Best “Star Wars” Christmas Lights in the Galaxy

Last year,  it was  “Gangnam Style”  Christmas lights,  in Cedar Park, Texas,  with over 4 million views

This year,  a music teacher in New Jersey takes Christmas lights into deep space,  with a fantastic computer-controlled display including moving mini-searchlights on top of the house,  and a simulated explosion.  This is a small house with a BIG impact.  The audio is amazing,  also.  It is a medley of Star Wars music.  Even if you never saw a Star Wars movie,  this is worth watching….. enjoy!

I have seen all the Star Wars movies,  so this was amazing for me.  Apparently for others, too…..  this video has zoomed past four million views in 10 days.

But,  still…..  I would not want to live next door to these people…..



As an encore,  here is the same house playing some Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music,  last year.  It shows off some other capabilities of the display.  Many bigger displays are not this good.



I hope you enjoyed them both…..  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And may the Christmas side of the Force be with you




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