,  in our daily affairs,  we are of little direct concern to higher powers.  We go to work,  we go to play,  we marry,  we have children,  we laugh,  we cry,  we grow old,  we die,  as one among billions of souls,  on this planet we call Earth,  among billions of other planets.  We live out our lives,  and we seek our destinies,  in privacy and anonymity, for the most part.  BUT….. when something unusual and important happens to us,  the metaphysical alarm is sounded,  we become the focal point of metaphysical attention from many directions,  and the different forces in play see a chance to use us to their advantage,  and the cosmic game is on.  I think this is what happened to Dr. Alexander.  I think the good doctor might agree with me on that point,  but he may not agree with my other points.  Bear with me,  keep reading,  and perhaps you will see what I mean……


Like Dr. Alexander before his NDE,  most scientists scoff that spirits do not exist,  because they cannot detect or measure spirits.  Instead of scoffing,  they should be questioning their own knowledge.  They should be questioning their limited means of measurement.  For spirits are not all they cannot measure.   Science cannot measure good and evil,  science cannot measure love and hate,  science cannot measure intentions,  science cannot measure free will,  science cannot measure morality,  science cannot measure ethics,  science cannot measure a soul,  science cannot measure God.  What science cannot measure,  a soul for example,  science ignores,  or even denies that souls exist.  Most scientists lean toward atheism, and scoff at religion.  But….. good, evil, love, hate, free will, intent, life energies, souls…..  these “unmeasurables” are the most important things to measure, are they not?  I think so, and you probably think so, too.

Yet,  these  “unmeasurables”  are the things that many scientists (the atheistic ones)  and philosophers (the liberal ones) argue against,  proclaiming they do not exist.  Psychologists argue against free will,  arguing that we are helpless slaves of our emotions,  our hormones,  our genetics and our traumatic childhoods.  Philosophers argue against conventional concepts of morality,  dismissing them as mere social rules that hold no real moral truth.   Sociologists deny the possibility of individual evil intent,  looking for all kinds of excuses and reasons to show that society forces some people to turn to crime.  Most other scientists simply ignore these  “unmeasurables”,  because they are in the business of measurement,  so why should they waste time on something that cannot be measured,  and therefore may not even exist?  How would a scientist measure these intangible things that exist only in our minds and spirits?  This only leads to massive frustration,  and possible loss of funding for lack of results.  But they DO spend massive amounts of money and time researching behaviors,  brain activity,  genetics, hormones, and chemicals in our bodies,  and use this evidence to argue that the all-important  “unmeasurables”  mentioned above do not exist.  This is a round-about, negative way of acknowledging that the  “unmeasurables”  are of prime importance.  It is also a biased battle against the truth,  instead of an honest effort to find the truth.

Science ignores it,  but If you do have a soul,  if you ARE a soul,  then that is the most important fact in your entire existence,  is it not?  That one fact changes your outlook on everything else.  This is a big reason many people are atheists.  If they acknowledged the metaphysical,  it would logically and morally require them to move out of the ‘comfort zone’ of atheist denial,  and accept the uncertain and the unknowable.  It would remove the fence they have built around their backyard of certain knowledge,  and they would have to ponder the uncertainty of things that were beyond that fence.  They would have to develop faith in higher powers.  They would have to change their lives.  They might have to change their jobs,  their friends,  their relationships, their place of residence.  They would have to stop attacking those who hold beliefs different from their own.  For atheism IS a belief system,  perhaps even more so than the religions it attacks.  It seems to me that it would take a great deal of stubborn, bitter belief to witness the miracles of life all around us,  and inside us,  that science cannot measure or control or explain,  and still proclaim that there is nothing metaphysical behind it all.  An ancient Greek philosopher / scientist, Protagoras (490 – 420 BC), was on the right track when he said  “Man is the measure of all things”,  but science has long ago abandoned that great hopeful vision.  Instead,  too often science has the arrogant attitude that whatever man cannot measure,  does not exist.  This is the attitude of a tiny insect,  as it is crushed by a shoe that it did not see coming and it cannot understand.

That was the attitude of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander,  before he was  “crushed”  by a week of brain-dead coma,  and his astounding near-death experience (NDE),  that he did not see coming,  that he is not fully understanding This is not to single him out for criticism (yet);  no one could fully understand such an incredible immersion into the spirit world.  Eben was even less likely to understand it,  because of his beliefs before his NDE.  Eben was essentially an atheist,  even though he went to church occasionally with his wife and kids.  But he tells us that the scientific and medical communities he worked in turned him atheist,  rejecting any notion of the metaphysical.  The scientific and medical communities promote and even enforce a type of institutional atheism,  through peer pressure and a type of elitist arrogance.  Dr. Alexander broke away from that institutional atheism,  but only by having the most incredible NDE,  which moved him so much he felt the need to write a book about it.


It is no surprise that atheistic book reviewers everywhere are rejecting “Proof of Heaven” out of hand.  They are calling it fantasy,  delusion,  hallucination.  They probably consider Dr. Alexander as a traitor to the atheist cause.  They are alarmed that the book has become so popular and profitable,  rising to the top on bestseller lists.  They are attacking the publishers for spreading a story that passes off fantasy for truth,  just to make money.  They are finding doctors who challenge Dr. Alexander’s claim that his brain was rendered inoperative during his NDE.  Some of those doctors say that we cannot know or prove that the brain was inoperative,  and one I read said that even if it was completely “turned off”,  the brain could have produced the entire NDE as a vivid dream,  as it struggled back into consciousness.  But of course,  in their criticisms of Dr. Alexander,  these doctors cannot prove anything they say,  either.  And they cannot explain Dr. Alexander’s amazing full recovery.  They do not even mention it,  because it presents a problem to their atheistic beliefs.  So it comes down to belief,  on one side or the other.

Or,  perhaps it comes down to journalistic malpractice and abuse.  In the atheists’  best assault,  Luke Dittrich of Esquire Magazine wrote a scathing article about “Proof of Heaven” and it’s author,  calling Dr. Alexander a liar on several counts.  Even if Dittrich is not a professed atheist,  he has become their best attack-dog.  His critical review of “Proof of Heaven” is the journalistic equivalent of a lynching.  However,  one review of Dittrich’s  attack turns the tables,  exposing Dittrich himself as a lousy investigator.  His so-called  “in-depth, investigative profile”  of Dr. Alexander,  was extremely shallow….. really nothing more than a bungling hit-man’s failed attempt at assassination;  or a stink-bomb thrown by a belligerent teenager.  In his one-sided attack,  Dittrich exposes himself as a snake-oil salesman in his own right,  a charlatan who only tells of the points that might support his conclusion,  and ignores the others.  NDE researcher Robert Mays,  a far superior investigator,  shoots Dittrich’s investigation full of holes in this review: 

Dittrich should read this scathing exposure of his pathetic,  dishonest journalism,  which could expose him to a lawsuit by Dr. Alexander.  He should issue an apology for writing such harmful trash.  But he will instead,  no doubt,  turn merrily to his next hatchet-job,  condemning some other poor soul for daring to have an opinion different than the infallible Luke Dittrich.  The egotistical arrogance and bias of this man is repulsive.  In his attack on “Proof of Heaven” and Dr. Alexander,  he cared nothing about objectivity or fairness….. he used his writing as a weapon of destruction,  rather than a tool of construction.

Alexander issued a critical statement in response to Dittrich’s article,  which included:  “Esquire’s cynical article distorts the facts of my 25-year career as a neurosurgeon and is a textbook example of how unsupported assertions and cherry-picked information can be assembled at the expense of the truth.”   But in supreme irony,  Esquire and  Dittrich should not be criticized by Dr. Alexander,  because they are fulfilling a key message that  Alexander brought back from his NDE:  “there is nothing that you can do wrong”…..  much more on this later.


This book review of mine takes a different approach,  and I hope that it is constructive,  for that is my intent.  Let us grant the belief that the NDE was real,  and that it happened  just as Dr. Alexander said it happened.  With this issue out of the way,  there is much to analyze in the NDE itself.  And if you do believe that the NDE was real,  as I believe,  it could have very important effects in your own life,  death,  and afterlife.  Those are the important lessons to take away from “Proof of Heaven.”  It is a report of one man’s premature adventure,  or misadventure,  into a state of being we all must face,  when our brains cease to function,  upon the death of our bodies.  We must be ready to continue on our personal quest as a spirit,  in a spirit world with dangers and pitfalls,  and we must be able to recognize friends,  allies,  and enemies for what they really are…..  or as spirits,  we will be victims of deception,  and in danger of entrapment.  But as we shall see,  the spiritual pitfalls are just stronger variations  of the moral and philosophical traps we already face here on Earth,  in bodily life.

In 2008, Eben’s brain was attacked by a rare and vicious strain of E. Coli  bacteria, putting him in a coma,  and near death,  for 7 days.  It was an extreme case of meningitis.  The part of his brain that controls thought and emotion shut down completely.  Medically speaking,  his consciousness should have shut down,  like turning off a computer.  His brain was essentially dead,  but he was not.  He was very much alive,  intensely conscious,  and swept away from his dying body.  His book tells of the incredible other-world he experienced during that week,  when he should have been experiencing nothing.  He,  of all people,  “knew” that his brain was essentially dead, and “knew” that he should have experienced nothing.  Before his NDE,  his religion was science:  “I adored the simplicity- the absolute honesty and cleanness of science.  I respected that it left no room for fantasy or for sloppy thinking.  If a fact could be established as tangible and trustworthy, it was accepted.  If not, then it was rejected.  This approach left very little room for the soul and the spirit, for the continuing existence of a personality after the brain that supported it stopped functioning.  It left even less room for those words I’d heard in church again and again:  ‘life everlasting’. ”  In his book,  after his NDE and his amazing recovery from the coma,  Eben places supreme importance upon love and compassion as the greatest forces in the universe:  “How do we get closer to this genuine spiritual self?  By manifesting love and compassion.  Why?  Because love and compassion are far more than the abstractions many of us believe them to be.  They are real.  They are concrete.  And they make up the very fabric of the spiritual realm.”


So here,  a prominent neurosurgeon,  formerly an atheist,  has sensed some of the “unmeasurables” that I mentioned above,  in their true metaphysical form.  He now has no doubt that they exist outside the human brain,  and that they are all-important.  He has sensed them in spiritual form,  and he has begun to learn how to recognize and measure them.  I am envious,  because he has experienced them in their vibrant true form,  while I have sensed them only dimly,  but with certainty,  through a rigorous exercise of  logical and moral philosophy.  I do not think love and compassion are “concrete”,  I do not think they exist independently,  but I do think they are real energies generated by living beings.  Their energy can become as powerful as the living entity who generates them.  This would explain both the weakness and the strength of love or any other “unmeasurable”,  spanning the spectrum from the weakest human to the strength of God.

Dr. Alexander knew something about the “unmeasurables” before his NDE,  as we all do,  but he thought they were just intangible, temporary products of the human brain,  that die when we die.  Then in his NDE,  he learned that love is a product of the metaphysical spirit,  not the physical brain.  Our brains are merely the mechanism employed by our spirits to carry out their will in physical bodies.  He was shown by spiritual guides that love and  compassion are real forces in the universe.  Most people report a tangible feeling of encompassing love at some point in their NDEs.  So apparently,  the spiritual guides could not conceal or deny this universal feeling of love,  even if they wanted to.  So they must incorporate it into their presentation,  and turn it to their own use.  The spiritual guides then also touched upon evil as being real,  and being necessary for the existence of free will,  which we all possess.  It was momentarily comforting to me,  to read this in the book,  because this is a crucial part of philosophy,  and I thought it was in agreement with mine.  In my philosophy,  a natural moral philosophy,  free will is perhaps the most powerful force in the universe.  Everything else in the universe becomes the servant,  or the slave,  or the tool,  or the laboratory,  or the playground, or the battleground,  of the free will of sentient beings.  In using our free will,  we make some right choices and some wrong choices.  Those right choices and wrong choices are intentional.  Whether they are based in ignorance or in knowledge,  in good will or in hostility,  they are intentional….. otherwise they should not be called “choices”.  The worst of the wrong choices  are destructive  (evil),  and they produce destructive (evil) results,  to a lesser or greater extent.  This is my position on evil,  and it explains the existence of evil nicely,  but only as an unfortunate but  “necessary evil” to use a cliche,  only as a toxic by-product of  the worst wrong choices of intelligent beings….. not as some essential independent force or energy to “balance the karma of the universe”,  or some such nonsense as I have read elsewhere.  Even Dr. Alexander fell into this folly in one passage of his book,  writing:  “Small particles of evil were scattered throughout the universe…..” ….. Excuse me,  particles of evil?….. As if evil were something physical,  like a toxic atom,  or a malevolent virus,  or a poisonous seed?  No….. evil does not exist as a physical or metaphysical object.  Evil is not a proper noun,  but merely a literary noun;  evil is properly an adjective that describes one possible result of bad choices,  or the bad choice itself,  or the person who made the bad choice.  Evil is wrong,  evil is destructive,  and it is everywhere,  but only because we all make some wrong choices,  pretty much every day of our lives.  Not all the wrong choices are evil,  but the worst ones are evil.  The average person,  somewhere between a saint and a devil,  can be evil one day,  and good the next.  We can fail the tests of life one day,  and pass them the next week or two,  only to fail them again.  It all depends on our choices,  and how we react to the choices of others around us.  We humans bring evil into the world,  and we can also remove it,  by virtue of our free will and choice.  We are completely responsible for our choices,  and we are held responsible for our wrong choices by society,  by the physical and metaphysical laws of the universe,  and ultimately by God.  This a core principle of my philosophy.


This is why I was greatly troubled by what I read next in the book.  This is why I do not trust part of the core message that Dr. Alexander was given in his NDE.  The core message to him from his mystical guides in the spiritual realm had three main points:  1) “You are loved and cherished.”  2) “You have nothing to fear.”  3) “There is nothing you can do wrong.”  Eben was deeply moved and impressed by this message.  Eben further interpreted this profound metaphysical love he felt as an unconditional love,  because of point  #3 of the core message,  that he or we can do nothing wrong.  He did not bring up the passive Golden Rule,  but the Golden Rule is often linked to unconditional love,  because if we want to receive unconditional love,  then we should certainly extend it to everyone else,  regardless of the harm and destruction they are doing,  as if they are doing nothing wrong.  We are to just ignore the harm and destruction they are doing to us and others,  and love them anyway.  This violates all rules of morality and logic,  but never mind that,  it just sounds right and “feels” right,  to an immature and inexperienced and unthinking person.  So unconditional love is a key point of all pacifist philosophy, whether religious, atheist, secular, or liberal.  But there is a big moral problem with unconditional love,  no matter how profound and beneficial it may sound.  It neuters all concepts of right and wrong,  good and evil,  and gives evil the upper hand.  It renders justice ineffective,  or impossible to achieve.  Unconditional love has no way to resist or counter malicious violence….. only to endure it and suffer,  and let the evil have its way.  Unconditional love will lose every time against unconditional hate,  unconditional anger,  unconditional greed  or unconditional bigotry.

The core message was given to Dr. Alexander in the portion of his NDE that occurred in the place he is calling “Heaven”,  or more specifically the “Gateway” area of Heaven.  It was intensely beautiful and Earth-like,  resembling some of the most lovely gardens,  meadows,  rivers and hills on Earth.  His soul or spirit was in a very pleasant place,  no doubt,  but it should not be described as “Heaven”.  Even in this world,  people with lots of power and money,  billionaires,  can build beautiful estates sprawling over the countryside, with luxurious landscapes that delight the senses,  similar to what Dr. Alexander describes in his book.  They can build magnificent mansions,  inviting villas,  and glorious gardens.  They can spend money like pouring water,  and indulge in every designing whim that enters their head.  They can hire servants who fill every desire,  and impress guests  when they choose to inflate their ego,  but their souls can be empty and dark,  and they could build a dungeon in the basement if they were dark enough.  But no matter how pleasant,  their little empire should not be called “Heaven.”  And most assuredly,  these selfish people would agree with Dr. Alexander’s mystical guides that “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  Or at least,  nothing that they personally can do wrong,  even though they criticize and harass everyone else for being wrong,  in an attempt to dominate them.  Now why,  you may ask,  would I have such a negative thought about hypothetical strangers?




.The-Sociopath-Next-Door-9780767915823-mdWithout Conscience by Robert HareSnakes-in-Suits-9780061147890-md          .          .          .          .        .    .  Let us take a closer critical look at point  #3,  “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  To do so,  I need to bring in some facts from psychological research.  In the discoveries of psychology for the past few decades,  the perception of doing wrong or being wrong came under important scrutiny in the study of  narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths.  The findings are documented in the books shown above,  among many other books.  The findings are very troubling.  These types of people have no true regard for other people,  but only for themselves.  They have no moral conscience,  or if they do have it,  they ignore it.  This is generally true of other people with other types of “anti-social disorders” as well.  They are obsessed with their own problems,  their own needs,  their own desires,  their own lusts,  their own perversions,  while ignoring the problems and needs of others.  They feel completely justified to do whatever they want to do,  with no moral restraint.  They think they can make no mistakes,  and when they do make a mistake,  then they should automatically be excused for it.  They do not need to be told that they can do nothing wrong.  That is what they already think,  and they use that idea to justify every wrong thing they do to other people.  They take everything they can from others,  they seek to manipulate or dominate others,  and do not give of themselves.  Their idea of  The Golden Rule is “the one with the gold makes the rules” or “do unto others before they do it unto you”.   The message given to Dr. Alexander  (“there is nothing you can do wrong”)  is the mantra playing constantly in their minds.  They did not need a mystical near-death experience to deliver it to them…..  they figured it out for themselves (literally  “for themselves”  only,  based in selfishness),  and it puts them on the wrong side of any moral conflict.  I hope you are beginning to see that this message has a very dark side,  that can justify any insult,  any lie,  any neglect,  any abuse,  any crime,  or any atrocity.  According to Dr. Martha Stout,  who wrote “The Sociopath Next Door”,  4% of the American population are sociopaths,  and this does not even take into account psychopaths,  narcissists,  or other types of people with “anti-social disorders.”

And in my opinion,  there are a lot more people that it does not take into account.  There are many types of “mania” disorders,  such as kleptomania,  nymphomania,  or pyromania.  There is obsessive-compulsive behavior.  There is schizophrenia.  There is attention-deficit disorder  (or ADD,  very popular these days,  and used as a reason to drug our children).  There is bipolar disorder,  in which one swings back and forth from extremes of depression to happiness.  There is simple old-fashioned depression itself,  which is now diagnosed frequently and treated with drugs.   But the psychologists are coming up with new “disorders” all the time,  as if they think everyone should have their very own “disorder” to take care of with drugs.  In modern society,  there is an epidemic of various “disorders” and the drugs to treat them,  with the drugs causing dangerous side effects.  These drugs are advertised on TV.  Not to mention the rampant social problems such as gang activity among teenagers and adults,  single-parent families,  child abuse,  spouse abuse,  drug abuse,  alcoholism,  petty crime,  political corruption,  runaway debt and welfare.  These are not just caused by biological or mental “disorders”,  they are ultimately spiritual flaws and wrong choices that may manifest themselves as something the psychologist can call a “disorder”.  People have no qualms doing all these things if they choose to do them,  or stepping on others to get ahead if they choose to do that.  Most of such people are not diagnosed with any “disorder”,  and some of them are our leaders in government and business.

I think that  the perception that one can do nothing wrong,  or think nothing wrong,  is much more widespread throughout the general population,  than the psychologists have discovered….. I think it is a basic human tendency in most people,  on a lower level of  development.  It is  also more than people will honestly admit.  They cannot admit it or announce it,  because it would be rejected by everyone around them as outrageously egotistical and glaringly false,  but still…..  their ego whispers it to them as a mantra they cannot resist….. “go ahead,  think what your want,  do what you want,  take what you want,  you deserve it,  this is the best way to live,  show others how wrong they are,  but  you can do nothing wrong”.  They take this doing-no-wrong attitude without enough  education,  information,  or investigation.  They take this attitude without knowing enough about the people they are abusing,  and certainly without caring about the people they are abusing.  This doing-nothing-wrong attitude is evident in the actions of many (or most) people around us.  It contributes to every argument,  every heated debate,  every political speech,  every lawsuit,  every divorce,  every business failure,  every bankruptcy,  and every dysfunctional relationship in the world.  It causes a clash of wills.  One side or the other is wrong,  but thinks they have done or said nothing wrong,  even when they are clearly in the wrong according to law, morality,  or concensus.  The side that is right,  or more right,  is defeated if they cannot win the conflict,  and justice is defeated along with them.  Even if the wrongdoer is punished after the fact,  they have already done the harm and their victims have suffered,  or died.  Almost every convicted murderer claims they are innocent of murder…..  or they killed the @$$#*&!! for a good reason!  The perception that one can do nothing wrong is the unseen partner in every crime,  every lie,  every abuse,  every murder,  every war.  It is the reason we have so many different religions and philosophies in the world,  and why they are in such bitter conflict.  Not only do most of them insist that they alone are right,  but some of them seek to suppress or destroy their opponents…..  jihadist Muslims for example,  or our current American president and his radical liberal / progressive / socialist faction.

The result of this doing-nothing-wrong attitude is not freedom and enlightenment,  as Dr. Alexander would have us believe…..  the result is error,  chaos,  failure,  and conflict.  There is no hope for peace or harmony,  when both sides of a conflict think that they are doing nothing wrong.  There will be only strife,  anger,  and misery.  It is equally disastrous when only one side thinks they are doing nothing wrong.  They will commit all manner of abuse and attacks against the other side,  being more wrong all the while.  The side that acknowledges their wrongness and offers peace will be knocked down and steamrolled.  Reality,  truth,  and justice are defeated,  while delusion,  lies,  and evil  win the day.  This is what happens when we think we can do nothing wrong.

There is a colorful old saying that sums it up nicely:  “he thinks his shit don’t stink”.  But everyone else can smell the reek of his wrongdoing,  everyone else sees his gross hypocrisy,  and they want to avoid him if they can.  Other cultures have this saying as well.  In Thailand, it is “Kee mai men”.  In Chile it is  “El cree que su kaka no huele”.  In France it is  “il ne se prend pas pour une petite merde”.  I am sure almost every country has this saying,  because the false perception that one can do nothing wrong is a widespread human fault.  There is another saying I ran across:  “I thought I made a mistake once,  but I was mistaken.”  This is a good sarcastic comeback to someone who made a mistake,  but will not admit it because they actually do think they can do no wrong,  because it is never their own fault.  They are experts at casting blame away from themselves.  They distort events and words to show that in their situation,  they were forced by the actions and words of other people to do what they did.   Their finger points in every direction,  except at themselves.

1619 Painting- Parable of the Mote and Beam

1619 Painting– Jesus’ Parable of the Mote and the Beam

We could insert here the teaching of Jesus concerning gross hypocrisy:  “Why do you behold the mote that is in your brother’s eye,  but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?  Or how will you say to your brother,  Let me pull the mote out of your eye,  and behold,  a beam is in your own eye?  You hypocrite,  first cast out the beam out of your own eye;  and then you shall see clearly to pull the mote out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7, 3-5)
This is Jesus warning us that hypocrites are definitely doing something wrong.  In many of his parables,  like this one,  Jesus clearly compares a person who is doing something wrong to a person who is doing something right,  in simple terms that anyone can understand.  It is a far cry from Dr. Alexander’s message “there is nothing you can do wrong.”  In fact,  it is the opposite message.   Jesus tells us,  in many clever ways,  there are many things you can do wrong,  and are doing wrong,  and here is how to do them right.  This is one of the main themes of the entire Bible:  wake up to the many things you are doing wrong,  admit them,  confess them,  repent of them,  and stop doing them!  This is the path to spiritual growth and strengthening.  Dr. Alexander’s message leads to spiritual confusion and weakening,  but it reinforces our natural tendency to justify all our bad choices and admit to no mistakes.  The conflict between these teachings could not be greater…..  they are like opposite magnetic poles that repel each other.  They represent a basic philosophical conflict of truly cosmic and universal proportions.  But we are easily distracted from this crucial universal philosophical spiritual conflict,  by the intense physical problems of daily life on this planet.

In the news just today,  Israel,  the homeland of Jesus,  is dealing with a tremendous influx of refugees from neighboring countries,  such as Syria,  who seek to escape death or starvation,  who are overwhelming the resources of Israel.  They cannot accept all the refugees,  and must decide who to accept and who to send back.  This is an agonizing decision for Israel,  and a matter of life or death for the refugees.

How can we worry about universal moral principles,  when we have to worry about where our next meal is coming from?  But luckily,  some of us know that our next meals are assured,  for at least a few days,  so we can afford the time to think about these vital issues,  and we should.  After I thank God for my good fortune and my next meal,  I take the time to do research and writing,  which enables me to post blog articles such as this one.  I feel that it is my obligation,  to share the results of my research.  Only in this way,  can others decide if my findings are useful to them,  or not.  I find the research of others to be extremely useful,  and I hope to be of similar service.

In my opinion,  the perception that we can do or think nothing wrong is with most of us when we are born,  or shortly thereafter.  It is part of our ego.  This is evident in most two-year or three-year old babies,  when they start contradicting everything their parents say or do,  refusing what their parents want them to do,  shouting “NO!”.  They begin to learn the power of disagreement,  the power of rebellion,  even when they are utterly wrong.  They learn that by saying NO,  they can stop or delay whatever process is going on around them,   and they begin to enjoy that power.  Then they learn that they can express their flawed three-year-old misconception or opinion,  and influence the actions of others,  even their adult parents,  who are far older but perhaps not wiser.  We all begin forming opinions about everything,  we all begin making moral choices that push our opinions in a certain moral direction,  and they soon become concrete to our own minds.  We all have a drive to justify ourselves in our own minds,  and all our choices,  right or wrong.  But because everyone’s life experience is different,  and because everyone’s moral choices are different,  our opinions are different than other people,  and they soon begin to clash in conflict.  Our lives are a God-given opportunity to begin learning that our opinions are not set in stone,  that we ARE often wrong,  and that we need to begin to re-shape our opinions by learning from others,  to re-direct our actions by watching others.  Many (or most) people do not take that opportunity,  and spend their lives trying to enforce their flawed opinions on everyone around them,  by any means of argument or intimidation,  like an overgrown three-year-old baby.  This presents a terrible problem for those who see their own wrongness and try to learn from others,  because those who are the most wrong are also the most domineering,  the most manipulative,  the most deceptive.  This is true of some preachers as well as punks,  true of some teachers as well as thieves,  true of some gurus as well as gangs.  We must detect their wrongness and not let it infect ourselves.  We must be very careful in picking who we learn from,  and what  “knowledge”  we learn from them,  or we will become as wrong as they are.


Learning “knowledge” is a process littered with pitfalls and traps.  The “truth” is something that is as hard to find as a needle in a haystack,  or a diamond in a garbage pile,  for there is so much  false belief,  bias,  and deception.  Further,  all bits of “knowledge” or “truth” are not equal.  There are nuggets of truth that are far more valuable than the dirt of truth you find the nuggets in. diamond on black gold nuggets and bars  What is more important,  knowing all the top  songs of the year,  or knowing how to make a musical instrument and play it?  What is more important,  learning how to play a video game,  or learning how to create one for others to play?  What is more important,  enjoying a delicious meal,  or knowing how to cook that meal?  What is more important,  learning how to read a book,  or learning how to write a book?  Reading a book is like plowing the dirt,  writing a book is like planting the seeds in the dirt that will grow into fruit to feed others.  Some knowledge is like dirt,  at the base of our ecosystem,  necessary for life to grow,  but it must be plowed and seeded with greater knowledge.  Or it must be sifted and searched through,  to find a bit of gold.  Gold nuggets are mined from hills of ore and the rivers that flow through them.  The hills and rivers are just as real and true as the gold nuggets,  but the gold nuggets are far more valuable.  We should all be sifting and searching through the dirt of knowledge,  for the gold nuggets of knowledge;  the knowledge that gives us the most capability,  understanding and wisdom.  Those who find the gold nuggets of knowledge are doing something far more right than those who shuffle around in the dirt of knowledge,  finding nothing of great value.  Those who just wallow about in the dirt of knowledge,  never planting or searching,  are wasting their lives and doing something very wrong.  The false idea “there is nothing you can do wrong”  equates the gold with the dirt,  cancelling out the value of the gold,  and falsely elevating the value of the dirt.

Every book you read;  every school (public or private),  class,  or seminar you attend;  every advertisement or movie or documentary or news program you watch;  is created by people who think that they are doing nothing wrong in some sense,  who think that they are conveying the “truth”,  who think that they are giving you something you want or need,  who think that they are giving us valuable  “knowledge”.  But watch the news programs from different networks  (MSNBC, FOX, CNN, ALJEZERRA, CCTV)  and you will see that they are very different,  in what they choose to report,  what they choose NOT to report,  and the viewpoint they report.  They may be giving us knowledge that conforms to the genuine reality of the universe,  or they may be giving us their own personal bias,  or they may be giving us their philosophy,  or they may be giving us their political agenda,  or they may be giving us their lies to push us in a certain direction,  because they think their cause is so important,  it warrants any tactic  (the ethical end justifies the unethical means).  They are straining the “knowledge”  through their own personal filter;  a filter that was made by the practical and moral (or immoral) choices that they have made throughout their lives.  They are telling us only what they want us to know,  to support their own choices.  The  “knowledge”  they are giving us  is only as true,  and only as good,  as their choices.  And of course,  as they made these choices,  they felt that they were choosing correctly,  that they were  “doing nothing wrong”,  even when they were completely wrong.  This  “knowledge filter”  applies to everything we see,  hear,  and touch in the human realm,  as well as the spiritual realm,  whether it be a question of science,  or a personal matter.

Consider for a moment the person in your life that you love the most.  Now consider someone tells you that person did something very harmful,  very bad,  very evil.  You will not want to believe that your greatest love in life did something very bad.  You will reject what the informant told you,  and you will be repelled from the informant,  regardless of the truth of what they told you.  Your  “knowledge filter”  is preventing you from learning the reality that your greatest love in life may be a liar,  a thief,  a murderer,  or is having an affair,  or is being disloyal to you in any way.  You feel that they could do nothing wrong,  and that you could think nothing wrong…..  but they have done something wrong,  and you are thinking wrong if you don’t accept it.  Now apply this  “knowledge filter”  to other topics,  such as business or science.  Scientists are searching for reality and truth,  but they “fall in love”  with a particular theory,  become extremely biased,  and then they filter all their data according to that theory.  They have a conviction,  as strong as any religious belief,  and they interpret all their data to support their conviction.  The theory becomes their God,  and the truth is lost.  Again,  the ethical end justifies the unethical means.

“Global warming” is a perfect example.  There is much evidence that global warming is happening,  with the melting of glaciers that are thousands of years old, for example.  But the assertion that humans are causing this global warming is not supported by much evidence.  In fact, there is opposing evidence that the oceans are being warmed FROM THE BOTTOM UP,   from the crust beneath the oceans.  This means there are changes happening within the earth,  that humans have nothing to do with.  Let us start with what we know of,  on land.  In recent years,  there are more earthquakes worldwide,  with several major ones already in 2014,  occurring in Los Angeles,  Yellowstone,  Chile, Peru,  Nicaragua,  Japan,  Alaska and many other places.  Earth had more than 2000 reported earthquakes in years 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011:  In 2014,  we have had 440 earthquakes as of April 4,  which would seem to be a lower rate,  but the 10-year trend is upward,  indicating more movement in the crust,  which indicates more heat in the crust,  closer to the surface.  There is an uptick in known volcanic activity,  with 9 new eruptions and 12 ongoing events in the week of March 26 – April 1 alone:

There is likely a greater number of unknown eruptions at the bottoms of the all the oceans.  Here is a link that goes a long way toward proving that: , with one scientific article estimating there may be 3 million volcanic vents hidden in the oceans.  These vents are warming the oceans from below,  like a pot of water on a stove.  Many of them are under the Arctic ice cap,  helping to melt more ice every year:  Here is a quote from an article of 26 Nov 2010:

“Recent massive volcanoes have risen from the ocean floor deep under the Arctic ice cap, spewing plumes of fragmented magma into the sea, scientists who filmed the aftermath reported Wednesday.  The eruptions — as big as the one that buried Pompei — took place in 1999 along the Gakkel Ridge, an underwater mountain chain snaking 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) from the northern tip of Greenland to Siberia.”

Gakkel Ridge under icecap

Gakkel Ridge under icecap

The Gakkel Ridge is a long mountain ridge in the ocean under the icecap,  where other scientists have discovered that the icecap is thinning.  Now we know why.  The thinning is not primarily from above,  not from increased CO2 or holes in the ozone layer,  though these are a lesser factor….. no,  it is from huge volcanic eruptions directly under the icecap!  Massive amounts of water are superheated at the mouth of the volcanoes.  It can be heated much higher than the normal boiling point of water,  because of the intense undersea pressure.  That superheated water immediately begins to cool,  but it rises as a column of warm water to the bottom of the icecap,  and also gets carried away to join the currents of the world’s oceans.  In those oceans,  there may be 3 million volcanic vents warming the water world-wide,  as mentioned above.  If all this underwater volcanism is steady or increasing,  the warming of the oceans would only have to be a few degrees,  to produce drastic changes in weather patterns,  such as we are now beginning to see.  Since 1980,  the land / sea surface temperature increased at a faster rate, rising 1 degree F to the present.  This will likely continue,  but blaming humans solely for this increase is absurd.

Yet the liberal media and liberal government  keep parroting the  “blame humans first”  message turned into a false religion by high priest Al Gore,  that lover of hotel massage girls  (otherwise known as prostitutes),  and his fellow disciple Barack Obama.  They interpret global warming,  and everything else,  through their ideological filter of liberal / progressive / radical / socialist doctrine.  This dictates that they blame every ill on capitalism,  industrialism,  conservatism,  traditional  religion,  or the over-reaching  “greed”  of America.  Their creed of blame is  “blame America first”,  or  “blame humans first”  if America is not solely involved.  But there is other evidence to consider,  as I present above and below.  We know more about the surface of the moon,  than we know about volcanic activity at the bottom of our oceans.  But we are learning faster now,  and the evidence is piling up,  that this is the source of ocean warming.

Sarychev Eruption 2009

2009 Sarychev Eruption,  plume width: 6 miles

Now let us get back to the volcanoes on land.  Here is an amazing NASA photo,  from the International Space Station in 2009,  of the start of a minor volcanic eruption on a Russian island.  The plume width is already about 6 miles.  It will keep belching out of the earth for days or weeks.  The Mt. Saint Helens eruption in 1980 sent a plume 15 miles high,  with smoke and ash reaching 285 miles away.  It melted all snow and ice on the mountain,  sending huge mudslides into the valley.  1980 is about when the earth started warming at a faster rate.  In 1991,  Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines sent a plume 21 miles high,  destroyed massive amounts of ozone,  and the cloud effects temporarily lowered global temperatures by half a degree.  But the long-term effects are to raise global temperature.  One major volcanic eruption pumps more heat,  CO2 and particulates into the atmosphere,  and destroys more ozone,  than many years of worldwide human output.  This volcanic CO2 and ozone destruction are,  no doubt,  contributing significantly to the melting of mountain glaciers on land.  Meanwhile,  the undersea eruptions are melting the arctic ice from below.

Al Gore has no interest in this type of evidence,  because it undermines his anti-human agenda.  For his agenda,  this evidence is  “an inconvenient truth”,  to borrow his own clever phrase.  It is very inconvenient,  because he cannot extract money from volcanoes.  If he blames humans,  then he can extract money from them.  He can make us feel guilty,  and shame us into contributing money to pay for our dirty  “carbon footprint”  on the sacred natural landscape.  The government can restrict business and industry,  and place severe limits on their carbon-producing activities.  Meanwhile,  the volcanoes belch out incredible amounts of carbon,  with no restriction,  apparently increasing,  in what may be a natural periodic cycle.  Our planet has suffered ice ages and warming periods many times,  before humans were driving cars around.  Some say that other geological and astronomical factors might be pushing us toward another ice age now,  and if that is true,  then global warming influences might be a blessing,  whether natural or man-made.  In past ice ages,  volcanic activity created havens for many species to survive the cold,  in pockets of ice caves under the glaciers,  formed by volcanic steam fields:

If all this is a natural periodic cycle,  then all of the scientists,  politicians,  and liberal activists are wasting their time and our money,  trying to blame it on humans.  On the other side,  some conservatives are equally wrong in trying to minimize or discount the severe weather impact that global warming / ocean warming is causing.  Neither side will recognize the heavy contribution of increasing volcanic activity,  both underwater and on land.

But the blame-game surges forward,  full speed ahead.  Here is a story from the headlines today,  about a UN report on climate change and what we must do about it:–finance.html   The story does not report any mention of volcanic activity, even as a minor insignificant factor.  Instead it is a blame-fest,  trying to clarify which countries are more to blame for carbon emissions.  Even that has turned into a scandal,  because the scientists blamed the developing countries,  such as China,  for the most increase in carbon emissions, far more than the developed countries,  but the diplomats in the UN had these references deleted from the final report:

UN report on climate change

Scientists present climate change report to UN

“Leaked drafts of that document showed the biggest reason for the rising emissions is the higher energy needs resulting from population growth and expanding economies in the developing world, mainly in China and other large countries. However, diagrams that illustrated that were deleted by governments in the final version that was adopted at a weeklong IPCC session in Berlin.”

Politicians and diplomats are expected to lie and conceal…..  it should be written into their job description,  and tattooed as a warning on their forehead.  Scientists are expected to seek the truth and tell the truth,  but these scientists have failed in that job requirement.  When we pursue only fragments of truth,  and ignore or suppress the rest,  then we betray the whole truth.  Some scientists have even admitted falsifying data to support the theory of human-caused global warming,  because the real data was not supporting them.  Then everyone who reads or hears of their work,  and wants to believe it,  has a false belief,  being wrong while thinking they are right.

The fight about global warming is just one example of the danger and harm of people thinking that they cannot be wrong.  When people think that they cannot be wrong,  the truth is that they cannot be right!  No one possesses enough knowledge to claim absolute certainty,  but they think and act as if they do.  This is the tragedy of everyday human life,  in all walks of life.  This is also what happened to Dr. Alexander in his amazing NDE.  The incredible experiences in his NDE,  and the things he was told in his NDE,  became his God,  but the whole truth may be something very different.


All of this is to say,  point #3 given to Dr. Alexander by the spiritual guides in his NDE,  that  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  is the LAST message we need to hear,  because it is already causing enough trouble in our world.  In my opinion,  this problem extends to the spirit world  (or perhaps comes from the spirit world),  and there are factions of spirits that are each pursuing different moral goals,  that are in conflict.  One of those factions wants to reinforce the harmful message to humanity “there is nothing you can do wrong”,  to continue the chaos and suffering,  and the lack of spiritual development on this planet.  Why would they do that?  There are at least two reasons,  and they are both rooted in philosophy.

First,  this faction subscribes to the philosophy of rebellion and indulgence,  believing that there should be no moral restraints imposed on our thoughts and actions.  This spiritual faction is represented by the story of Lucifer’s rebellion against God and the Fallen Angels in the Bible.  Whether that story is myth or real  (and I suspect it is real),  it represents a basic philosophical conflict for intelligent beings,  whether in flesh or spirit.  The conflict is about accepting authority and power for oneself,  or deferring to the authority and wisdom of others.  Ideally,  we do both at the same time,  in phases,  as a child does while growing up.  This process should continue forever,  but it gets sabotaged.  The basic conflict is also about imposing authority upon others,  which can be done right,  or done wrong.

Essentially,  in this do-nothing-wrong philosophy,  everyone is their own God,  their own ultimate authority,  with no need for a higher God or authority.  There is no need to defer to the wisdom of others.  We are free to experiment with every vice,  to pursue every passion for its own sake,  to pursue every pleasure to the extreme,  regardless of the reckless harm it may do to ourselves and others.  This is not a harmless,  benign philosophy.  While it may be just reckless discontent in the first stage,  it later becomes attracted to power over others.  When we recognize no higher purpose or power over us,  we are free to seek as much personal power as we can,  and lord it over others.  We can persuade or intimidate others to give up their authority to us.  In this philosophy of power,  the strong seek to dominate the weak.  This is similar to the nihilist philosophy of Nietzsche,  which can be boiled down to “might makes right”.  Success is its own justification.wolf pecking orderfish eats fish bird feeds bird Just as in the animal world,  a “pecking order” develops,  and the strong abuse the weak,  even to the point of enslaving or destroying the weak.  This behavior is obvious in the physical world,  but very devious and subtle in the metaphysical realm.  When taken to its worst extreme,   this was the philosophy of Adolf Hitler.  At the other end of the spectrum,  it is also the philosophy  of drug addicts and other so-called “free spirits”;  people  who may have no desire to dominate others,  but who follow no moral guidance.  Think of the “hippie” and “New Age” movements of the 60’s and 70’s,  with their pot,  LSD,  mushrooms,  free sex  and birth control pills.  They would love the “nothing wrong” message from Dr. Alexander.  Their motto was “turn on and tune out”,  meaning turn on with drugs and tune out of the establishment culture.  They established communes to live apart from larger society,  with no moral rules but with corrupt  leaders and power struggles (as in the 2000 movie “The Beach”).

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Ranch

Bahgwaan Shree Rajneesh

In the bizarre Oregon commune (1981-1985) of Bahgwaan Shree Rajneesh,  the infamous Indian guru became a dictator,  tyrannizing his followers,  numbering about 2000,  having sex with all the women of his choice.  I remember seeing his television programs,  broadcast on “public service” channels across the US.  But he had a very dark side, and he got into a fight with the nearby town of The Dalles, Oregon,  finally trying to poison its food supply.  Rajneesh was then arrested and deported from the US,  and 21 countries denied him entry,  causing him to wander the globe without a home before his death in 1990. .

The “free spirit” is mostly pacifist,  and morally superior to Adolf Hitler,  but they are at opposite ends of the same philosophy,  and they are both wrong.  They refuse to submit to any moral authority over them.  There are many,  many people in this world who follow this philosophy,  without knowing it or giving it a name.  It is the philosophy of nihilism,  of narcissicism,  of rebellion,  of anarchy, of bullying,  of abuse,  of over-indulgence,  of self-worship,  of tyranny,  of demonism.  It is the “default” philosophy of humanity,  the crude animal-like philosophy we stay mired in,  if we do not aspire to rise above it.  And if a person is mired in this philosophy when they die,  the event of their death will not change them.  They will stay in this philosophy as a spirit,  and they will be mutually attracted to higher,  stronger spirits with the same philosophy.  If there are spirits at all,  then there is a large spiritual faction that follows this philosophy,  with a hierarchy and “pecking order” well established.

Which brings us to the second reason.  The spirit faction spreads this message  “there is nothing you can do wrong” here on Earth  because this world is a springboard into their world,  and and the less spiritually developed we are when we die,  the more pliable and vulnerable we are to them in their realm.  We may not yet be following this philosophy,  but we can perhaps be diverted from our higher path,  and be persuaded to fall into their pit of self-worship,  where they reign supreme,  where there are many temporary pleasures to distract us from spiritual growth.  Many human spirits are easily diverted from their higher path,  and these devious spirits are experts of diversion.  They seek to enlist us with enticing slogans and deceptive glimpses of their spiritual realm.  They seek to enlist us not as equals,  but as pawns.  They want more spirits at the lower ranks of their “pecking order”.  They want to keep us lost in self-indulgence and self-worship,  instead of growing to seek and worship the higher authority of God.  They put themselves on the same level as God,  saying that we all have a part of the divine God in us,  which sanctions whatever we feel like doing,  good or evil or caring or selfish.  No matter what we do,  we are part of God and we are supposedly granted  “unconditional love”.  This sounds wonderful to the average person,  who has a crude moral compass.pecking order bullying  But this philosophy extends unconditional love to all the liars,  bullies,  abusers,  thieves,  rapists, torturers,  murderers and dictators of the world,  as well as you and I.  Bullies and abusers can easily be persuaded to become murderers and dictators  with clever rationales that engorge their inflated egos,  and that is the evil strength of this philosophy.  The higher spirits who follow this philosophy are experts at such persuasion.  They are true believers in the religion of  “might makes right”,  but they know that it must be,  let us say,  properly presented.  If they are successful in their presentation,  the bully who intimidates hundreds of people in his life,  might be converted into a dictator who can murder millions.  Such awesome power of domination is the  “holy grail”  of this philosophy,  and its followers feed on that power in the spirit world.  In this world,  we need to  “just say no”  to tyrants,  and “just say no” to the liberal / pacifist / atheist apologists,  who enable tyrants.  Such liberal apologists include Franklin Roosevelt,  who presented Josef Stalin to the American people as  “Uncle Joe”  while Stalin murdered millions in Russia,  and Barack Obama,  who has stood by and watched tyrants in Iran,  Libya,  Egypt,  Syria,  Venezuela,  Cuba,  Burma,  North Korea,  China and Russia oppress and murder their people,  while doing nothing  (except Libya,  where he bombed but refused to target Khadafi).  When people were being murdered in the streets of Tehran,  Iran, after a corrupt election,  Obama said the Iranian people were  “engaged in a debate”,  when they were actually being subjected to a bloody religious / political oppression.  We need to recognize and denounce the pure evil of someone who will snuff out another person’s life as casually as they snuff out a cigarette,  or a hundred lives,  or a million lives.  For knowledge of such lesser murderers,  we need only to listen to the daily news.  For knowledge of the greater murderers,  we need only to trouble ourselves with a few minutes of historical study.  Just Google such names as Alexander the Great,  Julius Caesar,  Tiberius,  Caligula,  Herod,  Attilla,  Mohammed,  Genghis Khan,  Ivan the Terrible,  Napoleon,  Lenin,  Stalin,  Hitler, Mao,  Castro,  Pol Pot,  Saddam Hussein,  Moammar  Khadafi,  Osama Bin Laden,  Kim Jung Un, Vladamir Putin.

I have no doubt that successful tyrants,  such as these,  become a major focal point for the attention of spiritual entities from all sides,  and the success of these tyrants in murdering millions does not speak well about the power and influence of the  “good” spirits.  The  “good”  spirits never prevent or stop such tyrants,  allowing them to gain power from very small beginnings,  when they could be easily stopped.  The  “good”  spirits say they are forbidden to intervene,  because of the sacred law of  “free will”.  However,  I suspect that these murdering tyrants have a lot of support from the same metaphysical sources who gave Dr. Alexander the message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  Indeed,  how could the bringers of this message criticize anything the worst tyrants do?  These tyrants believe the same message,  and take it to it’s destructive extreme.  Such people are monsters who do not deserve unconditional love,  but must be stopped at any cost.  But they will gleefully welcome unconditional love and abuse it,  if anyone is foolish enough to give it to them.  It is just another fuel for their fires of evil.  These predatory monsters are the evil ones that this spiritual philosophy is designed to support.  They take the most advantage of Eben’s message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  They set up the  “pecking order”  below them,  and they abuse it.  pecking-crapping orderJehovah Witness pecking orderEven if you just give them the benefit of the doubt,  they will cleverly use it to do more evil.  This philosophy favors agents of the worst evils,  and gives them divine license to harm and destroy others.  Entire countries are in their hands,  and entire religions at times,  as well as entire spiritual realms.  They seize power at the top of the  “pecking order”,  by devious means,  and seek to control you and I at the bottom,  by devious means.  Their evil power structure takes power away from those below them,  by intimidation,  misdirection and confusion.  In a proper power structure,  power and authority are freely given from below,  in full knowledge and respect.

I also have no doubt that there are spirits similar to these tyrants in the spirit world.  When our earthly tyrants pass from this world,  they would not suddenly change their basic evil nature,  or their hunger to control others.  They would retain much of their anger,  their hatred,  their rigid ideology.  They could ally with far older spirits who already have a sphere of influence established.  After all,  if such things are allowed on earth,  in slavish worship of  “free will”,  then domination would certainly be allowed in the metaphysical realm.  Even in the Bible,  it is written that Satan and his followers have free reign for rebellion and domination until some time in the future.  It would employ different tactics than in the Earthly realm.  Spiritual tyrants could not break our bones and spill our blood,  but they could still inflict spiritual pain upon us,  just as they did in this world.  They could exploit our own spiritual weaknesses and fears,  and employ all manner of deception and persuasion,  to convert us to their philosophy,  under their guiding influence.  They could also employ spiritual pleasure,  with the appearance of freedom and harmony.  The pleasant parts of Dr. Alexander’s NDE could be an example of this sort of thing.  They seek to influence or dominate or enslave as many souls as possible,  expanding their own empire of influence.  Such is the basic nature of tyranny,  from the latest schoolyard bully to the ancient heavenly rebellion of Lucifer,  and everything in between.  What they all have in common is a conviction that they are justified,  that they are doing nothing wrong,  while they intimidate and dominate others.


“Nothing Wrong” cuts both ways

Thus the double-bladed message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  is employed to deceive us.  This message is the ultimate “two-edged sword”.  With one side of the blade,  it seems to cut the bonds of sin or failure,  giving our spirits great freedom to grow.  But this side of the blade is deceptively dull,  for it cannot cut moral responsibility or accountability.  With the other side of the blade,  extremely sharp,  it gives bullies and tyrants a weapon to cut deeply into our spirits,  committing every abuse or evil they desire,  with no restraints and no regrets.

Moral responsibility or accountability is a basic universal moral law,  and God is the one who decides how to enforce it.  We can try to discern God’s will in following responsibility and enforcing accountability,  and all of the religions have their doctrines and teachings concerning this.  But we cannot be sure,  and we must retain flexibility and keep an open mind.  We cannot take the divine authority of God for ourselves.  If we do not honor the exclusive incomprehensible divinity and moral authority of God,  which we can never have any part of,  then we will fall prey to all the lesser “gods” beings who reject God,  or who envy God,  who want to be their own god and to lord their influence over us,  here and in the spirit realm when we die.  They are very smart,  and very persuasive.    Their clever messages are very appealing,  but teach the opposite of the teachings of God,  as illustrated by Jesus’ parable of the mote and beam above.  They say  “there is nothing you can do wrong”,  which provides full license to do everything wrong,  while Jesus tells us that many things we do are wrong,  and that we are accountable for them.


It is very attractive and ego-stroking for us to believe that we have  “part of the divine”  in us,  a divine spark,  or that we somehow share in God’s divinity, or  that we will someday merge back into God,  so that somehow we can do no wrong.  This is integral to most New Age teachings,  but I am here to tell you that it is wrong itself.  We DO have the spark and miracle of life within us,  FROM a divine source,  but that does not make us PART of that divine source.  We have the spark of life within us,  but so does a virus or a poison spider.  Ironically,  the virus and the spider have more of a claim to  “doing nothing wrong”,  because their options are so severely limited.  A virus does not really have the option of doing anything “right” or “wrong”…..  it can only do what it must for survival and propagation…..  but it can kill millions of humans in the process.

In contrast to a virus,  humans have almost unlimited options.  We consciously choose between good and evil.  We can kill people by choice,  not by necessity.   The gift of intelligence and consciousness means that we humans can do anything wrong!!…..  not that we can do nothing wrong.  The  “nothing wrong”  message is the opposite of the truth.  Yet many spiritual teachers are teaching that the spark of the divine God we have within us,  means that we can do nothing wrong.  This claim to be  “divine”  has been a problem since the Gnostic teachings of early Christianity,  and it is getting worse now,  with all the New Age materials and channelings.  I think this is a false teaching.  Even Jesus sometimes spoke of himself as separate from  “Our Father”,  then other times spoke of himself being one with the Father,  but I will not get into all the arguments flying about for the past 2000 years,  concerning the Trinity.

Jesus is most definitely a special case,  to say the least.  But even if Jesus was God or part of God,  he did often speak of the Father and the Son,  which speaks of some separation,  rather than a blending into One.  On the other hand,  he did say some things that implied he and the Father were One.  But we normal humans can make no such claim.  We  may be made in the image of God in some ways,  but we must remember that,  by definition,  an image is not part of the original.  Why can’t we just be humbly grateful for being an image of our Creator,  without trying to steal part of his identity for ourselves?  This is the ultimate  “identity theft”,  and it is happening in religions and spiritual cults all around us,  and it is most assuredly happening in the spirit realm.  Yes,  God is a victim of identity theft,  so to speak,  but we are the real victims of our own crime,  if we try to convince ourselves that we are part of God,  or that we possess any of the divine power and authority of God.

Aside from the sheer arrogance of such a doctrine,  there is the danger it opens us up to.  For we cannot just take it ourselves,  and deny it to everyone else.  This is one reason the “nothing wrong”  message is carefully packaged with the  “unconditional love”  message  (as in Dr. Alexander’s NDE).  They work very well together,  in their attempt to wipe out moral responsibility and accountability.   If we accept any part of  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  for ourselves,  then we are granting that same license to people or spirits of that philosophy who will influence us and dominate us now,  and when our bodies die.  This is the faction that got ahold of Dr. Alexander in his NDE,  when he was given that message.  Sadly,  Dr. Alexander has chosen to stand with them.  It is highly ironic,  because Dr. Alexander has drastically re-shaped his opinions as a result of his NDE,  but he may have jumped from the atheist frying pan into the spiritual fire.  It may be that this perception  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  was already very strong in his ego and subconscious,  so the message in his NDE just reinforced that perception and gave it a  “divine sanction”,  so that he would return to his earthly life and become its spokesman,  with a powerful vision behind the slogan.

All of my statements concerning spirits,  above and below,  are speculation,  and not taken from direct knowledge.  They are not based in belief or faith.  I have a hard time with belief and faith.  So I read,  study,  research,  investigate,  and then I write.  These statements concerning spirits are deductions,  based in logic and natural moral philosophy.  They are statements that agree with some teachings of Christianity and other religions,  and disagree with other teachings.  They are general statements,  that try to identify trends and tendencies of intelligent life,  whether in flesh or spirit.  I have found nuggets of truth in many different religions and philosophies,  as well as many lumps of coal that just cover everything with soot and filth.  The  “nothing wrong”  doctrine is perhaps the biggest lump of coal,  masquerading as a nugget of truth,  that I have ever seen.

 This message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  could possibly be helpful in rare cases.  It could only be beneficial to a person IF that person has already learned to do most things right,  and IF that person is committed to serve others….. and that is a rare phenomenon in human nature.  At best,  the message is premature.  If it is valid at all,  it should be a secret reserved for a few who may be ready for it,  who have earned it.  It should not be broadcast with a bullhorn,  to the masses who will abuse it.

That is the only possible concession I would grant to this disastrous philosophy represented by the deceitful message:  “There is nothing you can do wrong.”  In my opinion,  it is never valid,  and never beneficial,  and always harmful in one way or another.  This philosophy should be pulled up by the roots,  hacked into little pieces,  and thrown on the garbage heap of failed philosophies.  In this blog article,  I am doing my best pulling and hacking.  But it is a prolific philosophy that snakes its way into all areas of our lives,  like a poisonous creeping vine.

Most people who hear this message,  believe it and spread it,  are non-violent pacifists who have no intention of condoning abuse or violence.  Their mistake is,  they do not understand the dark side of the human ego,  or the destructive evil it is capable of,  because they do not have that much potential for evil in their own souls.  They naively assume that everyone is more or less like themselves,  with a moral conscience,  with a general good will toward their fellows.  When they believe and spread the message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”,  they are thinking of very minor sins or mistakes,  or wrong attitudes,  or wrong assumptions,  that can be corrected with no real harm done.

They do not realize that this message itself is like a ticking time bomb.  It is like a clever saboteur or enemy spy who disguises himself to get past the guarded city gates,  past the crowds on the streets,  then fades into the shadows,  pulls out his weapons,  and begins his treacherous work.  It is like the last plague on the Egyptians,  the angel of death that passed by the homes of the Hebrews,  but killed the firstborn sons of all the Egyptians.  Consider it to be like a selective virus.  It does not do any major damage until it finds the right hosts to infect.  It is like a poisonous seed that will only grow and produce poisonous fruit in a dark heart.


People pulling Trojan Horse into the city of Troy

“There is nothing you can do wrong”  is a philosophical Trojan Horse,  looking like a grand gift that,  when taken into our inner sanctums,  springs open at night to release a horde of killers in our midst.  It is the philosophical message itself that carries this danger,  not the blind innocents who mouth it so happily.  They are just like the gullible Trojans who brought the amazing Greek  “gift”  into their city,  not suspecting that it held Greek warriors who would slip out that night,  open the city gates,  and let the Greek army in to destroy them.  The  “nothing wrong”  philosophy is the Trojan Horse of our spiritual enemies,  being offered as a glorious gift  “from God”,  which becomes our attacker when it spreads among us.  It justifies any abuse,  any harm,  any violence that anyone wishes to commit against us,  or that we wish to commit against others.  It is the most deceptive,  the most faulty,  and the most dangerous philosophy that I know of.




meteor strikegg53769670end of world nametagWhile we are all “doing nothing wrong” as individuals  (according to Eben and his spirit guides),  which means that all governments,  societies,  religions,  and companies should be doing nothing wrong….. the world is in a downward spiral of agonizing turmoil,  with economies failing and people losing their jobs and savings,  with religious terrorists and bigots everywhere,  small but vicious wars popping up,  Arab Spring turning into Arab Winter,  governments stealing more and more freedom and privacy from their people.  Deadly resistant bacteria are showing up in hospitals  (as a result of the overuse and abuse of antibiotics),  water supplies are dwindling from overuse and poor management,  food supplies are running short in more and more areas of the world,  and changing weather patterns are adding a layer of danger,  misery and worry  to everything else.  Disaster,  disease,  crime and injustice are running rampant,  causing intense global suffering,  while we are all  “doing nothing wrong”,  according to Dr. Alexander’s spirit guides.

But other spiritual mediums give us a bright hope for improvement,  in a twisted sort of way.  At least we do not get the spiritual lie  “There is nothing you can do wrong”  from some of them.   There may be a future event in world history,  a metaphysical shift,  that will weed out the selfish,  the cruel,  the evil ones,  leaving only those who have advanced to a spiritual level worthy of  this message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  (if such an advancement is even possible).  It would be like a tamer version of the Noah’s Flood global disaster,  with over half of humanity surviving,  but with billions being weeded out.  This would be the opposite of most versions of The Rapture,  in which the true Christians are removed from an increasingly evil Earth.  I think this Rapture is very unlikely,  though I would be delighted if it came tomorrow.  Unlike The Rapture,  in which good people are removed from the Earth to save them from further Tribulations,  the other myths are non-Christian and more New Age,  describing a general metaphysical shift of the Earth,  where evil people are removed from the Earth and the good people who survive get to stay,  in which evil is defeated and goodness triumphs,  in some way.  A physical disaster is accompanied by a metaphysical shift.  This shifting event is referred to in various spiritual myths as The Age of Aquarius,  The Shift to the Fourth Density,  The Thousand Year Reign, The Tribulation,  The Ascension,  The Transformation,  and other ominous labels.  We just went through such a scare,  with the myth of the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012.  For the last 30 years,  there is a drumbeat of many psychics and channels,  trumpeting the eminent shifting of the Earth from third to fourth density.  Some of their predictions have come true after a fashion,  but many of them have fallen into disrepute,  because their predictions DID NOT happen.  According to their previous alarms  (channeled from several different spiritual sources),  we should have already had a shifting of Earth’s poles,  massive earthquakes,  floods,  sinking of countries and states into the ocean,  etc., etc., etc,  many times over.  Some of these channeling psychics who published books are Edgar Cayce,  Ruth Montgomery,  Jane Roberts,  Gordon Michael Scallion,  Carla Rueckert,  Nancy Lieder,  and David Wilcock.  While mentioning their names here in a negative connotation,  please understand,  I do not mean to discount their many positive elements.  I think that psychic channeling is at the cutting edge of human evolution,  and it is a very risky business,  because it exposes the channeling person to the entire spectrum of higher entities,  from darkly evil and deceptive,  to brilliantly good and wise.  This puts the channeling person in turmoil and possible personal danger,  as well as placing a great burden on their shoulders if they go public.  The channeling person has a great responsibility to judge the subtle intent of the communications of entities far more advanced than they are,  and some channels are not up to this demanding task.  Among those channels that I believe to be failing that task are Nancy Lieder and Gordon Michael Scallion.  Lieder is by far the most outrageous,  but I will leave it to the the reader to investigate her and her book “Zetatalk”.  I believe such channels have fallen victim to false negative messages of destruction from negative spirit entities.  Detailed messages of global disasters,  with specific years or dates,  that do not come true,  still have a negative and oppressive impact on everyone who hears or reads them.  This is a clearer case of negative influence than that of Dr. Eben Alexander,  who received false positive messages in his NDE,  in  a much more devious spiritual campaign,  which I am exposing in this blog article.

ask-1Future Map World Future Map US Gordon Michael Scallion was so convinced of his negative channeled messages,  he even published a  “Future Map”  of how America should look after the disasters,  in great detail,  with much of the Western US underwater,  the Pacific Ocean lapping at the outskirts of Phoenix,  and the Mississippi River Valley expanded into a large sea.  He also sells a “Future Map of the World”,  showing new oceans in the middle of continents.  He still sells the maps on his “Earth Changes” website  ,  but neglects to say that he earlier predicted these disasters to happen around the year 2000.  As that year approached,  his prediction dates were revised, always 10 or 15 years in the future.   He is peddling failed predictions,  but he insists that they still might happen,  because they were somehow delayed.  That may be possible,  but the more dates that are missed,  the more unlikely it becomes.  Generally,  these channels trumpet their few small successful predictions (which are usually somewhat vague),  and find all sorts of excuses for their massive failed predictions of global disasters.  They tend to be more successful in predictions of small events in their own lives,  and synchronicity events in their lives and their friends’ lives,  which are quite impressive.  These small successes are evidence of their likely connection with something metaphysical.  These small successes keep them going.  They have heavily invested their lives and finances into their channeling work,  because they believe it to be important to the advancement of the human race.  Scallion feels he is saving lives by warning us of specific disasters that we can then avoid  (just look at his map,  and move to where there is no blue).  But there are doubts,  there are inconsistencies and conflicts and failures in the channeled information.  If they see the conflicts,  they are greatly troubled,  but they hope for the best.  At some point they must make a choice,  and they choose to keep channeling…..  Just as Dr. Alexander chooses to keep spreading the false positive message of his NDE.   So they are relentlessly forced by their choices to stumble on through the metaphysical fog,  keep channeling,  and accept the various excuses the spirits offer them for the continuing failures of major predictions….. and the spirits are quite clever in coming up with excuses.

It is difficult to tell the true from the false,  because the evil spirits are so clever and so unlimited in their deceptions to harm us,  and the good spirits are so overly concerned with violating sacred laws of free will and the  “Law of One”  ( ( ,  that they are crippled by these laws.  The  “Law of One”  overemphasizes our spiritual bond with our moral enemies,  and tends to ignore the vast polarities between individuals,  tends to discount some of our unique physical skills or interests,  and tends to discount our suffering in this life.  When it comes to active help or intervention,   the good spirits are shackled by limitations based on moral concerns of violating our  “free will”,  while the evil spirits have no such limits.  The evil spirits can tell any lie,  spin any tale,  predict any doom,  and scare the hell out of us,  and even attack us and harm us,  if we become susceptible to their power by believing their lies.  Meanwhile the  “good”  spirits tell us they cannot help us much,  because they cannot violate our sacred  “free will”,  and cannot violate the sacred universal  “Law of One.”  They condemn us to our own poor choices,  like laboratory rats who starve to death,  because they cannot find their way out of a devious maze that the scientists built for them,  turning left when they should have turned right.  We humans are at the bottom of an incredible pyramid of higher spiritual entities,  which all seem to be messing with us in appalling ways,  or allowing us to be messed with.  I would suggest that the  “good”  higher entities need to see that they are trapped in their own higher metaphysical maze,  and that they need to modify the moral limits,  break the metaphysical barriers,  not worry so much about violating our free will,  and give us more help in getting out of our maze,  which they have contributed to building.  What is more important?…..  some cosmic concept of pure  “free will”,  or the well-being and healing of people?  We humans limit our children’s  “free will”  for their own good,  while we raise them and teach them.  Our young children need to have their  “free will”  limited and guided,  while they learn enough information to use their  “free will”  in a productive way.  Similarly we adults,  as spiritual children,  need accurate spiritual information to use our  “free will”  in a productive spiritual way.  But all we have is a confusing vast array of religions or cults to confound us,  or secular atheistic society to misdirect us.  In the lack of accurate spiritual information,  people commit their lives to various religions out of love,  out of fear,  out of hatred,  out of arrogance…..  in short,  from pure emotion,  and  not from accurate information.  Our precious  “free will”  would lead us to very different goals,  if these good higher spirits would stop hiding the facts,  reveal themselves to more people,  and show us the true metaphysical nature of our world…..  in other words,  give us a little true spiritual information.  Uninformed people tend to make very poor use of their  “free will”.  When we do not know enough of the truth,  our choices are rendered futile,  our free will is wasted,  and our convictions become a cosmic joke.  What is the point of choosing between crawling and walking,  in our primitive land,  when we know nothing of rolling or flying,  because our people have not yet discovered the wheel or the wing,  but people in the neighboring countries are driving cars and flying airplanes?  So while we struggle to crawl 10 feet in the dirt,  we could have rolled 10,000 feet on wheels,  or we could have flown 100,000 feet on wings in the air?  We should ask ourselves,  what wonders did our neighbors discover,  that we did not discover?  Or did we discover these things in the distant past,  only to have our memories blocked?  Or were these discoveries granted to one society,  and denied to another?  If so, what were the criteria,  and were they morally valid?  Why should good people in one society be granted different information than good people in another society?  I have personal experience in this area,  owning houses in two vastly different countries  (USA and Thailand).  Spirituality is much more open and visible and honored in Thailand.  The USA is more intellectual and questioning.  But in all societies,  too much is hidden from us.  Spiritually,  we are kept ignorant,   for no good reason that I can see.  But you will see many  reasons offered in other spiritual writings,  like arguing that we are kept ignorant for our own good,  because the spiritual truth would overwhelm us.  The brutal result of this scenario is that we make the same mistakes over and over again.  How can you learn from your mistakes,  if you cannot remember them,  from one day to the next,  or one decade to the next,  or one lifetime to the next?  We are all robbed of our spiritual memories,  leaving us in spiritual ignorance.   Spiritually,  we are lost because there are too many false paths,  and not enough evidence of the right path for each of us.  Then we become victims of devious  negative forces masquerading as positive,  like Dr. Alexander fell victim to in his NDE.

I have no doubt that these psychics are channeling some good entities  (service-to-other) who want to help us or liberate us or elevate us,  and some bad entities (service-to-self) who want to harm us or dominate us or scare us.  But at some point,  good or bad,  the spirits who cry  “wolf”  too many times,  when no wolf can be found,  when their Apocalypse does not happen,  should be held to account for their lies / mistakes.  For example,  one spirit entity that I otherwise consider to be possibly  “good”,  a collective oversoul who calls itself  “RA”,  predicted in 1981 that the Earth would be transformed from Third Density to Fourth Density by the year 2011.  This did not happen.  I know that it did not happen,  because according to RA’s own later words,  such a transformation would be a huge event;  much anticipated and planned in the universe;  obvious to everyone on the planet;  a wake-up call of immense proportions.  We would be living in a very different world of light and love, with no more criminals,  no more terrorists,  no more tyrants,  no more wars,  with the bad people taken away from us….. but in 2014 we still have all of these,  and it is getting worse,  not better.  But RA is still predicting this transformation,  through various channels.  RA cannot have it both ways.  I would like to know why this entity,  supposedly possessed of infinite knowledge and wisdom of past-present-future,  who has otherwise sounded very helpful and compassionate,  made such a false prediction.  RA is also troubling to me because he/she/it is one of the major teachers of the LAW OF ONE doctrine.

There are at least 170 such major predictions of doom in recorded history  (,  none of which came true,  for we are still putting up with all the assholes doing wrong things.  If such an event were to happen,  it would be marked by physical disasters,  social upheaval and metaphysical trauma,  as the selfish were gradually removed from this world or killed and reincarnated elsewhere,  while most of the caring remained,  terrified by the violence erupting around them.  Families would be torn apart,  friends would be separated forever,  as the dysfunctional culprits were removed.  When the dust settled,  the survivors may be partly worthy of Dr. Alexander’s message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”,  but at the time it would be the farthest thing from their minds.  Spreading that message now,  before the momentous event,  would likely increase the number of souls that must be weeded out.  After the event,  the message would not be needed,  because the survivors would be living it,  with no need for verbalization.  It would be written in their souls,  with no need to be written on paper.  But still,  as long as free will and choice remain for individual people,  it would be possible to do something wrong,  or many things wrong.  It would be possible for those Raptured away from Tribulation,  and possible for survivors of an Earthly culling or shifting event.  It was possible for Lucifer,  the Angel of Light,  who led a rebellion against God  before the dawn of humanity.  If it is possible in Heaven,  then  it is possible anywhere.  Even in the brilliant presence of God,  there will always be rogues and rebels who become discontented and resentful,  who stir up discontent and resentment in others,  and challenge those who hold rightful authority over them.

Ra Material Book 1I am beginning to think that this talkative entity  “RA”  is highly suspect of being some sort of rogue himself.  In one of his early communications,  he gave us the following gem of cosmic wisdom:  “In truth there is no right or wrong.  There is no polarity for all will be,  as you would say,  reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind / body / spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time.  This distortion….. is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things….. You are every thing,  every being,  every emotion,  every event,  every situation.  You are unity.  You are infinity.  You are love / light,  light / love.  You are.  This is the Law of One.”  The Ra Material  (1984). 

This spiritual happy-talk  is either incredibly naive,  incredibly stupid,  or incredibly deceptive.  If  “RA”  was really a collective oversoul comprised of thousands or millions of individual souls,  each having lived thousands of bodily lives,  then he / she / it would have vivid memories of being violated and brutalized by evil predators in many agonizing ways,  from theft to rape to torture to murder,  to grisly death on a battlefield,  to being exterminated in a genocide,  to being unjustly thrown in prison or a concentration camp.  I would not describe this as a  “dance through the mind / body / spirit complex”.   The difference between evil predators and their innocent victims is absolutely a moral polarity.  And it is outrageous,  not to mention callous and unfeeling,  to describe such atrocities as things to  “amuse yourself ”  with.  Let this pompous oversoul  “RA”  be incarnated into a body again,  and let him be unjustly thrown into prison for a life sentence of hard labor and torture in North Korea,  Iran,  Cuba,  or China,  and let us see if he thinks it is “amusing”.  Or let her be brutally gang-raped and then hung to death from a tree,  as just happened to two village girls in India yesterday.  There is nothing  “amusing”  about that horrific evil  “dance”.  Contrary to these  LAW OF ONE teachings,  there are many moral and philosophical polarities  that disrupt our lives,  that cause conflicts and crimes in our world.  Our polarities reflect similar polarities in the spirit world.  Could it be that RA is on the other side of a polarity from us,  and therefore wants to conceal it?  Refusing to see moral polarities  is a type of naivete or moral blindness,  but teaching that the polarities do not exist,  that there is no right or wrong,  is far more grievous,  and seems to be a deliberate deception.  It has devastating results in our world,  and it is the polar opposite of the teachings of Jesus.  The Bible warns us that there will come a time when good is called evil,  and evil is called good.  I think we are in that evil time,  we have been in it for a long while,  and have reached a more dangerous level where good and evil are blended together and made part of a “dance” and called  “distortions”  which we “amuse” ourselves with,  where there are no  “polarities”,  as this  “RA”  informed us above.

But RA plays a dark game of words.  For example,  his pet word  “distortion”  heavily implies wrong,  and he uses it to describe what we are doing wrong,  and yet he pronounces above that there is no wrong.  He also uses “distortion” to describe things that are undeniably good,  such as  “free will”,  “Love”,  and “Light”.   Also his four ominous words  “all will be reconciled”  jump to the end of the struggle,  ignoring all the triumphs and defeats along the way.  It ignores all the bravery,  the heroism,  the sacrifice,  the abuse,  the atrocities that happened along the way,  that forged the participants into heroes and villains.  It is like saying that World War II ended in reconciliation.  That word just does not describe the end result.  In a war,  or in any serious struggle between entities,  one side wins and the other side loses.  One side’s philosophy spreads,  and the other side’s philosophy is crushed.  The losers are not “reconciled”,  they are defeated or destroyed,  and their influence is severely diminished.  In the case of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany,  that was a very good thing.  Wars are not a  “dance through the mind/body/spirit complex”  to amuse ourselves.  They are deadly serious conflicts between good and evil,  that ruin or destroy millions of lives.  We hope that the side that wins,  is the side that is more morally correct and advanced,  but that not guaranteed  (luckily, the right side won in World War II,  but that has rarely occurred in later wars).  Initially,  the side that is wrong or evil has the advantage,  and they are very likely to win.  And it is said that the winning side gets to write the history of the war.  It seems to me that,  with four words,  “all will be reconciled”,  RA is trying to write the history of the cosmic war,  before it is even over,  and trying to conceal or invalidate the important struggle between right and wrong,  good and evil,  that is swirling all around us now.

There is also very little reconciliation in political conflicts,  religious conflicts,  philosophical arguments, legal disputes  and daily arguments between people.  For example,  the current ruling political party, with its leader Barack Obama, is in complete gridlock with Republicans in Congress,  with both sides blaming each other.  There is no reconciling to be done,  there is only blocking or defeating the other side.  Obama and his administration are also in conflict with religions,  business owners,  industry owners,  land owners,  and  gun owners.  They are in conflict with capitalism and conservatism in general,  as a war of philosophy.  They deny that there is anything exceptional about America,  but claim that it has committed many grievous mistakes and errors,  which they will correct,  and they are trying to transform us into their idea of a perfect society.  There can be no reconciling in this political struggle.  One side’s philosophy wins;  the other side’s philosophy is suppressed or defeated.  But in RA’s pronouncement,  all of this is of no concern,  for  “all will be reconciled at some point”  and  “there is no polarity”.  This philosophy is completely alien and harmful to human life on this planet.  I think that it is harmful to spiritual life as well.

This pronouncement was published 30 years ago,  it is reinforced with channelings from other sources,  and it is now gaining much wider distribution,  in part through the internet.  This  “Law of One”  teaching is gathering quite a following,  and turning into a religion.  But it needs to be exposed and opposed for the harm it can do.  It preaches “unity” and “unity of thought” that “binds all things”.  In this world,  there is no significant “unity” or “unity of thought”  between a lion and a lamb,  a shark and a seal,  a fox and a chicken,  or a tyrant and his innocent victims.  One lives,  and one dies.  One triumphs,  the other is defeated.  There is no  “unity of thought”  between a serial killer and his victims.  There was no  “unity of thought”  between Jesus and the evil people who had him whipped and crucified  (he did forgive them,  but that just increased the polarity between them),  and it was certainly not  “amusing”.    Instead, in this world,  there are significant polarities that we must recognize and deal with,  for they can kill us.  It wouldn’t really matter if the monster who tortures and kills us shares some cosmic “unity of thought” with us,  on some metaphysical level.  It is the stark DIFFERENCES OF THOUGHT,  it is the weapons cutting into our flesh,  it is the bullet that pierces our heart,  it is the blood that flows and the precious life that is unjustly taken,  the freedom that is stolen,  the rights that are violated,  the dreams that are turned into nightmares;   that is what matters,  that is what overrides any cosmic “unity”….. and RA does nothing to stop it.  In fact,  he sanctions it through his over-emphasis on sacred  “free will”.  He seems to dismiss the massive injustice in Earth history,  by saying in essence that we have to tolerate it because of sacred  “free will”,  which he calls the first gift of God to the universe.  He needs to ponder the old Earth saying:  “Your free will ends where my nose begins.”  Free will is indeed a precious gift,  but when free will is abused,  it should be limited or canceled.  This is the basic universal rule of justice,  that RA ignores.  He ignores it,  because it invalidates much of his teachings.

But the RA teachings are not alone in this regard.  The one thing lacking in every religious system in the world,  is reliable repeatable justice in this world.  Because of the lack of reliable repeatable justice in this world,  religions must concoct various elaborate cosmologies to explain how we will receive justice,  punishment or reward after we die….. or in the case of reincarnation,  how we also received justice before we were born….. and various excuses why we do not have justice in our lives here and now.  They are all suspect to me,  because I expect reliable repeatable justice in this world,  when the injustice happens,  when we are witnesses to it,  when we are victims of it.  Metaphysical entities are capable of delivering such justice,  and we deserve it,  so I demand it.  Not instant justice,  but prompt justice,  after a reasonable of time for preparation,  but before the perpetrators can launch a career of injustice.  Delayed or deferred justice is just another form of injustice,  because it enables the perpetrators to attack more victims.

Back to the RA teachings about  “unity of thought”.  I have experienced very little unity of thought in my life on this planet.  Even among family and friends,  unity of thought is rare.  Life is an arena full of people gaming each other,  full of thoughts that compete and push against each other.  These warring thoughts produce both help and harm,  depending upon the intentions of the people involved.  It is the stark DIFFERENCES OF THOUGHT,  not  “unity of thought”,   that produce all the conflict,  misery,  suffering,  and destruction.  Ignoring the DIFFERENCES OF THOUGHT is not helpful.  It doesn’t really matter if we have some “unity of thought” with the person who is attacking us.  It is the differences of thought that are producing the attack.  It doesn’t really matter that the worst people can repent and change,  until they actually do it,  and that is very rare.  If they do repent and change,  it is only after a significant body count has been piled up.  If they do repent and change,  it is only because they realize that they have been wrong,  not because they realize that they were doing nothing wrong.

If this  “LAW OF ONE”  includes the  teaching that there is no right or wrong,  then it is really the LAW OF NONE.  It claims to spread the message of light and love.  But it worships  “free will”  to such an outrageous extreme,  that it allows evil to destroy love,  and it cancels out any notion of one moral judgment being any better than another.  In this way,  it destroys its own credibility.  After telling us essentially that nothing really matters,  it offers volumes of moral advice,  in great hypocrisy and self-contradiction.  Tentatively,  I would say that any moral advice rising from these premises is highly corrupted.  But  I am still studying and absorbing this LAW OF ONE,  as I just discovered it while writing this article.

It does discern two basic moral orientations that seem to be sound….. service-to-other (said to be good)  and service-to-self (said to be bad).  During our lives here on Earth,  our main purpose is to choose between these opposing moral priorities.  When our choice solidifies and becomes permanent,  we move on to higher densities,  but with forced separation between the two opposing groups.  This is all fine as a concept of spiritual progression,  but there are two contradictions here,  according to RA’s other teachings.

First,  the service-to-other and service-to-self choices are described by RA as “polarities”,  but didn’t he tell us above with great confidence that there is no polarity,  no right or wrong?  So which is it,  do we have polarities or no polarities?  This is not a complicated issue.  It is troubling,  because people who are engaging in deception tend to contradict themselves,  and then fabricate complicated reasons why it is not really a contradiction.  RA dictated four books to spin a web of complicated reasons to tangle our thoughts.  But I will point out the contradictions as I see them.  This one is extremely basic:  polarities or no polarities?  RA tries to teach both ways,  but I will not let him get away with that.  There are physical polarities in nature:  positive and negative magnetism,  positive and negative charged particles,  matter and anti-matter,  wet and dry,  hot and cold,  light and dark,  living and non-living materials,  predator and prey.  These polarities of nature can mean the difference between life and death for us,  and so can the moral polarities of human nature and spiritual nature.

Second,  I have another simple question.  If RA says there is no right or wrong,  then how can service-to-other be deemed to be better than service-to-self?  RA spends much of his time promoting service-to-other and supposedly guiding us in that direction,  promoting unconditional love,  but why would he do that,  if there is no right or wrong?  If there is no right or wrong,  then unconditional hate is equal to unconditional love,  and it should not matter which way we go.   Can the collective oversoul RA answer this basic question in simple and logical terms,  with no backpedaling or double-talk?  I have not yet seen this question asked or answered in The RA Material.  But logic gives us the answer.  If there is no right or wrong as RA says,  then service-to-self and service-to-other are equal,  with no moral difference,  and a murdering tyrant is equal to Jesus Christ,  and RA is a supreme liar with a harmful agenda….. or a deluded entity who is so far removed from the reality of our everyday lives,  that his advice is,  let us say,  of limited value.  I would go further and say that it highly deceptive and dangerous.

This is a huge fundamental contradiction that cannot legitimately be contained in the same body of teaching.  If RA says there is no right or wrong,  then there is no real need for any education,  proper procedure for any task….. no need for priorities of any kind at all…..  and love is no better or worse than hate, or any other emotion.  Healing is not better than hurting;  pleasure is not better than pain;  happiness is not better than misery.  RA praises unconditional love as the greatest good in the universe,  so it must be  “right”,  and yet he told us that there is no right or wrong,  so again,  love can be no better than hate.  And of course,  this necessary conclusion rising from  “no right or wrong”  is completely absurd,  and RA is the champion of absurdity.  If RA objects to this theory,  and wishes to refute it,  then let him leave a comment to this blog.  He could certainly instruct one of his many human channels to write a comment here  (after all,  his channels do write lengthy books from his lengthy discourses,  dictated to them while in a trance).

We are forced to exchange writings,  since I apparently do not have the right frequency of vibration for communicating directly,  as RA’s channels do….. but wait….. there is no right or wrong frequency,  right?  It does not matter if I vibrate or not,  right?  But RA claims to be of a higher frequency,  closer to God,  with much more knowledge and wisdom,  and therefore more  “right”  than us,  by strong implication.  The whole reason he is communicating with us is because he thinks he is right,  and we are wrong in some ways,  and he wants to help us.  But he says there is no right or wrong.  Then why should we listen to him?  What part of  “no right or wrong”  do I not understand?  Please explain.  I am begging for an explanation here.  I would hate to be wrong and would like to be right,  so please correct me….. except,  oh yeah,  there is no right or wrong,  right?  So really,  no one needs to be corrected about anything.  Yet RA wrote 4 books to help us correct ourselves.  Someone help me here,  I am so confused!

And,  indeed,  confusion will be the primary result whenever serious critical thought is applied to the LAW OF ONE.  If it does not confuse you after the points I am raising here,  then you are an unquestioning believer,  even while the LAW OF ONE tells us not to be an unquestioning believer.  So questioning is right,  and blind belief is wrong,  right?  But wait,  there is no right and wrong,  right?  You see how this vicious circle of faulty logic never ends.  But never mind all that….. I am following the advice to question the LAW OF ONE,  and I am asking for answers.  Could it be that I am “dancing” around an inconvenient truth for the LAW OF ONE supporters,  or will they say that I am “distorting” their true reality to “amuse myself”?  Time will tell,  if they comment at all,  but I am certainly not doing this for amusement.

While there may be many paths to God,  these are actual paths,  or required sequences of learning,  that must be followed in order to make spiritual progress.  Each religion and philosophy has a different path,  and while some may be better than others,  they can all result in spiritual progress.  I do not know the true correctness of my chosen path,  but at least I am trying to follow it,  with discipline and integrity.  And if there are paths,  then it is possible to get OFF the path,  and get lost in the wilderness.  Even if there are many paths through the dark jungle,  then staying on a path to God is right,  and getting off of a path to wander in the dark jungle is wrong.  By saying that there is no right or wrong,  this  “LAW OF ONE”  is teaching that there are NO PATHS AT ALL,  and that it is fine if we just go in circles forever,  or wander aimlessly,  or maliciously knock other people off their paths.  In truth,  the one who is actually following any path to God is right,  and the one who wanders with no path is wrong.

Some paths take people away from God,  even farther away than those who just wander in the dark.  These are the evil paths of criminals and tyrants,  the abusive people I have already spoken too much of,  in this article.  The LAW OF ONE,  with its slavish worship of  “free will”,  allows these evil people to attack and destroy good people at will,  while the LAW OF ONE masquerades as the ultimate goodness,  while proclaiming our  “oneness”  with the criminals and tyrants.  In truth,  the LAW OF ONE teachers do not seem to care how long it takes us to make any spiritual progress,  whether we are good or evil.  It is all on us.  If we are abused or attacked,  then we have somehow  “chosen”  this to happen.  If we are the abusers or attackers,  somehow we are not really doing anything wrong;  we are just a tool of karma;  and it will just take us longer to make spiritual progress.  So abusers and their victims are locked in a downward spiral of spiritual damage,  like two fighting eagles falling out of the sky with their talons locked,  slashing each others’  flesh.  Abusers and victims are both suffering great spiritual damage.  It will take a long time,  multiple lifetimes,  to recover from the spiritual damage and get back to spiritual progress,  but that does not matter to the LAW OF ONE entities.   They have communicated this point in subtle ways through their human channels.  That is why they claim that there is no right or wrong.  We can take 10 years or a million years to progress the same amount,  or none at all,  by our own choice,  and it does not really matter (but it matters greatly to me,  and it should matter to you).  Like RA proclaims above:   “All will be reconciled at some point”,  give or take a few more million years of chaos,  misery,  and suffering.  This may be a veiled effort to actually prevent significant spiritual progress.

Some of the LAW OF ONE entities sign off each channeling with  “you are loved more than you can possibly imagine”,  a very noble claim;  yet they also claim to be unable or unwilling to help us much,  because of a prohibition against violating our  “free will”.  And they will not violate the  “free will”  of those who attack us and destroy us.  They would not violate the  “free will”  of the thief who stole my mother’s purse on Christmas Eve,  they would not violate the  “free will”  of the Jihadist suicide pilots who flew airline jets into the World Trade towers.   Their great love,  more love than we can imagine,  does nothing to stop unjust attacks.  What is the benefit of their love,  if it does not contribute to justice?  Justice is the end product we all need…..  for ourselves and others…..  ongoing justice,  effective justice,  prompt justice that is not delayed or deferred for lifetimes.  Love is wasted,  if it does not pursue that.

Like all clever deceptions,  this LAW OF ONE seems to employ bits of truth or logic,  to attack a greater truth.  It is related to Dr. Alexander’s three-point message from his NDE.  It shares the  “nothing wrong”  message and the promotion of unconditional love with that NDE.  It expands from there into an excessive honoring of  “free will”,  as I have already described.  The greater truth that all of these deceptions are attacking is JUSTICE.  For if we can do nothing wrong,  if we are loved even when we become murdering tyrants,  if our  “free will”  can never be violated,  even when we severely abuse it,  then JUSTICE is completely destroyed.  In the LAW OF ONE and other teachings,  whatever justice may be done is taken care of by the mysterious law of karma,  and by choices we make in the spirit world before we are born.  The result of all of these doctrines is that JUSTICE is completely absent from human existence on planet Earth,  except what justice we can achieve for ourselves.  And if we follow these doctrines,  we won’t even try to do that.  Yet justice is what we all yearn for,  what we all need,  to live in safety,  security,  happiness and true freedom.  We also need Knowledge,  especially spiritual knowledge and memory,  to live our lives effectively,  yet that is withheld or concealed or distorted,  by a  “veil”  put in place between physical and spiritual existence,  and we are told that this withholding is for our own good.  The result of almost all spiritual or religious teachings in this world,  is the withholding of Justice and Knowledge in this world,  that we desperately need.  As I wrote above,  the one thing lacking in every religious system in the world,  is reliable repeatable justice in this world.

I cannot imagine a hypothetical time or a hypothetical scenario when this message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  would be universally true or beneficial.  Aside from it’s utter falsity,  it is irrelevant,  for it is always eclipsed by greater events and concerns.  Even if it were true for a limited time or for a few qualified individuals,  it is overwhelmed by the vast majority of people doing many things wrong.  It is overwhelmed by the cruel disasters of nature,  such as flood,  fire,  tornado,  or earthquake.  It is overwhelmed by undeserved disasters,  as well as undeserved good fortune.  This message is a message of chaos;  a message of unlimited failure…..  which keeps us weak and confused.  We would be better served by a message of perseverance and hope,  that no matter what we do wrong,  we still have the free will to turn to the right.  Few take that turn,  but the option is always there.

Further,  if this message were a universal truth,  as Dr. Alexander seems to regard it,  it would wipe out all responsibility,  accountability,  morality  and humility.  There would be no point in learning the right way of doing anything,  or in disciplining ourselves to be moral and fair and ethical.  We could break promises,  indulge every whim and vice,  mistreat everyone,  and  break every rule or law,  with no consequences.  It should be obvious that this is no way to run a hot dog stand,  much less an entire universe.  In ancient Greek philosophy,  goodness was described as  “the class of the limited”  and evil was described as  “the class of the unlimited”.  Goodness does require some limits,  it requires prohibitions of many evil or selfish acts.  The idea that we can  “do nothing wrong”  is the ultimate in self-indulgence and selfishness.  We all have moral duties and obligations,  to ourselves,  to others,  to society,  to our Creator.  Following our duties and honoring our obligations is right,  ignoring them or breaking them is wrong.  No message from any source can change that,  for that IS a universal truth.  Every major religion in the world has teachings of what is right,  and what is wrong.  These teachings stem from ancient spiritual messages to many spiritual,  saintly people who already knew the general difference between right and wrong.  That is why they were chosen to receive the messages.  I will throw in my lot with them,  instead of these johnny-come-lately prophets who report a dangerous message that we can do no wrong.  That message is from a different source,  probably the same source that puts out other messages like  “if it feels good, do it”,   “Nobody is perfect”,   “You cannot be certain of anything”,   “I couldn‘t help it! Nobody can help anything he does”,  “That may be true for you,  but it is not true for me”,   “Act first, think about it afterward”,  “Everything is relative”,  “It depends on the situation”,  “I did not have sex with that woman”,  “You didn’t build that!”,  and  the idea that everyone deserves a comfortable life,  including free food,  housing,  healthcare,  and more babies,  even if they don’t work to pay for it.  All these messages attack individual responsibility,  reward weakness,  and destroy justice,  and they are very wrong.  And they all fall on the liberal / progressive side of philosophy and politics.

Another point:  think of the old saying  “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  What is a good intention?  It is an intent to do or say something good,  something that will benefit other people.  It is based on the judgement that one is doing something right,  and is not doing something wrong.  But invariably,  there is some factor that is not taken into account,  or there is a person involved who takes unfair or immoral advantage of what we say or do,  that we probably should have seen coming.  Our act of goodness backfires,  creating harm and destruction,  and we find ourselves on  “the road to hell”.  It turns out that we did indeed do something wrong,  and we need to learn from our mistake.  This is another aspect of the dangers of thinking  “there is nothing you can do wrong”.


Yes, you too can buy your own swell bracelet proclaiming “ALL IS WELL” to your suffering neighbors

Dr. Alexander has a website promoting his story and his book.  On the website,  he is also selling a silver bracelet emblazoned with the slogan  “ALL IS WELL”.  This memorializes the first words he spoke when he awoke from his coma,  after his profound, life-changing NDE.  He may have felt that  “all is well”  at the moment for himself,  escaping death in a full recovery.  But as a slogan for everyone to wear on their arm,  it is a vicious lie.  All is NOT well.  The world,  and everyone in it,  is suffering in many ways.  Ignoring the widespread suffering in the world does not make it go away,  but only increases the suffering for others.  This bracelet should be sold with a pair of rose-colored glasses  and a pair of headphones playing elevator music,  to better insulate the wearer from the real world.  Alexander now offers his own words on a bracelet,  as if he were a prophet emerging from a Biblical vision to teach us.   But I have a problem with the lessons he is teaching.


Those are  just my opening arguments…… just cracking a few knuckles,  just some stretching exercises before the wrestling match.   There are many more,  even stronger points made below.  I am putting a lot of thought and effort into this,  because I think this is one of the most important issues in human life,  and beyond human life.  It is one of the most important issues for intelligent beings anywhere in the universe,  in any form.  It is a crucial question of philosophy and morality.  Should we believe a devastating fantasy that we can never do anything wrong,  or should we acknowledge the obvious truth that we can always do anything wrong?  These philosophies are polar opposites,  and so are the consequences that flow from them.  Freedom of will means that we are free to choose wrong,  and free to make mistakes.  Then we are free to learn from our mistakes.  But if we never call them mistakes,  nor take responsibility for our mistakes,  then we can never learn from them.

And please understand,  I am not attacking the good doctor,  but only the message that he faithfully reports to us in his book.  I thank him for his book,  with its vivid detail and thoroughness.  I respect his great courage in writing the book,  and subjecting himself to criticism.  I am critical of the doctor only to the extent that he seems to agree with or follow the message given to him in his NDE.  Sadly,  he seems to agree with it,  let us say,  to an extent of  “hook, line, and sinker”.  I sent him a link to this article,  with no response.  I later sent him another email containing a link,  and containing the following paragraph,  which presents my main thesis.  He acknowledged receipt,  but has not replied to address my concerns.  He continues his extensive traveling and speaking campaign,  to spread the message of his NDE.



So,  in my opinion,  the core message given to the good doctor in his NDE is a masterpiece of deception,  and he was manipulated to be happy to receive it.  Indeed,  it has become his life’s mission to spread that message.  In the core message given to the doctor,  in what he thought was “Heaven”,  point  #1  (“You are loved and cherished”)  is wonderful,  as loving and cherishing are always welcome and beneficial.  The best lies always have a kernel of truth,  and point #1 serves that purpose.  But  point #1 is a limited truth,  for while we may be loved and cherished by God and certain others,  we certainly are not loved and cherished by all beings everywhere.  There are many people in this world who can and do find reasons to hate us on sight,  like racists,  or from afar,  like Muslims chanting “Death to America”,  for example.  Such people consider us enemies and want us dead,  without knowing anything about us,  except the color of our skin or the place we live.  Many other people in the world  (or right next door)  have contempt for us,  because of our values and principles,  or for political differences,  or for cultural differences.  Many other people in the world regard us as mere objects for their own gratification,  or as pawns to use for political or financial gain.  Dr. Alexander himself is not loved or cherished by his many critics,  who span the spectrum from hateful atheists to Bible-thumping Christians.  But  point #1 ignores these ugly facts,  and makes us feel all warm and cuddly,  setting us up for the big lies in points #2 and #3.  They too are so comforting,  we want them to be true.  But points  #2 and  #3 both make no logical or moral sense in this world where we live and die,  nor do they make sense in any spiritual world that I can imagine.  Point #2  (“You have nothing to fear”)  is contradicted even in the doctor’s NDE,  where he was first dumped into a gloomy place of darkness and muck,  which was “terrifying”,  where he tells us that he panicked.  Terror and panic are extreme forms of fear,  are they not?  And point #3 (“There is nothing you can do wrong”)  is by far the most nonsensical.  Here is why I think so:


Dr. Alexander,  this man who was a hardened  atheist just hours before,  was now being overwhelmed by proof that he was fundamentally wrong.  His body lay dying in a hospital emergency room,  and his spirit was wrenched out of that body and forced into a new reality.  According to his beliefs,  this was impossible and absurd.  He was a spiritual basket case of wrong assumptions.  As a spirit he was weak,  confused,  disoriented,  amnesiac,  and easy prey for any spiritual forces that became aware of his mind-breaking crisis of pain and impending bodily death.  First, he found himself in a very unpleasant environment,  which he called the Realm of the Earthworm’s-Eye View.  I would call it something a bit more sinister than that.

muck and darkness with light

muck and darkness with light

grotesque faces

grotesque faces

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

It was a place of “visible darkness”,  like “being submerged in mud yet also being able to see through it.”  At first he thought he was part of the muck;  he says he wasn’t human while he was in that place;  and he did not remember any of his human life.  First he tells us that he had no exact sense of time,  but then says that he might have spent years stuck in this muck.  Then he became aware of a deep rhythmic pounding or pulsing that was ominous and disturbing in hindsight.  He also heard occasional dull roars;  roars that sometimes changed to rhythmic chants that were “terrifying”.  Then “grotesque animal faces bubbled out of the muck,  groaned or screeched, and then were gone again.”  Then things became really creepy…..  he saw movement in the muck,  and then he felt the movement,  as if reptilian or wormlike creatures were passing by,  and rubbing against Eben with smooth skins,  or spiky skins.  Then he became aware of a smell:  “a little like feces,  a little like blood,  and a little like vomit.”  He described it as a smell of biological death,  not of biological life.  How could he feel without a physical body,  or smell without a physical nose?  Either he had a metaphysical body that he was not aware of yet,  with that awareness being blocked,  OR his memories of earthly experiences were being masterfully manipulated,  temporarily  suppressing all of them except those specific memories needed to produce the desired effect.  As a doctor and surgeon,  he would have the smelled the disturbing scents of feces, blood, and vomit of other people hundreds of times,  and he associated it with death.  This may have been a strong and primal memory,  difficult to suppress,  so its disturbing effect was put to the best use by unseen manipulators….. this is just one possibility to consider.  I will return to this possibility below.

Some Christian reviewers are jumping to call this place Hell,  but that is far too simplistic.  And the doctor’s experience here does not jive with Christian doctrine concerning Hell.  He could not remember any “sins” he had committed,  in fact he could remember nothing at all.  Therefore he had no sense of regret,  no sense of being punished,  which is the whole point of Hell.  While this place became increasingly unpleasant at first,  he returned to it sometimes during his NDE,  as a resting place,  a “dulling” place,  after his psyche was overloaded by other places,  perhaps after he had gained the strength to keep this dark place from hurting him.  It was where he sunk to,  when the “higher” spirits ended a session with him in the “higher” realms of light.  On his last visit here,  he saw undistorted human faces bubbling out of the muck,  which turned out to be the faces of the people who were then in his hospital room,  in the last hours of his coma.  But in his first visit here,  he was very vulnerable to its unpleasant and harmful features.  And it was more terrifying on his first visit because he did not know that he could leave it.

So the first place he was taken,  as a spirit in this NDE,  was a scary and depressing place of darkness and muck,  where some sort of animal-like spirits may have been in great distress,  and other repulsive squirmy creatures were beginning to rub against him,  and he became aware of the sickening smell of death.  What would the repulsive creatures do next?  Were they rubbing against him as a prelude to attack,  like sharks circling their prey?  Were the grotesque animal faces all that remained of their former victims?  This was not a very good start to a spiritual adventure,  and it contrasts sharply with most other reported NDE’s,  which have no such negative elements.  In most NDE’s,  there is no discomfort or fear, as the spirit travels through a “tunnel”,  to meet joyful family, friends, or a loving spiritual guide.  Eben had deceased relatives who could have met him and comforted him,  but perhaps they were kept away,  by the forces that dumped Eben into the muck.  Perhaps those forces had more influence over Eben, because he had been a hardened atheist….. therefore his spirit was blind, ignorant, and weak.  What would have happened to Eben, if he stayed in this horrible spiritual place of misery and torture?  The more he became aware of his dismal surroundings,  the more he began to panic.  If he stayed there,  he may have become like one of the grotesque faces bubbling out of the muck to groan or screech.  And he did not know how to get away from this place.  It was the only place he had ever known,  because he could not remember any of his human life,  and he did not even know what a “human” is.  That is another stark difference with other NDE’s…..  in most other NDE’s,  the people retain their human memories.

Interestingly,  Eben has studied the subject of NDE’s thoroughly since his own NDE,  and he notices these differences with other NDE’s himself,  and ponders them in his book, in a short chapter titled “A Special Kind of NDE”.  In a growing aura of self-justification and self-importance,  he concludes that his amnesia was like a gift from God,  so that he could go deeper into spiritual realms without having to worry about what he was leaving behind.  He says that he now suspects that his human memories were intentionally removed during his NDE.  It apparently took years for this to occur to him,  while it occurred to me immediately.  But we seem to disagree on the reason for the intentional removal of his memories.  While insisting that he is not boasting,  he writes that because he had no memories,  “I was allowed to die harder,  and travel deeper,  than almost all NDE subjects before me.”  He thinks that,  for some divine reason,  he was deemed to be worthy of having this superior kind of NDE.

In his self-praise,  Eben totally discounts the first part of his NDE,  where he was allowed to sink into the muck,  into depths of terror and panic.  He was weak,  ignorant and helpless,  being approached by ominous creatures,  before he was conveniently rescued  (see details below).  He should think deeper about his good fortune at being snatched from the jaws of disaster,  and the possible reasons for the rescue.  If he had been left in the muck in this weakened state,  he probably would not have recovered,  either spiritually or physically.  He would not be here to expound on and on about the more pleasant aspects of his NDE.  He does not even consider the possibility that as a hardened atheist,  perhaps with other additional weaknesses,  he was a better candidate for deception,  a better sucker,  a better sycophant,  than “almost all NDE subjects before me”…..  NOR does he consider the possibility that his spiritual handlers detected in him a superior ego,  that would do a fine job of spinning a tale that would promote both their message and his own importance,  to their mutual benefit.  But as objective observers,  these are possibilities that WE must consider.


Glue traps with 18 scorpions

Glue traps with 18 scorpions

We could even consider the possibility,  let us call it a hypothesis,  that Eben’s “Realm of the Earthworm’s-Eye View” is perhaps more like a trap.  My parents use “glue traps” for insects.  This is a flat piece of plastic with some kind of extremely sticky glue on it.  My parents put it just inside the doors,  where insects are likely to crawl in from outside.  Stronger insects,  such as large cockroaches or centipedes or crickets,  who put a claw down on the glue might get away,  minus one leg,  to gain entrance into the house.  Their detached leg remains on the glue trap,  as a witness to their mighty struggle.  But weaker insects such as small roaches, ants, beetles, spiders and scorpions cannot pull free (one scorpion in the photo is free except for its tail),  and the glue trap becomes their final resting place (after days of starvation,  frustration,  and misery),  unless a human were to come along and rescue the pathetic victim…..  which is not very likely,  because humans set the trap in the first place.  This reminds me of the dark mucky place in Eben’s NDE.  The gloomy muck might serve as a metaphysical trap,  which becomes a “resting place”,  with no actual rest but with misery and terror,  for weak spirits such as atheists and the like.   They become prey for spiritual predators,  who derive some sort of metaphysical sustenance from their victims…..  Unless the predators, or their masters,  decide that it would be better to rescue a particular spirit,  who would be more useful if properly indoctrinated and sent back to Earthly life.  Does this sound too outlandish?  Perhaps,  but it is one way of answering some of the troubling questions that Eben’s story raises.  In my hypothetical scenario,  this trap of muck would not have to be universal in scope,  but could be a local feature,  not encountered by all human spirits departing the earthly plane.  Eben encountered it,  and brought back a well-detailed report of it,  the only report of it that I am aware of.

There are many other negative,  frightful,  even terrifying NDE’s reported in the literature.  One researcher,  Bruce Greyson,  discovered 50 cases of  “distressing near-death experiences”  and wrote a published article about them in a psychiatry journal.  Another researcher reported that 3 percent of NDE cases he studied,  in children,  were negative.  A few people with negative NDE’s are convinced that they were really in Hell,  and were rescued or retrieved by forces of Goodness.  One woman was rescued from spirit attackers when she called upon Jesus to help her.  All of these negative NDE’s are different,  but they are all distressing,  depressing,  and terrifying.  You could be thinking,  “that would not happen to me”,  but it could happen to any of us,  if we are selected as a target by immoral spiritual forces,  or spiritual predators.



Blue-eyed spirit girl with butterflies

Orb melting away darkness

Orb melting away darkness

Let us return to the empty ignorant amnesiac spirit of Eben,  wallowing helplessly in the muck with repulsive creatures closing in on him,  growing fearful but with nothing to fear (as he tells us later),  being filled with whatever his expert spiritual handlers wanted to fill him with.  We will never know what would have happened to him,  if he stayed in this God-forsaken place of misery and torture (perhaps even intentional torture).  When his panic reached a certain level,  and as soon as he wanted to get away from this dreadful place,  a spinning orb of white-gold light appeared in the darkness,  and melted the darkness away.  The orb appeared right on cue,  like a shining knight to the rescue,  after the stifling muck had done its intended job and Eben had begun to panic.  After being rescued from a form of spiritual torture,  Eben was much more likely to believe anything that he was told.  The spinning orb escorted him to a very different place of light and beauty,  which he described as brilliant,  vibrant, ecstatic,  stunning,  and he felt like he was being born into this lovely place.  He found himself flying over a green,  lush landscape,  with trees and fields,  streams and waterfalls,  with people dancing and laughing.  Then he became aware that he was accompanied by a beautiful girl with deep blue eyes.  They were riding together on a vibrant living surface, which became the wing of a butterfly.  Then millions of butterflies were all around them,  and they flew together in looping formations,  past brilliant flowers that blossomed open as they flew near….. this went on for a while….. in fact the doctor reports that  “I spent great stretches of time… in the presence of my guardian angel on the butterfly’s wing and an eternity learning lessons from the Creator and the Orb of light deep in the Core.”  Here is a collage of how the doctor’s butterfly ride may have looked or felt:


Girl with butterflies.







Wow,  what an incredible spiritual roller-coaster ride that must have been!  I would stand in line for days or weeks to experience that one!….. but I would not automatically grant the operators of the ride the status of “God” or “connected to God”,  no matter how pretty and friendly they were.  I do believe that Dr. Alexander had this euphoric experience,  which would be deeply enjoyable and impressive.  BUT,  we must ask,  WHY was this particular experience being provided to him?….. after he had first been subjected to spiritual torture?  I could liken this amazing spiritual place to the earthly billionaire’s estate I described above.  It might feel like paradise,  but it is not “Heaven”,  and it seems to have a dungeon lurking in the basement.   Eben,  the former atheist,  now rescued from that dungeon,  found himself in an intensely  pleasant-feeling spiritual environment,  and he was ready to grasp for the candy,  like any child who wakes up in a candy store.  At this weak and vulnerable point in his spiritual awakening,  he was told by his lovely new female spiritual guide,  who he “felt” was linked to God,  that three-point message of comfort,  ending with:  “There is nothing you can do wrong.”….. Really??  Up to that point,  the doctor’s whole spiritual lifeview was wrong,  the anti-spiritual things he had “felt” were wrong,  and he had suffered for it,  as he tells us in the book.  As I wrote above,  this point #3 (“There is nothing you can do wrong”)  is complete nonsense,  and a horrendous lie.  Here is why I think so:


Any spiritual guide is welcome to correct me,  but I thought that most human tragedy,  for all of recorded history and beyond,  is the result of people doing something wrong,  and that most human progress is the result of people doing something right.  Turning aside from historic wars,  genocides,  inquisitions,  and jihads committed by hordes of people doing something wrong and others fighting back…..  Consider something as common as a car accident.  Most car accidents are caused by drivers doing something wrong,  something that is not in accordance with the traffic laws,  or the laws of physics.  The internet,  especially Youtube,  is filled with videos of people getting hurt or killed by doing something wrong.  Good people are robbed, raped, and killed every minute on this world by criminals doing something wrong.  In our relationships of family and friends,  lives are ruined and made miserable by people doing many things wrong,  hurting each other deeply.  Some of these things in the previous sentences are mistakes,  some are accidents,  some are intentional,  some are unintentional,  some are sins,  some are crimes,  but they are all WRONG.  Consider our physical health and welfare….. we need to keep our bodies healthy to be able to accomplish what our spirits need to do.  There are definitely some wrong things we can do to our bodies,  like eating way too much or not enough,  taking harmful drugs,  smoking,  not exercising,  etc.  These things are very bad for our health,  so they are wrong,  and if we do them,  our bodies and spirits will suffer.

So people are doing wrong things all the time,  and they suffer for it,  and other people also suffer for the wrong things we do.  Consider an innocent family driving in their car,  hit by a drunk driver in another car,  and the family is killed or maimed for life.  Wouldn’t you say that the drunk driver did something wrong?  Something so dreadfully and fundamentally wrong,  with such predictable and destructive results,  that it should be called evil?  When the drunk driver dies,  will the lovely spirit-girl tell the fool  “there is nothing you can do wrong”….?…. If she does,  the fool will most certainly believe her,  and will most certainly keep doing things that are horribly wrong.  In the news today  (March 8, 2014),  I saw a shocking video of a woman driving her car off a beach into the ocean at Daytona Beach,  to kill herself and her children…..  ….. she failed to kill anyone,  but 20 years ago in 1994,  Susan Smith did the same thing and killed her two young children….. ….. The lovely spirit-girl’s message to humanity tells us that these women were doing nothing wrong,  but it is a devious lie.  Every day, the news is full of people doing things that are horribly wrong,  and foolish,  and mean,  and treacherous,  and evil.  I would venture to say that all of us are doing something wrong,  or many things wrong,  and that we could be doing those things right,  or at least better.

Bridge collapses people die

Bridge collapses people die

Imagine a math teacher telling his students  “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  There would be no wrong answer on the tests.  2 + 2 could equal any number the student thinks.  Forgetting a step in an equation would bear no penalty.  But the resulting jumble of numbers would mean nothing,  and accomplish nothing.  Mathematics requires great intelligence,  great discipline,  and following the right procedures.  There is only one right answer for any equation,  and any other answer is wrong.  Great mathematicians following the right procedures have unlocked many secrets of the natural world and the universe,  with great benefit to human civilization.

Try telling an engineer,  an architect,  a surveyor,  or  a carpenter that they can do nothing wrong.  If you design and build a skyscraper, or a bridge,  and you do it wrong,  the skyscraper or bridge falls down,  and people get hurt or killed,  and you are in big trouble.  For that matter,  Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon,  and he should certainly know that if he does his surgery wrong,  his patient will suffer physically,  and the doctor will suffer mentally, emotionally and financially.  And from other amazing books I have read,  the skills of engineer,  architect,  or doctor may have their spiritual counterparts in the metaphysical realm.  Our skills and interests and talents should certainly stay with us,  in some form,  in the metaphysical realm.  And it would make sense for there to be a right way to do things,  and many wrong ways to do things,  even in the spirit world.

Yet here is this “higher” spiritual being telling us,  through Dr. Alexander,  that we can do nothing wrong??!!  This statement itself is fundamentally wrong.  It is so wrong,  that I must question the motives of this “higher” being,  who perhaps wants us to continue doing things wrong,  keeping us down,  while we are thinking it is perfectly OK,  because we cannot do anything wrong.  What better way to keep a person from really maturing or improving or advancing?  Does this “higher” being really have the best interests of humanity at heart?  Perhaps not.  Could it be that these particular “higher” beings do not really want to stop the massive human suffering on this planet,  so they tell us we are doing nothing wrong,  so we will not correct the wrongs,  so that the suffering continues?  It seems to me that one of the main points of human philosophy and religion,  throughout history,  is to learn how we are doing things wrong,  and stop doing them that way,  so that our suffering is lessened.

Think about the power of this message “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  If you are  a fool,  like the drunk driver,  and you hear this message,  you will continue being a fool.  If you are a criminal,  like a gang member,  robbing and abusing at will,  and you hear this message,  you will continue to be evil,  robbing and abusing at will.  Any twinges of guilt you may have felt are extinguished by this message,  especially if you think it is from God.  You will use this imagined divine sanction to rationalize and justify every wrong thing you do.  If you abuse someone,  it is because they abused you first.  If you get mad and beat up your wife,  it is OK,  because she deserved it.  If you blow all your savings at the casino,  that is OK,  because you can do no wrong,  but guess what,  now you and your family have no money.  Will the lovely spirit-girl pay your bills,  the same lovely spirit-girl who says you can do no wrong?  Not likely.  Sociopaths and psychopaths,  estimated to be at least 4  percent of humanity,  already think they can do no wrong,  because they have no moral conscience.  They do not need any encouragement in that direction.

This message,  and the philosophy behind it,  completely negates and violates the fact that everything in human experience happens on a spectrum.  Think of the light spectrum,  with the rich colors of the rainbow that it contains.  Think of the many shades of grey between black and white  (a recent popular book was titled  “50 Shades of Grey”).  Now think of the spectrum of suitability or effectiveness that we recognize,  whenever we are trying to accomplish any task or skill.  Some people have a special talent for a given task, others have no knack for it at all.  The spectrum of suitability spans from worst,  poor,  good,  better,  best.  Whether the task is riding a bicycle,  driving a car,  digging a hole,  cutting wood,  cooking food,  packing a suitcase,  building a house,  or picking a person to marry,  there are different methods that can be ranked from worst to best,  according to their efficiency or their relative success.  It is absurd to say that there is  “no wrong way”  to drive a car or build a house.  There are many inefficient,  inappropriate,  or dangerous methods that should not be used,  and if you use them,  then you are wrong to some degree.  There is almost always a better way to do something,  and if we think that we are  “doing nothing wrong”,  we will not be motivated to look for that better way.  This is the diversion that Dr. Alexander’s spirit guides are trying to accomplish with us,  diverting us from the effort to look for a better or more ethical way to do things.  When it comes to metaphysical matters,  we could be as wrong as using a hammer to dig a hole,  or using a shovel to drive a nail,  and not even realize it.  We could be going the completely wrong direction,  condemning ourselves to endless frustration and misery.  We need to realize that there are endless course corrections needed,  to keep us close to the right path to happiness,  and to fellowship with God.  But why should we worry about it,  if we are all “part of God”?  Why should we worry about it,  if we can do nothing wrong?

This message  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  reminds me of the old saying of worldly Catholic church-goers:  “Sin all week and confess on Sunday”,  and then you are free to sin all week again,  and confess again.  But this message is even worse than that,  because it wipes out the concept of sin,  telling us that we cannot sin.  This message perpetuates all folly, all error and all evil.  It perpetuates all misery,  all injury and all suffering.  Those people who are doing things wrong,  will continue doing things wrong.  Those people who are doing things right, do not even need this message at all.  And those people who are truly trying to do things right,  who yearn for righteousness in their hearts,  who have the right priorities but just fall short in performance,  do not need this message either,  because they are already in a mode of self-correction.  This message might give them some comfort,  but they would have kept moving in the right direction without it.  So the main thing this message does is perpetuate folly,  error and evil.  This message is a clever and powerful tool for forces who do not want us to improve or advance, in a moral or spiritual way.  People who seek the spiritual truth must completely reject this message,  or they will forever be lost in lies and self-worship,  and they will never find the true path to God.

Further,  this message “there is nothing you can do wrong” promotes a fantasy of infallibility,  that hinders development in all types of investigation,  research,  and design.  It completely cancels out the important problem-solving technique of asking:  “What if I am wrong,  then what?”  People often make wrong assumptions about  everything,  and the sooner they discover it,  the sooner they can correct it,  but only if they are open to the reality of their wrongness.  Think of the huge historical follies in science.  We once thought the Earth was flat,  but we were wrong.  Then astronomers thought the earth or the sun was the center of the universe,  but they were wrong.  Explorers thought they could find the fountain of youth or a city made of gold,  but they were wrong and they died looking for these fantasies.  Scientists thought they could find a way to make gold from lead,  but they were wrong.  Doctors thought they could cure various illnesses by “bleeding” us,  but they were wrong.  Their patients died because they did not ask themselves  “What if I am wrong,  then what?”  In the worlds of engineering,  designing,  marketing,  and troubleshooting,  this is a crucial question,  that must constantly be asked.  Fail-safes and backup systems must be designed into machines,  computers,  aircraft,  ships,  and vehicles.  Being wrong can,  and does,  get people killed,  maimed,  fired,  and sued every day.  Not to mention in the high-stakes world of weapons design  and military conflict,  where the wrong strategy can get armies slaughtered and nations defeated.  When one strategy fails,  an alternate plan must be ready to execute.  In military conflicts,  the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of a particular strategy is determined by what the enemy does.  If the enemy fails,  our strategy was right.  If the enemy advances,  our strategy was wrong.  The conflict is in a constant state of flux,  and we must be ready with a different plan when our first plan is defeated, or ‘wrong’….. our very lives depend on it.

In the spiritual world,  the stakes are equally high,  and  “What if I am wrong, then what?”  is a crucial question.  The possible explanations of Dr. Alexander’s NDE that I have given above,  should give any atheist who reads this a LOT to think about…..   what if you are wrong,  and you survive the death of your body?  After a lifetime of condemning that possibility,  you would be far behind in spiritual development,  like a mentally retarded child in school.  Can a retarded child ever catch up with his peers,  who are not retarded?  Not likely.  And worse,  when your body dies,  you may find yourself in the most unpleasant circumstances,  like the atheist Dr. Alexander,  unpleasant circumstances  that have nothing to do with the religious myths of the world.  Spiritually,  you may be like a fish out of water,  or more like a fish stuck in the muck of the “Realm of the Earthworm’s-Eye View”,  ready to be  harvested or abused by the first predator that comes along.  And you cannot count on being rescued like the good doctor was rescued.  You might stay stuck in the muck for a long, long time,  while the believers you sneered at on Earth have a spiritual support system,  which enables them to soar above the muck,  move on toward their spiritual destiny,  and leave you far behind.  You may not even survive the predators,  the metaphysical worms and snakes,  in your weakened atheistic state….. for your atheist views have been like a virus attacking your soul,  weakening your soul,  denying your own spiritual existence,  and attacking anyone who tried to help you.  For the spirit,  atheistic beliefs are like those strange diseases that attack your own biological immune system,  in the human body.

So….. if you have been one of those arrogant,  attacking,  sneering,  hostile atheists,  then I would say that you deserve your fate in the muck,  if you should find yourself there when your body dies.  Alexander found himself there,  and he was not even a hostile atheist.  He lived with believers in his family and tolerated them.  When his surgery patients or their families expressed religious sentiments or spoke of prayer,  he humored them and did not criticize them.  Still,  his spirit was weak from self-denial,  and he found himself mired in the metaphysical muck,  with raw awareness but no memories.  If you are dumped in the muck,  any help that you might receive,  will be by the grace of God…..  the same God that you have condemned for an entire lifetime.  So you might be wise to seriously ask the question:  “What if I am wrong,  what if souls,  spirits,  and God exist,  then what will happen to me when I die?”  Then,  more importantly,  you should ask yourself:  “What if spiritual predators exist,  what will they try to do to me when I die?”   And you should ask it soon,  because tomorrow you could be taken out by a drunk driver who has been told  “There is nothing you can do wrong.”

Here is a spiritual analogy,  concerning our spirits and the tasks they are trying to accomplish,  mirrored in the physical world.  Things that are clear to us in the physical world,  can be very murky and unclear in the metaphysical realm.  So, imagine that you and your friends are trying to build a house with wood,  saw,  hammer and nails.  This house could represent a family,  the fellowship of a church,  the success of a business,  or the harmony of a friendship.  Imagine that you do not know how to use the tools.  You use the wrong, non-cutting edge of the saw,  so no wood will get cut.  You figure out how to use the hammer,  but you try to hammer the nails in head-first.  This doesn’t work,  so no wood will get nailed together.  So no house will be built.  You and your friends keep trying,  arranging the pieces of wood in different patterns and looking for other ways to fasten them,  but nothing  really works.  You feel very frustrated and sad.  Tempers flare,  and you argue with each other about it.  But all the while,  this “higher” spiritual being is watching you,  generating something that feels like love,  and putting the message in your mind  “there is nothing you can do wrong”,  with no further guidance,  even though the being knows how to use the saw and nails.  At some point,  you become aware of this “higher” being and its message in your mind.  This might make you feel better,  you feel like you are in tune with God,  and you have an excuse handed to you to use in your arguments  (an angel just told me I am loved,  and I am doing nothing wrong!).  So you and your friends are doing nothing wrong,  but you are still arguing,  and no house is being built.  Could it be that this “higher” being,  who could instantly tell you how to use the saw and the nails,  does not really want the house to be built?  In other words, does not want us to truly advance spiritually?  Just because some unknown “higher” beings tell us that we are loved and cherished,  does not necessarily mean that it is for our ultimate benefit.  After all,  most farmers take good care of their livestock,  even loving and cherishing them,  developing relationships with some of them,  right up until the day they sell the the livestock for slaughter,  or slaughter the livestock themselves.  In spiritual matters,  a claim that you are loved and that you can do nothing wrong,  might have a much more subtle purpose.

World burning from 2 sidesIn the writings of most religions,  there are reports of opposing spiritual sides or factions,  with  opposing philosophies and opposing moralities.  In Christianity,  it is Satan opposing God, and tempting humans.  In Islam,  it is the bad Djinn opposing Allah,  and harassing humans.  In Zoroastrianism,  it is Angra Mainyu  opposing Ahura Mazda and inflicting humans with misery.  In Hinduism and Buddhism,  it is various demons opposing demi-gods and oppressing humans.  In New Age terminology,  it is service-to-self  entities opposing service-to-other entities.  In each case,  the “dark” forces seek to dominate or enslave humans,  while the forces of “light” seek to liberate or uplift humans.   So each faction of spirits seeks converts or followers among humans,  whenever they get the chance.  Some of them are very, very skilled at lying,  deception,  and propaganda.  They spin their philosophy to make it more enticing,  hoping that we won’t ask certain questions or apply logic and reason to their claims.  We must be very careful before we believe their claims and give them our support,  because they might be on the opposite side of what we think they are.  The faction that told Dr. Alexander  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  is philosophically opposed to whatever spiritual entities contributed to the writing of the Christian Bible.  Consider just one such Bible verse:   “If you go the wrong way-  to the right or to the left-  you will hear a voice behind you saying,  “This is the right way. You should go this way.”  ( Isaiah 30:21)   You will not hear a voice saying “go whichever way you want….. there is no wrong way.”  If there are such factions,  which one would YOU want to be aligned with?  I will be aligned with the faction that is trying to tell me how to do the right thing,  and turn the right way,  and stay away from the wrong way.  I will stand with the faction that wrote the Christian Bible,  especially the New Testament chronicle of Jesus…..  not the Jewish Torah,  not the Muslim Koran,  not the Mormon Bible,  not the Satanist Bible,  not the Hindu Bhagavad’gita,  not the Buddhist scriptures,  not the Dianetics handbook,  not any writings of philosophy,  nor any other religious volume in history.  After reading parts of many of these volumes,  I will live and die with the core message of the Christian Bible in my heart.  Contrary to Dr. Alexander’s message,  there IS much to fear,  and  we CAN do much wrong,  so we NEED the protection and guidance of God,  as brought to us by the loving grace of Jesus.

Even if the messages “you have nothing to fear” and “there is nothing you can do wrong” were true on a spiritual level,  how helpful are they in bodily life?  I think they are the wrong messages for human life on this planet.  There are many dreadful,  horrible,  destructive things to fear in this world,  from tornados to tyrants,  from earthquakes to E. Coli bacteria,  from child-rapists to serial killers to terrorists to genocides,  and we should have a healthy fear of them,  which is part of being prepared to deal with them.  “You have nothing to fear” is a cruel joke to the victims of many horrific crimes in recent headlines,  like a woman gang-raped on a bus in India,  or a Coptic Christian beheaded in Egypt,  or a starving refugee family in a third-world nation torn by war,  or the former American ambassador to Libya, who was tortured and killed horribly in Benghazi.  Consider the evil game  “pick em out, knock em out”  now being played on our city streets by roaming gangs of young punks,  who suddenly punch a passing stranger in the face with all their strength,  to watch the victim fall unconscious to the concrete,  often hitting their head with serious injuries.  If the victim is not knocked out with the first blow,  then they are beaten more.  Such random,  senseless,  evil violence is something to be feared.   As for “doing nothing wrong”,  the criminals committing these crimes are doing something very wrong.  But as sociopaths or psychopaths or religious fanatics, they  think they can do no wrong,  and they think their monstrous crimes are justified.

Even the best of us,  good people with good intentions,  are all constantly doing some things wrong,  or less efficiently,  or with the wrong attitude,  and we may not even realize it.  I am constantly looking for methods or techniques that other people use,  or attitudes that other people have,  that are better than mine,  or that get better results than mine.  Rather than thinking “there is nothing I can do wrong”,  we need to constantly ask ourselves “what am I doing wrong?”  We need to discover those things that we are doing wrong in this life,  or we will never learn to do them right!  This life is our precious chance to make mistakes and learn from them.  This is one important key to self-improvement.  It is incomprehensible to me,  that Dr. Alexander thinks  “there is nothing you can do wrong”  is a beneficial message that the world needs to hear.  We already have too many people who think that way,  who are fools,  abusers,  manipulators, criminals,  and monsters.


Then the doctor was also told that evil is real,  as a result of free will.  I think most of us can agree with that,  and this is another kernel or tidbit of truth to lure us in…..  but we just got told that “there is nothing you can do wrong”.  Well,  pardon me,  but “evil” and “wrong” are pretty strong synonyms,  and if evil exists,  it is most certainly “wrong”.  And if,  using our free will,  we participate in evil then we are most certainly “wrong”,  at least for that moment.  Right?….. of course that is right.  Some people can be horribly “wrong”,  for their whole lives,  such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jung Ill, etc., etc., etc., and these people devastate our planet.  Can you imagine Dr. Alexander’s higher beings giving their comforting assurances to Hitler,  upon his exit from this life,  that “there is nothing you can do wrong”???   Several million victims of Hitler,  who he sent on before him with agonizing and tortuous deaths,  and who should be waiting to greet him,  might disagree that Hitler did nothing wrong.  Therefore, something is very “wrong”, or fundamentally alarming, or at least very puzzling,  about the spiritual beings in Dr. Alexander’s NDE.  Dr. Alexander needs to withdraw his absolute faith in his spiritual guides,  until they explain this glaring logical and moral problem with their glowing pronouncements.  This is one of the puzzles we need to solve,  before we trust any metaphysical “insights” or “truths” handed to us by metaphysical beings.  But that is another huge issue in itself.  There are hundreds of books similar to this,  claiming to reveal higher spiritual knowledge.  They have some common themes,  and vary wildly in other aspects.  This message “you can do nothing wrong” is not unique to Dr. Alexander’s book;  it is fairly common.

One thing is sure,  at least to me.  We can all do things that are wrong,  and we can all do things that are right.  To the extent that we do things right,  our spirits progress.  To the extent that we do things wrong,  our spirits stagnate.  Our lives and conflicts and struggles on this world are a microcosm of what is happening in the entire universe,  wherever sentient life exists.  To think that anyone, anywhere (except God) could “do nothing wrong” is absurd.  Our possession of free will means that we are capable of doing something wrong,  or something right,  every minute of every day.  I am open to the idea that even God makes mistakes,  or tries different things and learns from them…..  I would love God no less for this,  and could relate to Him better.  In fact, the Bible is a record of God trying different things with the human race, and learning from them.  The Garden of Eden scenario did not work out;  God then wiped out most of humanity with a flood and started over with Noah’s family;  God then tried different ways to relate to the Hebrews,  none of which worked out very well,  then God gave us the gift of Jesus, and a different plan to help us.

There will be right and wrong,   good and evil,  weak and strong,  striving against each other,  always and everywhere,  in every physical and metaphysical arena in the universe.  When we die,  we will not escape from it or rise above it.  There may be temporary rest or retreat in strongholds of goodness,  where we can regain our strength,  but then we must return to the universal struggle.  Even the angels have their duties and missions they must carry out.  We are all on a quest,  an adventure,  searching for meaning and truth.  We all make mistakes,  and we all do many things that are absolutely “wrong”,  in every sense of the word.  We cannot avoid making mistakes and doing wrong things,  and that is OK,  as long as we learn from them.  And knowing that we have been wrong,  hurting ourselves and others,  we should feel humility and regret,  in a spirit of apology and repentance,  as taught in the Bible.  A typical verse says: “True freedom comes when we confess our wrongdoing to God.  He forgives us and cleanses us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).  After this repentance,  we avoid what we have learned to be wrong.  I fear that most people do not learn much from their wrongs,  never really admit to themselves that they are wrong,  and keep doing wrongs over and over again.  But many of us do learn from our wrongs,  and use them as a means of self-improvement.  That is a far different message than to say “there is nothing you can do wrong.”  We must realize that we have been wrong,  feeling regret and repentance,  before we can move beyond it.  We must have principles and ideals that we are willing to live by and fight for,  or others who are more willing to fight for their interests will dominate us.  These “higher” beings,  who absurdly tell us that we can do nothing wrong,  may be trying to dominate us and divert our attention from the truth.  So,  beware of “higher” beings bearing gifts of false doctrines,  just as we must beware of “lower” beings like ourselves bearing false doctrines.  The origin makes no difference…..  If a doctrine cannot stand a test of morality and logic,  as I have tested this one here,  it should not be trusted.  If a doctrine does not blend with the reality we already know,  it should not be trusted.


Eben interpreted the profound metaphysical love he experienced as an unconditional love.  He gushed on and on about the unconditional nature of this spiritual love,  calling it the reality of realities,  the truth of truths.  But think about all the implications of unconditional love,  including the negative implications.  This means love without standards,  without cause and effect,  without reasonable incentives and deterrents,  without logic,  without merit,  without justice.  It means we must love those who attack us,  who kill others,  who torment and torture their victims and derive pleasure from it.  I can pity these people,  but I cannot love them.  They have the same choices we have,  but they have chosen wrong,  and the best “love” we can give them is to stop them,  to take away the power that they are openly abusing,  to make them re-think their wrong choices as soon as possible,  even if they must be killed to stop them.  In this age of environmental awareness,  I consider this to be the ultimate re-cycling project.  If we are eternal spirits in temporary bodies,  and if a spirit becomes an abusive murdering monster while on Earth,  then killing his or her body might be doing them a great favor,  giving their spirit a chance to take a rest,  take corrections from other spirits,  and try again in another life later.  This would be much more beneficial to the errant spirit than rotting in a prison for life,  with society paying for it,  waiting for the physical body to die.  Instead,  the errant spirit would be in direct contact with higher spirits,  doing the real work of spiritual rehabilitation.  Meanwhile,  back on Earth,  the rest of us could live and grow in greater peace,  without that errant spirit attacking us anymore.

God may be capable of having unconditional love for us all,  and still deliver justice to the universe somehow,  but we lesser beings most certainly cannot.  I do see love as all-important,  but  I see unconditional love as a pitfall and a snare for humans,  a moral blindness,  the ultimate enabling of immorality,  that usually becomes an unwitting instrument of evil.  This planet,  or most of the humans on it,  are simply not ready for unconditional love.  But in our prideful egotistical arrogance,  we think that we are ready for it,  and malevolent humans or spirits take advantage of that arrogance,  and use our unconditional love for evil purposes.  Unconditional love feeds our pride and makes us feel morally superior,  but it opens us to all kinds of abuse and attack.  It helps our abusers more than it helps us.  It benefits those who would defeat us or dominate us,  so they,  our enemies,  sow that message in our midst,  the better to disarm us and control us.  It is like a virus that turns our own spirits against us.  They are using spokesmen like Eben Alexander to help spread the virus.  No matter what they do to us,  no matter what they take from us,  no matter how much they lie to us,  we are supposed to love them and forgive them,  even worship them.   And they,  our enemies,  are the first to remind us of this requirement,  as part of a great spiritual deception.


Unconditional love is hawked mercilessly by almost every religion,  every spiritual guru,  every secular liberal,  every pacifist,  and every gullible adolescent,  most of whom never grow up,  but they do grow older to become the gurus and leading pacifists.  This takes them out of the brutal struggle against evil dominators,  and they will even condemn those of us who do carry on the fight  (what happened to unconditional love for us?).  They are good people for the most part,  but their belief in pacifism and unconditional love not only takes them out of the fight, it literally gives “aid and comfort” to the enemies of goodness.

In Dr. Alexander’s NDE,  we find that his spiritual guides first torture him to make him more pliable,  and then reinforce this harmful doctrine of unconditional love.  I suspect that this could be part of a massive, ages-old spiritual campaign by forces of domination,  to support the age-old human philosophy of pacifism,  so that forces of evil have less opposition in the human realm.  Three famous quotes already address this issue,  in the records of our philosophy.  These quotes are intended to combat pacifism,  but given the great success of pacifism,  in which good men do nothing against evil,  these could be the talking points of the enemy amongst themselves:

The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.
– Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
– Edmund Burke (1727-1793)

He who does not punish evil,  commands it to be done.  — Leonardo da Vinci

I propose another statement against pacifism:  Wherever pacifists withdraw,  evil men advance.  Whenever pacifism prevails,  territory and lives are lost to evil.  History is full of examples,  with current ones being Iraq, Iran,  Libya,  Syria,  Egypt.  and North Korea.  Vietnam is a classic example of pacifist withdrawal.  Then our pacifist withdrawal from Vietnam enabled the horrific genocide by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and the strengthening of the petty communist governments of Laos and Burma, which still brutally oppress their people today.  The major communist “ideal societies” of  Russia and China,  in their massive slaughters of their own people in decades past,  benefited greatly from the pathetic pacifism of the West.  Many prominent liberal pacifists in America and Europe denied that these slaughters were even happening.  Hitler rose to power partially due to the blind pacifism of Europe and America.  Billions of people have suffered under the hands of evil domination,  partially because of the sanction given to it by “peace-loving” pacifists,  peddling “unconditional love”.  Pacifism gives license to evil.  The same thing happens on a smaller scale,  in every family,  every community,  every arena of human strife.  We do not need to blame spiritual forces for these disasters….. we seem to manage them quite well for ourselves.  But here,  in Dr. Alexander’s NDE,  we find possible strong proof of “higher” spiritual promotion of human pacifism.  And the good doctor is following his marching orders very well.  In his book signings and speaking tours,  Eben is doing everything to promote unconditional love,  and nothing to defeat active evil.  It is likely that no lives will be saved by his message,  but it is likely that many lives will be lost,  through giving up the will to fight.  And Eben will be oblivious to the spiritual and moral damage he is doing,  in his egotistical bid to become the latest spiritual guru,  on a mission to spread the flawed and dangerous message of his NDE spiritual handlers as if it were the new Gospel.

I,  for one,  must humbly admit that I am not ready to give or receive unconditional love,  but that I must learn to give and receive conditional love first.  Pity,  grace,  forgiveness,  second and third chances….. these I am willing to give and receive when needed,  but they are conditional and not unlimited,  for good reasons.

Those of you who may think that you are capable of unconditional love,  consider the following scenario.  Think of the person you love the most:  wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, father, best friend, anyone.  You love them for emotional, rational, and moral reasons,  or conditions.  Now imagine that the person you love begins to act differently.  Slowly, they begin to break long-standing agreements and understandings.  They begin to lie,  or lie more.  They fail to honor commitments they make.  They begin to violate every trust that you have put in them.  They become angry and vengeful,  dominating,  even tyrannical,  lashing out with rage whenever you try to make a positive contribution in any conversation.  But they blame others for all of these changes in their behavior,  and soon they begin to blame YOU.  Eventually they start working against you,  telling lies about you,  turning others against you,  doing everything they can to ruin your home life,  your work life,  your spiritual life,  your self-respect,  your happiness.  They do all this despite your constant expressions and demonstrations of your love for them.  You suggest professional counseling or therapy,  but that is rejected with more outrage,  accusing you of calling them crazy.  They demand that YOU need counseling,  and they continue all their immoral, destructive,  devastating attacks against you.  Then they become physically violent,  smashing things in the house,  hitting you with their fists when they get mad at you.   Every moment you spend with this person is full of stress and misery and danger,  but you tell yourself that you still love them.  Perhaps you do,  but  If you change your behavior or your thoughts toward this person that you love in the slightest degree,  then you love them conditionally,  not unconditionally.  If you spend less time with this person,  finding reasons to stay away from them longer,  or  pack you bags and move away from them,  or divorce them,  then you love them conditionally,  not unconditionally.  But conditional love is very appropriate in this scenario.  You had emotional,  rational,  and moral agreements with this person,  and those were the conditions of the love  relationship.  If you continue the love relationship after the other person has violated all the conditions for the relationship,  then you are just enabling and empowering the other person to hurt you and others.  It is like continuing to love and feed your pet dog after he has contracted incurable rabies,  and is viciously attacking you and everyone else,  but you are  believing that he still deserves your love and support.  Dr. Alexander does not address this problem in his book,  but just gushes support for unconditional love throughout the book.


Eben described love as an all-encompassing energy that he personally felt in the spirit world,  like sunlight in the physical world,  something all around him and in him,  that emanated ultimately from God (or “Om”,  as Eben chose to call God after his NDE).  He felt that the God-love is an unconditional love,  projected toward everyone,  like rain that falls on the just and the unjust.  I think there is an unconditional love emanating from God for all his Creation,  that we can feel,  that we can want,  that we can receive,  but can we generate it ourselves?  Is it even wise to attempt it?  I do not feel so strong or so brave to attempt it.  Putting aside my objections of unconditional love being an enabler of evil,  being encouraging to our enemies….. consider another point.  Could there be a bit of arrogance behind the widespread human attempt to generate unconditional love?  Could it be a product of the incessant  “you-are-divine”  campaign imbedded in most religions  (even some semi-Christian sects)??  Personally,  I think it is a bit uppity to claim that I share any  “divinity”  with God.  I owe Him everything,  and I love Him with all my heart,  and try to follow His will as best I can understand it,  but I do not aspire to share in His special “divinity” as Creator.  Could it be that this issue has become very confused over the ages,  and that we really should concentrate on the proper conditions for love,  in our Earthly lives?  If the conditions for love are not present,  if agreements are not being kept,  if trusts are being violated,  if we are being lied to,  if we are being attacked,  why should we ignore these problems and offer love anyway?  Better to address the problems directly,  with an eye to justice and fairness,  and create the  conditions for love to grow properly on its own.  God got the celestial ball rolling,  and keeps it rolling,  with His amazing unconditional love,  but perhaps,  as lesser beings,  we should focus more on the proper conditions for love in our own lives…..  instead of singing the praises of putting up with the LACK of proper conditions. 

Another aspect of Eben’s description of love as an all-encompassing energy makes me uncomfortable.  He felt that God is love,  and love is God,  in agreement with some verses in the Bible. That means we humans,  and all of the universe,  are created by love,  as Eben wrote,  but it also reduces God to an energy field instead of an entity.  It “dissolves” God,  it “vaporizes” God,  so to speak.  It reduces God to a faceless product,  instead of the ultimate Producer of all products.  I am not comfortable with that,  but then I am not comfortable with any single concept of God.  To me,  God is much more than just love.  He is love,  he is knowledge,  he is power,  he is justice,  he is wisdom,  he is forgiveness,  he is laughter,  he is joy,  he is sadness.  But really,  that is beyond the scope of human life.  We cannot know the nature of God,  and really,  it doesn’t matter,  because our puny perception of God doesn’t change what happens.  We should be more concerned with the nuts and bolts of daily life,  how to reduce strife and stress,  how to reduce suffering of ourselves and others,  how to turn our wrongs into rights,  how to live more abundantly,  how to enjoy life….  in other words,  how to create the proper conditions for love to flourish in our lives.  We also need to learn how to combat and defeat evil  (wrong choices)  in ourselves and others.  Personally,  I am uncertain whether love and hate are products of living beings,  or if it is the other way around….. whether they are temporary or permanent….. whether we guide them or they guide us.  Perhaps both possibilities are true,  on different levels,  perhaps not.  But regardless,  I am convinced that they  (love, hate, etc.)  are all-important,  that they do control our lives,  that they are part of the nuts and bolts of our daily lives,  and  that they must be better understood and measured,  by all of us,  as soon as possible.  Why?

Because these “unmeasurables”,  these hidden human or super-human metaphysical forces are variables that dictate how all the other measurements will be used….. for good or evil, for help or hurt, for building or destruction,  for teaching or tyranny,  for liberation or domination.  The battle between them is fully engaged…..  people are dying from them every day,  and being enslaved every day,  and being liberated every day.  Science cannot measure these things,  but WE can,  in some fashion,  as intelligent, morally autonomous, individual living human beings.  We can read all sorts of indicators about the moral character and personality of the people around us,  and this is crucial to our lives.   So  we must leave science behind us,  and learn to measure these things as best we can,  even while science is proclaiming that they do not exist.  Our judgements in these matters can enhance our lives,  or ruin our lives.

OK,  OK….. Getting back to the book review…..

41IVIoEvm6L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_After I read “Proof of Heaven”,  and wrote down a first draft of my review,  I read another author’s review of the book.  Author Coleman Luck was so impressed and disturbed by “Proof of Heaven”,  that he wrote and published a small book examining Dr. Alexander’s book.  Above,  I wrote a mostly philosophical review of “Proof of Heaven”,  but Coleman Luck’s review is mostly religious,  comparing “Proof of Heaven” to Bible verses and accepted Biblical teachings.  The interesting thing is,  we come to pretty much the same general conclusion,  that the doctor’s NDE was real,  and that the doctor’s spirit was subjected to deception and lies,  mixed into the truth of an amazing spiritual adventure.

As a final statement,  about being right or wrong,  I am quite sure that some of the ideas I have written here are right,  and that some of them are wrong.  The sooner I find out which ideas are wrong,  and not in accordance with reality,  the better off I will be.  So I will sign off here,  to continue my quest elsewhere.  You can be sure that I will not be continuing my quest in any of Dr. Alexander’s teachings.


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